The Invisible Evil

The Invisible Evil is a newly produced Saudi horror movie. The movie was produced by Dr. Fahad Ghazooli and written by Bandar Bajabgh. And it is planned to be shown at the Dubai movie festival starting tomorrow. I haven’t seen it but it is about a haunted house that gets a series of renters who flee or disappear (I’m not sure) until a family with a young man move in and solve the mystery. Apparently the real estate agent who has been renting it is involved in the evil. This is the movie’s trailor:


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11 responses to “The Invisible Evil

  1. Omaima

    its good to see young talented Saudi guys\ girls ..
    particpate in such thing ..
    the trailer is not bad but the idea of hunting house .. ehmm kindda old fashion .. ya know .. aint creative ..
    but good try though ! 🙂

  2. Jerry M

    I was surprised at how well the trailer works even if you don’t understand Arabic.

    It would be curious to see if someone could make a haunted house movie without all the old cliches. (I am not trying to be critcal here, horror movies are a genre in which the fun comes from what goes on between the stock tricks.)

  3. Usman

    Interesting tailor. I would like to watch if it is available in English subtitles.

    I have heard that there is no theater in the Kingdom. Is it true? What is the stance of kingdom on not having one?

  4. To be honest, I am still struggling with the idea of ‘Saudi Movies’ participating in regional or international film festivals. Not that I am against it, but it is like “how come these are Saudi movies while we cannot see it in Saudi Arabia??”

  5. Good for the Saudies!
    Might be an interesting movie, I love a good ghost story. I have a problem with one of the guys though, his moustache looks so fake that I was thinking it was a spoof.
    I’ll be very interested to see how it turns out, and wether they are going to be successful with it!

  6. Hmm….I used to feel my own house was haunted lol…nice blog!

  7. mariuolo

    Looks promising! I hope I can find a good edition with English subtitles.
    By the way, how do horror flicks typically rate in SA?


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