Today Arab News had an article about a missing nurse who has been missing since November. It is thought that she has been kidnapped by people who work with her at a hospital in Riyadh because she filed an audit report that implicated employees stealing. She used to work at King Abdul Azziz Hospital in Riyadh. How wild is that?! I’ve never heard about her case. If this was anywhere else in the world it would definitely have gotten a lot more exposure in the media. She’s been missing for over three months and the local media is hush hush. The issue here is transparency. It’s the same thing with the Qatif girl. When questions were raised about why she was sentenced a whipping and jail time the Saudi courts made a statement that there were points that were not disclosed to the public. People need to know. The girl was gang raped and admitted to having a romantic relationship. I can’t think of anything that could come up in the case that can’t be discussed openly. It just leaves room for speculation. Speculation and attacks on our country’s jurisdiction system. Attacks that go beyond patriotism, because they also attack our religion since we are the only country that governs under Sharia law. The feelings of frustration for those who care are indescribable, when every question is met with a big brother knows best attitude of silence.

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