Ten most beautiful Saudis

10- Dahi al Ali

Designer with his own line called Kalima.

9- Samar Al Moqren

A controversial novelist and opinion writer.

8- Shiekh Mohamed Al Arefe

Although I might not agree with him, there’s no denying that this sheikh is handsome and charismatic.

7- Raja Al Sanea

So fresh-faced and young, no one could have ever expected that she could have produced the book Girls of Riyadh that was initially banned within Saudi Arabia.

6- Yaser Al qahtani

Famous soccer player with numerous endorsement deals including Gillette, Head and Shoulders and Pepsi.

5- Hisham Abdulrahman

Presenter and game show host with a fantastic sense of humor.

4- Saud Al Dosari

Interviewer and radio show host who just gets better with age.

3- Ebtihal Al Mubarack

Bold journalist and women’s rights activist.

2- Muna Abu Sulaiman

TV personality, past Goodwill Ambassador and currently works for HRH Prince Al Waleed bin Talal.

1- HRH Princess Amira Al Taweel

The wife of HRH Prince Al Waleed bin Talal.


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105 responses to “Ten most beautiful Saudis

  1. That is quite a collection of extraordinarily good looking people. I’m happy to say that I have actually heard of a few of them.

  2. Salaams:

    I’m curious about #1, and the lack of covering. Apparently the royal family allows this? What a country of contrasts!

    • Uh huh, KSA is a country of contradictions dear sister.

    • Mahatma Coat

      Exactly what I was thinking. How is this reconcilled with the population?

    • N88

      The Royal family does not allow this, Prince Alwaleed allows this. Have you seen any pictures of princesses from the actual royal family? no.
      She is the wife of a prince, and not a princess of Saudi Arabia. and covering is not a government’s matter nor a family’s… its a matter of religion and faith. in conclusion, its up to you to cover publicly / keep your pictures private on social media sites or not… but most Saudi princesses do.

      And to be honest, If you want to see the beauty of Saudi women, the only way is to come to Saudi Arabia and see the beauty by yourself… because you will not in any way see that on the internet.

      PS: (The people in the pictures above are NOT the definition of Saudi beauty, they do not compare to most Saudi beauties. I apologize to the author, but its true.)

      • “…and covering is not a government’s matter nor a family’s… its a matter of religion and faith.”
        Covering is neither religion nor faith. It’s a government policy because it’s enforced by government’s paid agency, the religious police.

        Covering and gender segregation are politically and economically government’s crafted policy designed to marginalize women and turn people against each other. Divide and conquer.

        Unlike most royal females, Ameeriah Altaweel is not hypocrite. She maintains the same physical appearance whether in her gold-plated jets and yachts or in the streets of Oslo. Royal females save their uncovered bodies for the hot spots of the world.

  3. BrazilianGirl

    Oh my! I think Princess Amra is GORGEOUS too! Her style is fabulous and she seems like a very humble person 😉 Great list!

  4. Dentographer

    having to know one of the ten who are in the list,who happens to be extraordinarily arrogant,i believe that the beauty was measured upon the physical look and glamour only.

  5. I am glad to know that there are more women who like the look of sheykh al 3arifi (in spite of his singular ideas)…i was feeling so weird 🙂
    Thanks for the post!

  6. I think this should be called ten most famous saudis! lol

  7. I think this should be called ten most famous saudis!


    this list can not be a most beautiful saudis, there are so Many men & women beautiful more than Those.

    كيفني معكم بس

  9. Usman

    You Missed Somebody!

  10. Nour

    First, I disagree .. Yaser Al qahtani is anything but good looking.

    The rest are fine. I’ve always liked Ebtihal Mubarack. She’s not just gorgeous but also a brave woman.

    Other Saudis I find beautiful are : Wa’ad ( a singer) and Heba Jamal (TV host) .


    • Reem

      I totally disagree with you, Nour.
      As the wife of one of his relatives I can surely tell you that Yaser AlQahtani is not only “good-looking”. He is a man of human values and good behaviour. Apart from that, the kind treatment I received from him from the very first time I met him made me realise that he is one of the most beautiful saudis in the world.

    • Oldowan

      Totally agree about Wa3d!

  11. Leila

    Muna Sulaiman is beautiful, but like Nour i think Waad is very beautiful. For men Saud Al Dosari is handsome.

