Rest In Peace Lama

Lama was a five-year-old half Egyptian, half Saudi girl. Her mother was born in Egypt and immigrated to Saudi over 25 years ago. Her father, sheikh Fayhan Al Ghamdi, was a frequent guest speaker on Islamists channels. Al Ghamdi divorced Lama’s mother and took custody of Lama soon afterwards. In this video he tears up at the plight of orphans as he talks about the religious rewards of adoption.


According to news reports, Al Ghamdi told the judge that Lama was behaving strangely and that he questioned her virginity. He went as far as to have a medical professional check that her virginity was intact. Her mother said in an interview on Ali Al Olayani’s show that she felt that there was something wrong three months before Lama was admitted to the hospital but that her ex-husband would only allow her short telephone conversations. She begged him to give her the girl but he refused. By the time she finally got to see her, Lama was in the ICU. Her mother described her to Al Olayani; Lama had one of her fingernails removed, the side of her head was smashed and the rest of her body was covered up. She had to hear from hospital staff and social workers how Lama’s rectum was torn open and that the abuser had attempted to burn it closed. Randa Al Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was, told Al Olayani in a phone interview that Lama’s back was broken as well and that she had been raped “everywhere”.


It’s a horror story on all levels. Yet the horror did not end with Lama’s death last October, as the court has initially decided that the four months that the father/murderer spent in prison is enough time and that all he has to do is pay blood money. Four months and a few thousand riyals is the cost of Lama’s innocence and life. This outcome is based on a hadith that does not occur in the two top resources for hadith, Bukhari and Muslim. It also goes against the Quran’s condemnation of fathers who murder their daughters. The hadith translates into “A father is not executed for his child.” Of course the patriarchal misogynistic scholars and judges who use this hadith to justify not punishing Al Ghamdi, do not care about the long-term implications of such a ruling. According to Suhalia Zainalabdeen, a member of the National Society for Human Rights, in all of her career she knows of only one case in which a father was severely punished for torturing and killing his daughter. She says that this leniency is also extended to those who murder their wives. She gives two examples of similar cases. One in which a husband cut his wife’s throat as she was breastfeeding their child and he only got five years for it. Another is the case of a husband who tied his wife to his car and dragged her until she died. He got twelve years.

If that’s what murdering male guardians get, can you imagine the leniency when those they abuse don’t die? Male guardians are legally able to sell their daughters as child brides. There are no laws that protect children, especially girls. When a child protection system was proposed to the Shura council, they got stuck on how to define childhood without banning child marriages. Stories of mothers who cannot get custody or protect their daughters from abusive fathers abound. I personally spoke with a social worker that has twelve years experience in the system. She told me that what usually happens is that the abused woman would go to the police. The police would then call the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) and the woman’s male guardian who is in most cases her abuser. So there would be the woman surrounded by policemen, clerics and her abuser. The aim is to “reconcile” the woman and her guardian. The social worker told me that the police and clerics would keep trying at the reconciliation for up to four hours. If the woman refuses to leave the station with her guardian, only then would social workers be called and protection offered.

There are no reports that I know of where abusers were sentenced for abusing their daughters and/or wives. The worst they get is a short detainment for questioning and in the worst cases they are required to sign a pledge to not do it again.

Apologists and extremists perpetuate that the male guardianship system turns women to queens. That might be true but only in a macabre sense of the word.


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  1. Oh my God!!! This was so horrifying to read. I pray God will deal with this man for what he did. I wonder how old his wife was when he married her. I can’t believe he only got four months, and how could he do this to his own daughter!!! As a society, there is no way that Saudi sees its women as queens and princes, only on the individual level as each man determines in his heart how to treat a woman. My God, My God, My God…What this poor innocent girl experienced!!! I pray for her mother.

    • Just using the space under Butterfly Jewel’s comment with which I agree, to remind everyone to “like” saudiwoman’s post above.

    • SAR

      Please read the other side of the story..
      To those who have been bashing everyone, including Islam and its laws, please read the link. IT is not as it is painted by the New Media.. It just exposes how hypocrites these media is..

      • Right. I love how the article you posted only mentions that the girl “got injured.” That makes it sound like she tripped over one of her toys. It avoids mentioning the extreme nature of her injuries to every orifice of her body. It also emphasizes that the mother was divorced from another marriage. Who cares? The mother isn’t the one who tortured the little girl.

        You were right when you mentioned how hypocritical the media is, you just pointed to the wrong media. It’s the islamic media that you referenced that is the real hypocrite here.

