Jack Frederick Jewell

Jack Frederick JewellI just thought that I would honor the memory of Jack Jewell, a close family friend. My family first got to know him and his wife Jane the year I was born in Taif, Saudi Arabia. Later when we lived for a while in the USA, we would often visit their house by the lake and spend every Christmas and Thanksgiving there. They in turn would celebrate our Eids with us. They used to gift me a book every time we met and through them I got introduced to Nancy Drew and a whole lot of other all-American classics. The last time I visited them was 1999 and Jane shared with me her list of keys to a happy marriage that she carries around with her in a pocketbook. Since then we’ve kept in touch through my father and occasional letters. Our friendship was enriching.


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5 responses to “Jack Frederick Jewell

  1. PK

    what were those keys?

  2. Stephen

    Thanks for your memory. I’ve read about Jack’s life on the site you gave a link to. May I ask you to write a couple of words about that man? I am sure he must have lived an extraordinarily life. Thanks.

  3. A kind and lovely tribute.

  4. Dont mean to seem Morose, but was this Eulogy meant in the least as an Endorsement of Moderate Western Kapitalist Muslim Diplomacy ?

  5. A lovely personal tribute, and an example of how good people from different cultures can, through love and tolerance, develop a sincere and enriching relationship.

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