  12. Faisal

    So sorry but Mr.Dhahi should be number ONE

  13. كل يغني على ليلاه \\ليلانا في محنة لقدس وليلاهم في جمال الاجسام فلا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

  14. Bader

    كلهم حلوين ماعدا هشام ورجا الصانع

    سعود المفروض نمبر ون

  15. Athoug

    Cool list!
    And I agree with Faisal, Dhahi should definitely be number one 😛

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  17. Laylah

    I would add my husband, who resembles #10, but is much better looking ❤

    Princess Amira is stunning! Maashallah 🙂

    I have to agree with you on the sheikh!

    • Ali

      I saw Princess Amira some weeks ago at Mumlaka and I was wondering who she is ( had no clue this was HRH Al Walid’s wife!)
      Wallah, she is even better in person. Very graceful. Mashallah.

  18. Salaams:

    I’m still curious as to how the princess gets away with not covering? Can someone please answer this?

    Because the Saudis even force non Muslim women to cover.

    Does she live outside of KSA?

    It’s also like the present and past queens of Jordan.

    What hypocricy!

  19. Lisa

    These women are just stunning and so very accomplished! And the men aren’t too bad on the eyes either.

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  21. Rawan

    what about Ali Al Gufailli from MBC

  22. Yeah. The men and women here look beautiful. But I am not convinced that this are the best that the land of Hijaz and Najd can give to the world. I believe among the Bedouins there there are thousands more beautiful men and women that are unknown to the press.

  23. sd600

    قبحكم الله

  24. Lamees

    Ameera Al Tweel is a HH not HRH.

  25. Ali Alahmed

    With all respect only Dhahi, saud, Muna are good looking the rest of them are less than normal… It’s shame to present them to world as our most..especially Rajaa Ebtihal and Yassir 😦

  26. Hisham ? are you Serious ~_~ ? Muna Abu Sulaiman in the other hand now thats a something , Educated and so beautiful .

  27. nawaf

    women :- Muna Abu Sulaiman
    men:- Saud Al Dosari

  28. Unnamed

    It’s incredibly ironic that you’ve included Dr Al Arifi in your vanity list when he would (probably) abhor the whole notion of what you’re doing here.

    It’s a shame because your heart’s in the right place though.

  29. shaheer


  30. reema

    I don’t agree with this list. :p it should probably say something like “well known Saudis” but certainly not “The Most Beautiful.” Half the girls I went to school with look better than the girls on this list (with the exception of Muna.) But just like Icelandic elves, they do not like to be exploited.

  31. maddkemal

    oh .. where you got all of this ?

    i want you to show me many famous women in saudi .. thanks ..

  32. Faisal

    Am the only who sees them as just famous people? Plus, where are the black folks? Oh wait, they are technically not Saudi, so they don’t count….racist Arabs !!!!

  33. maira

    Heba jamal is half afghani and that’s
    Where she gets her looks. She lookes exactly like her mother.

  34. salam

    i am farzana from lahore. i have 3 kids. i am homeless and making ladies dress at home. pakistan is under crises since long. electercity not available. husband worked 7 yrs in saudi arabia now jobless. as ladies dress tailor i am less-paid. can one give me zakat ? i am hardworkds.


  35. kausar

    all the creature of allah is beautiful , if we consider this list under this cotation then it is ok, otherwise it need concentration………………..

    • bismillah arrahman iraheem

      dear sisters

      i am farzana nadeem. a muslim woman from Lahore. i am 32, making ladies dress at home,but, i feel very problem. there is no electricity. i can not complete my work. this is not generating any good income. i am badly hand to mouth. there is social injustice and economic injustice too. i have no sources.i have no house, i am interested to do progress.

      saudi arabia and its people are very kind and rich, they should help me. or at least give me some zakaat. i deserve it. or someone should tell me how can i resolve my issue. education of kids is disturbed.

      a famous hadith of dear prophet hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) says: help a person, if he comes to you by riding a horse

      please look into the matter.


      farzana nadeem

  36. dear sisters/brothers

    i am hand to mouth, help me. i need assistance.i need money to pass life. give me zakaat. this is my religious right. muslim should help other muslim.


    farzana nadeem

  37. salam to all dear saudi women

    i am hand to mouth. why rich and wealthy saudi do not give me zakat. i deserve.

    farzana nadeem

    • Victor

      Hello what beautiful women, too bad so many men are living in fear, that they use religion to cover their beauty and satisfy their self centered fear of losing what they think they posses. But a godly woman needs not to bring fear, if a man trust his woman is of God, he need not opress her but trust she will walk before God uprightly, He cant oppress and think this is godly!

