The Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2011

I am honored to have a mention among the top 100 global thinkers of 2011. The magic of internet and social media that I was heard despite being just an average Saudi woman with no platform. And just by starting a blog and writing, the internet enabled my voice to be heard across oceans. Honestly it is a miracle.

Sitting at home reading the news, listening to the people around me at work, study and social obligations talk and then taking that with my personal experience I was able to translate it to a Saudi experience that people, if not relate to, can at least understand no matter their background.

Manal Al Sharif and I on the list here

An article I wrote for Foreign Policy titled What do Saudi women want?


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21 responses to “The Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2011

  1. Mai

    Mashaa Allah, mashaa Allah, mashaa Allah Allahumma baarik!

    Truly it is remarkable how much can be done, and how far-reaching, when you have a keen intellect and the Internet. My warmest and heartfelt congratulations to you and a big hug!

  2. Taz

    Greetings from Kenya and congratulations! Keep writing!

  3. Natasha

    Congratulations to you both for a well-deserved honour, you are truly inspirational!

  4. Louise

    Hugs to you both from Houston. You are an inspiration and it is a joy to follow your work. Wishing you continued success.

  5. Aryn Baker

    Well done. Couldn’t be more deserved. And keep up the good work. Aryn

  6. Glenn Jackson

    A well deserved acknowledgement for your devotion to improving the lives of everyone.

  7. “World Voices” An International Discussion Is One of Man kinds Greatest Hopes to a Solution of Its current Dilemma. Saudiwoman, along with the struggle to preserve First Amendment Rights in the United States stand at a crucible between What the Internet has come to mean for many, and What it
    may become in the hands of Others.
    Though I. admire the stark pragmatics of Men like Alexander, Jesus, Otto the Great, and even Napoleon and Stalin; Believing any real Hope at The Utopian Human Society can only come as a result of some Radical Sociological Revolution like The Original New Deal or The Cultural Revolution. Still, how Poor a Mind Man would Be without Confucius, St. Augustine, Julian Assange, or even Rupert Murdoch.
    I. do`nt know what need The Perfect Society would have for Myspace or The Wall Street Journal, but I`m Certain being able to Google them up would be a Great Help !

  8. John

    Eman I read your article in FP & I didn’t understant the concept (the Saudi interpretation of Islam), do you want them to change their constitution from Islam to human rights friendly constitution or what?

  9. Michèle GUILLON

    Congratulations from Angers (France) ! Thanks for giving us a window on your world. Thanks for the good work et please, I hope you’ll continue.

  10. Mabrook 🙂 keep on pushing through

  11. Eastern European Housewife

    Ma shaa Allah, dear. And I can congratulate myself on my good taste for reading your blog since years. I hope you got the books? It may not always be easy for your family to be around a strong woman like you, my admiration for them too.

  12. Western

    I seriously hope it has an adverse affect on both of you, shame on you for bringing Gods’ chosen country and way of life into disrepute.

    • Antoinette

      @ Western-The only people that should be ashamed are those who do nothing but criticize others and pretend to be holier then thou! Sometimes the truth hurts. Shame on you!

    • bigstick


      Have you read what God is capable of and what he allows. The holy books are a gate way to disrepute. Take the blinders off.

  13. virginia

    this is awesome!! 🙂

  14. Not impressed.....

    I hope this doesn’t inflate your head up further than it already is….your ideas lack any real substance and the only reason you’re considered a “global thinker” is because your ideas echo that of the “West”. Just for your information, the “West” is not the standard (morally or politically) for the entire world to follow. You need only look into its dark history to know that. In any case, you have serious personal issues you need to deal with before you tackle the issues of an entire population, many of who completely reject everything you represent. Just look at some of the comments in Arabic. There are many Saudi women who ask you to speak for yourself as you don’t represent them. You are NOT a window into the Saudi female population but rather into the life of a sad individual who craves attention.

    • wow you go by so many names Black American Expat, … 😉 I understand why you’re mad but if you only did your job….
      P.S. tip for the future: when you comment on some blogs, the owner can track your address and who you are.

  15. Still not impressed....

    See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Global thinkers discuss, debate, acknowledge, contemplate, and most important address the points of a second party. Global thinkers do not lead lives of paranoia in which they try to figure out who their blog posters are, where they come from, or what the color of their skin is. As with so many other posters, you have failed to address any of the points made, but rather go off on some unrelated tangent. I rest my case. Global thinking of the highest order…

  16. Nice post Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Therese Rickman-Bull

    Muttawa is a word that has no place here, or anywhere adjectives of a hurtful, racist, or otherwise personal nature are discouraged.

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