    • Doesn’t rewarding someone like this sex-driven hate-nurturer and -distributor, Dr. Zakir Naik, intensify and expedite the ongoing war of “Clash Of Civilizations” (Foreign Affairs September 1993), specifically between Muslims and Western democracies? He promotes religious totalitarianism, enslavement and rape of women and advocates against freedom of speech, expression, press, assembly and the individual’s right to express him/herself and to be the author of his/her life and destiny.

      As the ruler of the land where Islam was established and where Muslims’ holy shrines are located, King Salman, along with his ruling family and zealous religious establishment, shoulders a huge responsibility toward his muzzled population, the Arab people and other Muslims worldwide. He can lead by example instead of advising Muslims to “shun intolerance.”

      To reward people like Dr. Zakir Naik for encouraging Muslims to reject and resent major religions (and their adherents) and call such incitements service to Islam is indicative of the Saudi King’s support for religious extremists and constitutes a dangerous policy that could lead to unmanageable and consuming conflicts in which Muslims could pay an unthinkable price.

      Never in recent history have non-Muslims and increasing numbers of Muslims become more resentful of Islam and Muslims, in general, than they are now. This trend is not likely to be reversed peacefully. The Saudi ruling dynasties can lead the way by setting a good example of religious tolerance and acceptance of The Other regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs and religious orientation.
      There is no better place to start than at home.

  2. Monica

    I’m crying.. my babygirl is 5 years old.. so identification is spontaneous, easy and quick. This story is horrible. and disgusting. That man (man? beast would be the right word) would deserve life imprisonment, not 4 months. And I said life imprisonment, just becouse the capital punishment is contrary to my culture and ideals. I hope, you -Saudi women- will be able to change rules in your country, so to be able to protect your children from the violence, from the integralism and -above all- the beasts who are still going about your country.

    • al

      to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

      • Abu Kamel

        al, your call to murder and massacre all Muslim males is literally a statement of evil of the lowest and worst kind. You reflect a kind of fascist murderous tendency which even God Himself has identified and condemned and cursed. The fact that 45 people support the massacre of all Muslim males is not only criminal, it is reflective of evil incarnate.

        So may you perish in your hate, may you be consumed and utterly devoured in your villainy. Or repent to God before your fate is sealed.

      • SAR

        Before you kill the males, take sometime to read this.. Saudi woman is just trying.. take advantage of the ignorance of the people and media
        Please read the other side of the story..
        To those who have been bashing everyone, including Islam and its laws, please read the link. IT is not as it is painted by the New Media.. It just exposes how hypocrites these media is..

      • I will take the “kill” in your statement as meaning to bring them up different to the beastly males that surround them in the society, this is the key. We women have the ability to change and shape the society in a very subtle way without anyone making a fuss. obviously we can only do our bit, but if the foundation is laid right there is a high chance of success. This “beastliness” is a disease of the soul and so we must teach our kids from a young age on how to deal and rid ourselves of these diseases, in other words ill traits. This is a knowledge that is completely ignore in our society and sometimes not even acknowledged.

      • Sab

        shove off with your white savior complex

  3. Qamar

    There are two sides to every story and I believe this is not a dispassionate view of what really happened. I think saudiwoman is taking the opportunity to ‘bash’ the clerical as she does so often.

    • BAHAR

      Have you really read the articel, or are u just a pain in the a***

      • Mari

        OMG!! you cruel Jerk… If you was near me.. and came on my property.. and did this here to my family.. I would first cut off your D!(% off and feed it to you then stick a broom stick up your @$$ just so you can feel what it felt like.. then after I finished torturing you I would put a bu!!et between your eyes.. I hate people that do this to innocent children.

      • SAR

        Please read the other side of the story..
        To those who have been bashing everyone, including Islam and its laws, please read the link. IT is not as it is painted by the New Media.. It just exposes how hypocrites these media is..

    • deena

      Oh my god. A little girl was murdered and tortured and all you care about is the “Other Side Of Story”? What is wrong with the world these days. What do you think is the other side of story? That the little girl asked her father to rape her and torture her and burn her closed again? Oh okay there must be something wrong with you

      • D.von Werder

        I so much agree!!!!BUT there is not only ‘something’wrong with that creature… THIS is something you can’t even call a human being!Cruelty in high potency!

      • Farook Hamid

        My heart melt reading the murder of this little but other side of the story is this is prominent when happened in a Muslim country, the new media is dumb when these are occurring by thousand per year in other countries. Even infant are raped and killed.