  38. Sally

    Sheik Mohamad is fat and has a horrible beard. Why is he included?

    I m imran khan from allahabad india
    i am t only person who earn money for my family,i worked in my uncle’shop & lived in his house & my entair family was very happy but last year my uncle married me.after 2 month my uncle&aunty said to me &my wife to leave their house and find a job.then i am jobless in this situation my wife have TBM menengitis & her eye vision is very poor now she is recovring but now i have no money for her cure & there is another responsibility for my sister’s marrige 2years has gone for her engegment but there is no sourse of incom to marry her.anyone god’s embessdor plz help me.
    i am very poor in english i am apologise for that.
    i spend my life in a very tough situation if u uneble to zaqat or help me by money plz give me a job to earn t money for my sister & wife
    if i tell lye god give me death.

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  41. alfranse

    Is this an exercise in narcissim?
    I thought that Muslims were not narcissistic but kind!

    • Most people posting here are either munafiqun or Islamophobes.

      And yes, these kind of exercises are 100% against Islaam. Showing pictures of unveiled women and unrelated men on a public blog, and then calling them beautiful. But ’tis is the way of the munafiq.

  42. nada

    والله انتي الحلوة ايمان ..مررره كيووت

  43. nunu

    as n0n-arab girl..i find m0st arabs great l0oking…but yasser?he is fam0us .yes.. but n0t as hands0me as 0ther b0ys..and he is n0t g0od player anym0re…..just fam0us…with muna and HH amira..they are d definition of beauty.thnks =) i thnk i saw many g0odlooking man in kingd0m..but d0esnt knw em..

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  45. lol , i am from paskitan ,peshawar region , if you come here , you will see the most handsome girls and mens . well IMRAN ABBAS is from pakistan , peshwar and Ali zafar is also paki . apart , lots of saudi girls have paki boyfriends in saudi arabia everyone knows that , and someone here said that there are lots of beautiful mens in bedouins, well to you miss , thats just a LOL , i am living in saudi arabia for about last 21 years , i go to villages and remote areas of saudi arabia like al khafji , um sulaim , kharj , qassim , hail , arar , tabouk , zulfi , quwaiya , al ghaat , muzamiya , wadi al dowasir etc, most of these areas are inhabitat by badoos , and trust me they are worst looking then the mens of riyadh. i can tell u that u will find most good looking mens in saudiya are in jeddah , riyadh and dammam ,khobar. its because most of the mens of these regions are married to non-saudi womens those are mostly syrians , lebenese , morrocons , alegerians , egyptions and some even with russians and americans. and talking about pure arabs than u should look out for yemenis who are basically ARAB A’ARIBA (Pure Arab Banu Qahtan) while saudis are mostly ARAB MUSTA’ARABA (arabised Banu Adnan Banu Ismael Banu Ibrahim Al- Ajmi) .. and yemenis are mostly ugly. go to najran , jizan , khamis mushait , u will see very ugly mens.

  46. I like this website. Thanks you guys. From usa.

  47. Mona

    friends, i think that jeddah-based Sameera Aziz is the most beautiful saudi woman. she is a journalist and an activist. she has natural hazel eyes. She is tall and slim with the most attractive smile. guyz go and browse about her. you will definately agree with me. each and every feature of her face is superb! God really makes her petrsonality with his own hand. once i praised her beauty in her facebook page, she replied, please talk about my work. faces are made by God. ……i really like her way, SubhanAllah.

  48. Nasir Ahmed


  49. Mona

    Nasir> hazel is green and brown together. Brown and hazel are different eye colors. you can say, hazel is green mixed with some brown. Hazel eyes are not hazel in color. they are a lighter greenish gray.hazel is more of a greenish-tan.it is typically lighter and has flecks of green in it. i don’t know why they don’t just call it greenish brown…sameera aziz’s eyes are HAZEL…i saw her eyes clearly once when she posted her childhood picture at her fan group.

