My July article at Relativity Online

In the past decade, the Saudi government has been consistent in its approach to women’s participation in society and their availability of lifestyle choices. Conflict avoidance and postponement has been the answer to each and every request for more women rights. The Islamic perspective plays no role in these decisions and their more crucial implementation. In an Islamic state that prides itself on being the only country that truly rules according to Islamic Shariah, the lives of half of its citizens are exclusively run according to cultural and tribal traditions . . . and little else…to read more click here.


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8 responses to “My July article at Relativity Online

  1. Errr .. Since I need to be logged on to comment in relativity online and I don’t have time I will just comment here..

    Anyway, I think it’s a shame that we have to preach the difference between Saudi culture and Islam not only for people around the world but for Saudis themselves. Most of us do not know that there is a difference let alone seeing it! What makes matters even worse is that the sheikhs always try to give a religious aspect of every cultural habit and political decision which will, eventually, islamisize everything they say and do even if it’s just a personal nonreligious opinion. This, imho, is one big reason that we are still stoneaged.

  2. Jerry M

    If the behavior of the Saudi institutions has no relation to Islam, why is it so easy for powerful sheiks to use Islam as a stick to reinforce tribal norms?

    • Well, Jerry, it’s much more complicated than this. There are layers and layers of cultural habits that accumulated over the ages which then got confused with Islamic rulings. You cannot easily convince people that they’re different things they’d think that you’re a heretic. It’s always easier to the people in control to attach such things to sheiks and Islam than try to change it as evident to what happend to Dr. Al-Zulfa as Eman’s said in her post!

    • Maria Aini

      Maybe because sheiks (not all) themselves cannot come out of a cocoon? Some of them are also imprisoned by their customs, culture and forefathers way of interpreting things.

  3. Rasha

    I’t very true, Omair, it is very confusing to saudis themselves to draw the line between what’s religious and what”s “cultural habits”. As difficult as it is, for alot who understand the difference are forced to live by how it have always been.

  4. Chiara

    Saudi Woman–excellent post
    Omair Taibah–excellent comment

  5. This comment is to the above interesting comments…

    People are not necessarily confusing what Islamic and cultural. It is basically all about religion, but the problem here is of mis-interpreting the Islamic perspectives such banning women to drive.

    Meanwhile, some of these activist like Zulfa who demands for reforms and allow women for wider role. Yet, this man did not define what kind of role he is looking for?!!

    Yes, you might consider him as a hero because he spoke out loud but still has not declare his real intentions! so we can argue!


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