Saudis happy to see King Abdullah back

This was taken just now next to the highway that leads into Riyadh from the airport. A lot of teenagers and men gathering to welcome King Abdullah as he was expected this afternoon.


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27 responses to “Saudis happy to see King Abdullah back

  1. الله يعينك شعب ما شاف خير
    زين ما اقتحموا عليك السيارة، حسبت هالتصوير من سيارة الملك
    على كثر الهتافات والصياح :/

  2. Abdullah

    شعب همجي منسّم…ما أقبح السعوديين في تجمعاتهم…

    What a vacuous and unrefined people. Saudis truly rear their worst side in large gatherings.

    يا هلا بمليكنا! الحمد لله على الصحة والعافية!

  3. 249

    i guess they are happy cuz they saw cute women Face …not for king abdullah 🙂

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  5. It seems that Saudi women were not so happy ??? they didn’t show up to weclome King Abdullah!

  6. It says “this video is private”

  7. Ahmed Fouad

    I’m afraid they’ve been collected out of their schools to make up huge mass of gatherings for greeting the king along the roads..
    Schools among other governmental and private institutions usually struggle hard to show off how loyal they are to the government, while in fact for others, a genuine loyalty and love may never leave the heart..
    Let’s always go genuine, and never slip into others’ dilapidated artificial slogans..

  8. Sandy

    I would like reform, not billion-riyal bandaids please.

  9. SmurfBurkan

    It is highly likely that they were pulled out of school that day to stand and “welcome” their king. This is something a lot of arab dictators and opressors do to install some kind of (false) assurance that the people in general support the leader… When, in fact, that´s far from the truth.

  10. I think saudis are genuine in their happiness for the Kings return. Just look at how the people are celebrating on the streets! Were they pulled there out of their homes? People are calling into radio stations praising the King, children wrote poems to him and songs were composed for the occasion. This is not just propaganda to make the people shut up and think everyone supports him. Sure there are those who don’t like him but they are few.
    I dont see a revolution or any kind of protests like the ones around the ME happening in Saudi.

    • Alexandra

      However, it may happen…sooner or later. Freedom is such a sweet word.

    • SmurfBurkan

      Layla… of course there are people who support the king… they are those who in some way benefit from the status quo. For example, in Syria most of the Alawee and christian minority support the President; while the rest of the population hate his guts… But none the less, when it is the Presidents birthday all students from elementary up to high school are “pulled out” of school that day to “celebrate” their leader.
      If you look at the video, you see that they are not really “enthusiastic” so to speak… I saw one group who vere a bit more “into it” and I think they were just happy to skip school that day and have some fun dancing on the streets….

  11. Coolred38

    Not to ignore the fact that Arab culture is a visual culture…those who did not show up and celebrate would have been noted and remembered. Either by family, friends, or employment…even by the govt who seem so interested in such displays of support. Sometimes people hide their true feelings in order not to raise the eyebrow of suspicion.

    not saying that is whats going on here..just a thought.

    • I’m sorry Coolred but that is so not true. King Abdullah is actually popular. some of those students were offered extra marks for showing up but they did not need to bribe them because they hate the king, just to motivate them out of laziness and lack of enthusiasm to stand in the sun.
      Besides the majority of those who welcomed the king were school and university students not employees like you claim.

      • Chuck

        I have to agree with you on this. I have lived in Saudi for most of the past 46 years, and the tide of affection for the King ebbs and flows depending on who is sitting on the throne and what the general state of affairs is. King Abdullah enjoys a genuine love from the majority of the population, and he is, in fact, trying to address many of the common grievances that crop up all the time. Unless some outside forces try to destabilize the masses, Saudi Arabia will continue on it’s current path. Many changes are needed for true liberty, but democracy is not the only path ot achieving those changes.

      • Coolred38

        I did say that was not necessarily the case in this instance. Sheesh.

    • ali

      You are VERY wrong.. people ( me included) genuinely love King Abdullah..

  12. Smurfburkan-You have seen videos and made your judgement of the level of support according to them?
    I can tell you the streets were jammed with young people genuinely showing their support and happiness of his return.. Just the overall feeling of happiness was so evident on everybodies faces, even expats seemed to be celebrating his return. He is just extremely popular what can I say!
    And I believe the King does have a good heart, perhaps he is naive like they say, but he means good.
    If you still don’t believe how people went to the streets to show support for him voluntarily you can check some pictures I took here:

  13. ali

    Some people outside AND inside KSA WISH people to hate the King and WANT to see problems here.. they are just so damn disappointed by this… KSA is taken care of by God people.. it cannot be destabilized.. Allah has called it ” Balad Al Ameen”.. DO NOT mess with it.

    • turkishwoman

      “We are fighters. We love to fight. And just love to fight and win we make a special room for ignorance in our hearts and then protect that ignorance ruthlessly.” I loved this remark, it is so true, isn’t it? You can also change the word “fight” to “paranoia” and read it again.

  14. Revelation

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while, good stuff written must say, keep it up.
    For the topic, they might have been happy to see the king back, but am afraid they wont be too excited once they get to hear this news:
    looks like a storm on its way :).

  15. Don Cox

    It is possible to have a good king, but a bad system. There have always been some good kings (about one in ten?), but absolute monarchy is not a suitable arrangement if you want efficient government.

  16. Revelation

    Was reading the local newspaper yesterday, and this bit hit me strong, though I know that we all are people, but I think things like this should be coming to light for the Saudi public, and from what I know such things occur all the time, specially here in London:

    She won, her identity will not be revealed, this time she got lucky.

  17. He is better than our Corrupt Zardari.

  18. This is he success of rulers when their nation feels happy to see them and their attitude towards nation.

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