Saudi Women Activists launch the “Black Ribbons Campaign” on November 6th

This was posted on Facebook by Reem Pharaon and is making the rounds:

we can do it

On November 6. 1990, 47 brave Saudi women drove their cars publicly in the capitol of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, to demand their right to drive. They were subsequently detained, their passports were confiscated, and fired from their jobs.

On the 19th anniversary of this event, Saudi women’s activists, led by Wajeha al Huwaider, are launching the “Black Ribbons Campaign”, demanding that:

A) Saudi woman be treated as a citizen just like her male counterpart.

B) Saudi woman enjoys her rights to marry, divorce, inherit, gain custody of children, travel, work, study, drive cars and live on an equal footing with man.

C) Saudi woman gain the legal capacity to represent herself in official and government agencies without the need of a male guardian.

We, Saudi women activists appeal to all those who support Saudi women’s rights, inside and outside the Kingdom, to participate in the campaign by wearing a black ribbon on their wrists as a symbolic and peaceful gesture of their .advocacy to Saudi women’s rights.

This campaign is raising the motto: “we will not untie our ribbon until Saudi women enjoy their rights as adult citizens”.

Please make sure to wear a black ribbon on November 6th.


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20 responses to “Saudi Women Activists launch the “Black Ribbons Campaign” on November 6th

  1. Gosh..
    Hat’s up Eman,

    looking for all Saudi Women to get their rights. In fact, I am afraid that the day will come where we males will do the same :)..

    Good Luck in your “Black Ribbons Campaign”
    wish my Sister could read this.. since she is having a sever depression.

  2. Thank you so much for this post, and i hope you don’t mind me quoting some of your post in my blog .

  3. Here is a better picture IMO

    my 2 cents to show my support 🙂

    • Chiara

      Interesting and artistic–a little on the scary side; but then the poster for the film Silence of the Lambs scares me so much I’ve never seen the film! LOL 🙂

  4. Great post. Any chance you would give a hyperlink to the image on this post so I can download it and then post it on to my blog? (obviously with a link to your blog)

    • saudiwoman

      Thanks. It isn’t mine to give. I just saved as a picture and reposted with the text from a note posted by Reem Pharaon on facebook. I don’t know if she designed it or took it from somewhere else.

      • Reem Pharaon

        well i have snatched it from some website. i have been keeping it on my computer for so long time thinking that there might be some hope one day or saudi women might actually take a stand for what they really want.

    • Phil E. Drifter

      Just right-click on the image and select ‘copy image source.’ Make sure you credit it to it’s source whenever you use it, though.

  5. power to the people!!

    honestly it’s about time one of these acts work! heart, body and soul are with you, ladies!

  6. Chiara

    Brilliant campaign and poster. The poster is obviously based on the WWII “women into the factories for the war effort” posters, of “Rosie the Riveter” which have been reprised for US Presidential campaigns (eg Women for X with the same poster):

  7. I think when the woman are given equal opportunity, the world will be in balance. Isn’t that what we all want..

  8. Phil E. Drifter

    Us men demand the right to multiple orgasms! 😉

    But in all sincerity, good luck to all you Saudi women.

  9. Dan

    When women gained equal rights in the States, it took awhile for everyone to adjust, but they did, and things aren’t horrible. Women did end up working a LOT more, however, which has made it difficult for families, because both parents now work. The market place raised the cost of living, but not wages, and now for most couples, BOTH parents MUST work in order to earn enough to support the entire household.

    However, the demographics in Saudi Arabia are different, and your industries are not subject to the steep competition of ultra-low-pay foreign labor that hit the States. Likely your situation will not be nearly the same, until oil production falls off. Hopefully, Saudi Arabia will turn to solar energy production and semiconductor production long before that happens.

    Fear of change is usually worse than the change is.

    Best of luck.


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  11. Abu Rumaisa

    B) Saudi woman enjoys her rights to marry, divorce, inherit, gain custody of children, travel, work, study, drive cars and live on an equal footing with man.

    can you please elaborate the points above except for driving cars which is obvious.

  12. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
    اختي العزيزه
    اتمنى بجد انك تدرسي بعقلانيه وتأني وضع المراه الغربيه او حتى المراه العربيه التي حاربت منذ عصور لكل الامور التي تطالبين بها وبعد اخذها لحقوقها كما تزعم انظري لحالها الان انظري لمعدلات الجريمة المرتفعه سواء من قتل او اغتصاب سواء في الشارع او البيت او العمل انا لن اتكلم او اتفلسف كثير انتي اكيد اعرف واعلم والله يااختي الحبيبه ان حريتنا في اسلامنا وفي شرع لله تعالى انا معك ان بعض عاداتنا وتقاليدنا الباليه فيها بعض الظلم للمراه لكن مع زياده وعينا الديني كل هذا سوف يزول .. بجد اسفه اذا كثرت كلام او اذا ماعجبك كلامي لكن اختلاف الاراء لا يفسد للود قضيه .. واسال ربي العظيم ان يجعلني واياك من عباده الصالحين ونتقابل في الفردوس الاعلى عندربنا الغفور الرحيم..
    مخالص ودي وتقديري لكي اختي الغاليه

    • Nadia

      يا اختي الكريمة
      انا اعيش في الغرب لوحدي منذ عشر سنوات و اقول لك انني لو كنت اعيش في بلد عربي لما استطعت ان اعيش لوحدي لعدة اشهر
      الكلام عن حال المرأة في الغرب كما تصفينه هو خزعبلات و اكاذيب يخترعها الذين يريدون ان تستمر المرأة بالعيش كعبد بلا اي حرية و لا اي حقوق. امي الغير متعلمة عندما جاءت لزيارتي في امريكا و السكن معي لعدة اشهر قالت لي “لقد عشت كذبة طول حياتي عن تكريم المرأة العربية”
      اتمنا ان لا تصدقي هذه الكذبة لانها فعلا كذبة
      انا اشعر بأمان هنا اكثر من اي بلد عربي لان القوانين تحميني
      في الوطن العربي عندما امشي في الشارع كل رجل في الشارع ينظر الي كسلعة و يتحركش فيا اذا استطاع
      في عشر سنوات في الغرب لم يتحرش بي اي شخص في الشارع لان القوانين صارمة ضد التحرش في المرأة
      في الوطن العربي نغطي الجرائم ضد المرأة و نتضاهر انها لا تحدث

  13. ynotoman

    It was also interesting, in Al Khobar where I lived, to see all the tough uniformed US Women Soldiers driving and doing their stuff – while the tough Mutawah descended on hapless Saudi women for showing a strand of hair

  14. ynotoman

    “However, the demographics in Saudi Arabia are different, and your industries are not subject to the steep competition of ultra-low-pay foreign labor that hit the States. ”
    just a point –
    ultra-low-pay foreign labour (Bangladesh et al) – employed by large established companies are just one of the many (many many many…) reasons that this > is happening .

  15. Reem Pharaon

    Dearest mylovlyworld,
    i am talking about justice to saudi women. and you are talking about isalm as if it is spearated from the justice that saudi women crave!
    did islam forbid women from being part of cociety where they can freely do as they will by driving their kids to school insted of intrusting them with a foreign driver with a mysterious mentality.
    islam is a religion of tolerance and justice to all men and women.

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