    • Mona

      ok mona, but why we are fighting over the eyes of sameera aziz? this is quite a good collection of some extraordinarily good looking saudi celebrities. sameera aziz is one among them. she even does not know that we are fighting over her here………lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. Shaks

    I think you will find that Lebanese, Moroccan, Pakistani, Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish people are far more beautiful than the vast majaority of Saudis. This is official, you can check it on the United Nations website. A 5 year long survey was conducted that reviewd the physical attraibutes of over 15 million people. Saudi & all the Gulf Emirates along with Israelis were considered the least attractive people. If you don’t believe me check it out. The only problem is the KSA has blocked access to searches on the internet that refer to this article.

    • esa33

      I think the only reason why they say the people of Turkey ,’Iraq,Iran,Morocco,Pakistan and Bilad ash Shaam are more beautiful is because the majority of them are white looking.I have nothing against white or light skinned people nor do I believe that light skinned people are unattractive but I think brown people are more beautiful and most of the people of the Jaziratul ‘Arab are brown or darker complected which I believe is more beautiful.The people of Yemen,Saudis who aren’t mixed and the rest of the people of the Jaziratul ‘Arab (some Ethiopians,EritreansDjiboutians,and Somalis also look Yemeni because many of them have Yemeni ancestry)are beautiful people.They are the real original ‘Arabs( the people of the Jaziratul ‘Arab).I think this mentality of white is more beautiful is from racism,colonialism,and European white supremacy and the caste mentality of the Muslims of the subcontinent(India,Pakistan ,Bangladesh) in the world that affects even the brains of the Muslims today.Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.Adam ‘alaihi salam was of brown or darker hue because he was from turab(dust,soil) and we all know turab isn’t white.I am an American Muslim.

    • Milyi

      Excuse you, there are beautiful people from all countries, no country espouses more beautiful people than another.
      It might by that you reap your group of “beautiful” people from those who resemble the white race, but I assure you that if you broaden your horizons that people with other physical attributes will become admirable.
      Firstly, you cannot generalize entire group of people as attractive, as that stereotypes a large majority of people based on a small fraction of their population, thus subjecting them to unnecessary fetishization and microagressions (i.e. the historic Circassians, Brazilians, Koreans, etc.)
      Secondly, there are plenty of beautiful Israeli (and subsequently, Jewish) people, such as Ofra Haza and Boaz Mauda, both Israeli Jews of Temani (Yemeni) Jewish heritage. Another Jew (from France) of Israeli-Yemeni heritage is Tal Benyerzi. On the topic of Yemeni people, handsome Yemeni people include Balqees Fathi (now of Emirati nationality) and Nada al-Ahdal. Keep in mind that becoming people are a small fraction of societies as wholes, and be mindful not to generalize the population. As far as Saudi people go, already on the list is Princess Amira, others include Alaa Wardi (of Iranian heritage) and Waad Muhammed.
      Lastly, the definition of beauty is highly subjective, especially when ethnicity comes into play, as light skin has always been favored over darker skin since social stratification has formed within complex societies,that coupled with white supremacist ideologies being almost imprinted in most of the world’s brains due to colonization and over-representation within Western media, preferences may be skewed due to racial bias. However, it’s also worth noting that different people find different things attractive. I found some of the people on this list rather moderate and average, whereas others found them comely and attractive.

      So, in conclusion, I think it is best to leave beauty preferences at a personal level on individuals rather than making sweeping generalizations, as that harms those who are generalized.

  51. I’m now not certain the place you are getting your information, but good topic. I must spend some time studying much more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful info I used to be in search of this info for my mission.

  52. ali

    i love princes ammerah

    Mashallah she is very beautful

    love her alotttt

    she’s very nice

  53. Nani

    Yasser Al Qahtani es super guapo, de hecho la foto posteada no es la mejor, además es poseedor de una sonrisa hermosa y un gran corazón, es humilde y sencillo, y para mi gusto es un buen futbolista, hay algunos goles que son verdaderamente increhíbles, para mi debería estar en una mejor posición en la lista jejeje

  54. Daniel

    Wonder of wonders, the princess is neither wearing an abhaya nor a scarf over her head. Perhaps, the strict rules applicable to ordinary women do not apply to the royal family. I look forward to the day when we will see a princess in a bikini!

    • Milyi

      Her freedom is limited to what she wears? What about her voice? Her thoughts? Her contributions to society? Is that not more important than if she wears a bikini? Women do not exist for you to fantasize about them in intimate apparel. What a woman wears is her choice, not for your levels of enjoyment or disgust.

  55. sajila

    Muna abusulayman is the most beautiful women in the world .. Internally and externally……..

