Email Trouble

These past few days I’ve had two of my Email accounts lost. The first was the one related to this blog and then a couple of hours later I lost my main account on Hotmail. I was able to get my blog account back quickly. However the Hotmail account that I’ve had  since 1999 is still inaccessible.  I’ve contacted Microsoft Live, but I can’t convince them that I’m the owner of the account. Anyhow if you’re one of the people who I’ve given this account to, please change my Email in your contact list to the same address but instead of Hotmail, it’s at


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5 responses to “Email Trouble

  1. I’m sorry you are having this trouble. I don’t think I ever had your hotmail address, but if I did my hacker still has it. It will be 16 weeks exactly in 2 days that I was hacked, and I am still getting that one account back from yahoo.

    My experience with them has been to remain patient and persistent (I do have one of the accounts back) and to answer their questions, including indicating when I think the information requested may have been changed by the hacker, and giving all possible alternatives to what I think I might have thought when I supposedly answered that security question. I also volunteer to provide information about the account content that only the longterm owner would know.

    I further say, truthfully, that the particular account which they still have has on it important professional, legal, and personal information that I require.

    I am supposed now at the last answer befre they actually return this major one of the 2 Yahoo accounts I had.

    I hope you do eventually get your hotmail account back. In the meantime it is certainly wisest to move on to other accounts.

    Good luck!

  2. Claudia

    Hello, I got a similar problem a few years ago and it took me a couple of e-mails for them to believe me but I got my e-mail back. You must be very clear with them and give them the details, for example the approx date of when you created that account, who do you think stole it… etc! Keep trying and you will get it back 🙂

  3. sorry to hear that!

    I hope u can get it back Eman.

  4. Harsh


    Please make it a point to use strong passwords and keep changing them on a regular basis- avoid spam emails.

    A sample of a strong password givne below for your help

    Saudi woman = $@uD1w0M@n

    You may be aware but just thought that i should let u know 🙂



  5. These annoying pricks….. I got hacked MANY years ago, answered a few questions from Hotmail, and had my password reset…. Hope you get it back enshallah.. take care.

    Now my emails have nothing fun for me let alone anyone to read 🙂

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