  56. M.L.SH

    well hi 🙂 i’m from K.S.A and proud ❤ just wanna say really we have a lot of charming boys and girls special the girls in south of our lovely country they dam so so pretty and all the country know that


  57. This is my first visit to this blog. Very interesting. I’d never heard of any of these people but yes they are indeed beautiful, especially the Princess. I was surprised she wasn’t dressed in traditional Arabic garb, though. Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about Saudi Arabia apart from the media and the exchange students I meet. I’ll be back here to learn more as time goes on.

  58. I wonder how beautiful any of these women really look when they wake in the morning and have no make up on!! You might see some real horrors under those layers of make up and without photoshop ; )

  59. Akhil

    I was wondering how natural beauty exist in Middle east. Even though i am not a Muslim, i respect and believe in all the religions and i want to marry a beautiful Muslim girl who want to be my wife for the entire life. Some day i will get her ,,,:)

    • Milyi

      Except Muslim women are not allowed to marry outside of their religion. She would have to either convert or go apostate. Either way, your fetishization of Middle-Eastern (a super broad term, mind you) and Muslim women is concerning. Perhaps, before you consider marriage, you should invest in unlearning sexist and racist attitudes.

  60. Those people are really beautiful of
    course in daily life you can also see beautiful women and man but these people are famous ,,especially the glad to me when i see my friend Raaja Alsanea.Greetings from Serbia/////

  61. mely

    like for sheikh

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  63. I am an American woman and I just want to say that you are brilliant. I love your blog but I do feel that there is someone missing from your list. Lol Moaeed Althagafi. Please check out my blog desertmuslimwoman.blogspot.com

  64. abu tyueb

    i like same jabar

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  66. Not only are they stunning looking people, but well-accomplished and privileged, some more than others. The motherland ought to be proud.

    All of them are in positions to speak for the disinherited, disenfranchised and voiceless. Sorry for spoiling the party, but coulnot resist. http://www.cdhr.info

  67. barbara levay

    it the first time i read this page .i am disgusted .the world is cryng with despair and all i read beautiful man and women.i guessone can find shalloness anywhere. i have had it with you

    • Yes, Barbara Levay, the world is screwed up and we are all doomed. But if we focus on sad or negative world problems all the time, we will get even more depressed than we already are. Saudi Woman is not shallow. I would bet that she has done far more good for the world than you ever have.

      • In reality, the world, especially the Arab World, is going through the most positive transitive period in recent human history.

        Having been born in the southern region of “Saudi” Arabia where I was raised mostly by women, I know first hand that “Saudi” women are among the most resilient people on this planet.

        My first reaction to critics of women from my native land, especially from the West, is what do these critics know about the severe conditions “Saudi” women face every single day, from cradle to grave. The short answer is nothing.

        The courageous and visionary founder and editor of this forum risks her life and livelihood every time she publishes an opinion that differs from the regime’s interest, policy and philosophy, like the ten most beautiful people in “Saudi’ Arabia.

  68. teaberrytree

    This article isn’t really being honest about beauty standards in Saudi. Sure, it’s a lovely attempt to support what should be considered beautiful in the arab world. People should be able to find beauty within their own communities and cultures, however, in saudi it’s widely apparent that european features, light eyes, fair skin and blonde hair are a large, large part of achieving a standard of perfection in the arab world. Even if a person likes brunettes for example, surely fair skin or light eyes is coupled with that. Rarely if you could see within the minds of arabs, would their beauty ideal be a person of dark skin, black eyes and thick frizzy black hair that you so often find in the Gulf countries. This is especially true for the standard that women are held to. Just take a close look at all the fake blonde hair, coloured contacts and protection from the sun these women seek in an attempt to remain or get lighter skin, and just look at the wives of the richest or most handsome men. None are dusky coloured with dull black hair and brown eyes. Always lighter, refined looking princesses that can be shown off. This is what men want and what women want to be, because of European influences in the arab world. Again, another example are the models used in ads for cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

  69. M

    what a stupid list. these are definitely NOT the most good looking people of Saudi. Stupid article written by a stupid person.

  70. I do not know about all these good personalities,but I have basic know how about a good personality named Muna Abusulayman who I like very very much.She in not only beautiful in look and her face and figure,but she has got more impression doing important jobs for Arabic Society as well as for Arabian Woman World in this world.She like me very nice.Thanks.I wish best of luck for her future.Thanks.

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