    • Bashing the promoters of vice and prevention of virtue? The only assignment they are given is to terrorize innocent people and do their best to keep Saudi Arabia backward. But to be objective, they are only doing what their masters want them to do. Who hires and pays them? Not the administrator of this medium.

    • Marwah

      There are two sides to every story… So what on earth could justify this little girl’s torture and subsequent death at the hands of her father?! What kind of drugs are you on?

      • candice

        I so agree Marwah. I believe the evil stems from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they are the ones that protect these animals from being judged and prosecuted. They would stone a woman to death for a supposed wrong but if you are a man beast and you torture and kill a child you are safe within this evil system. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

    • Sara Jassim

      What other side of the story could there be that justifies letting a man off for raping and murdering his 5 year old daughter because of a twisted interpretation of God’s laws? Astaghfirullah!

      • Utter contempt for women and obsession with their sexuality. Many people (Muslims and non-Muslims) argue that Muslim textbooks consider women property of men. They can purchase them, use them and dispense of them as they wish. Saudi Arabia ranks high in this atrocious practice, but it’s not the only Muslim country that prey on women in the name of religion.

        The Muslim text books need revision and Muslim societies need transformation. Nothing short of these to formidable, but doable undertakings will remedy the centuries old damage except total separation between mosque and state.

      • Amen to that. SAR has been posting all over this forum the same whitewashing article that emphasizes that the mother was a divorcee and that the girl was just “somehow injured.” He’s yet another apologist for infanticide.

    • An American Woman

      How aout we tear your rectum and then burn it closed like they did to her ….and see how u feel about it then. There is only one side to a story when a 5 yr old girl is raped and tortured. /// Damn you, your clerics and your sick religion. // “Vengence is mine” sayeth the Lord…

      • AJ

        How did my religion come into this?

      • AJ
        The father is a cleric who uses the Quran and Shariah to demonize women and justify their dehumanization.

        When a person or persons are considered and treated as subhuman in the name of god and religion, they become target for inhumane and tortuous treatment by anyone including their father as in this case.

        Like other major religions, Islam needs to be reformed and separated from public policy. Religions are, or supposed to be, beliefs that must left for the individual to believe or not.

        Islam has become a political tool to justify corruption, oppression, confiscation of public wealth, gang-rapes and tool of totalitarianism.

        The Saudi Mufti is in the forefront in declaring peaceful public demonstration and criticism of the autocratic rulers un-Islamic and label those who call for political participation, respect for human rights, constitutional monarchy, empowerment of women, religious tolerance and independent judicial system as decadent and Westernized deviant.

        This is how your “religion come to this.”

      • AJ

        My religion at no point endorses any of the behaviors of that Cleric. The Norway killer cited Christianity for taking the lives of 70 plus kids in Norway. That does not make Christianity liable for his actions.

      • AJ
        Defending religions is not one of my strong points. The Norwegian killer, according to his manifesto, was motivated by his fear of Muslim totalitarianism.

      • AJ

        Islam does not endorse rape or murder of children (or women or any other specie) – the crimes that the Saudi Mufti has been accused of. Nor does it ever mandate that fathers can kill their own children. Let’s put the blame where it belongs i.e. the Saudi Mufti instead of dragging Islam into it.

      • AJ
        Every Muslim clerics, institutions and religious experts quote the Quran, Shariah and Hadith to support their arguments and justify their denigration of women, religious minorities and condemnation of non-Muslims.

        Do you think Islam needs new interpretation?

      • AJ


        The simple answer to your question is:

        It’s not Islam but it’s the Muslims that need reform.

      • Raheema Vilcassim

        Hey American woman, this is happening by hundreds in your country. Not only that I see in the media 2-3 months old baby girls too raped and killed. As you say only these stories /// Damn you, your clerics, your politico’s and your sick and rotten religion. God’s vengeance there.

    • q

      There is no justification to such kind of an act in any society or country. You are a fool if your prejudice against the writer even wants you to see the ‘other’ side . A man who does this to a child whether a cleric or not does not make a difference.
      If you so care you write about the ‘other side’

      • تحريم خلوة المرأة بالقرد
        While we are at it, clerics say women can not be left alone with a monkey because she might have desire to cuddle with the animal.

      • May I jump in here to reply to AJ above. As a non-Muslim may I respectfully point out AJ, that it is NOT “the Muslims that need reform” but the, backward-looking clerics who cynically distort Islam in order to use it as a control mechanism against populations, particularly in, but not confined to Saudi and Iran. Adherents of many religions have traditionally been intimidated into accepting the diktats of clerics. Peer pressure is also a powerful disincentive to questioning regulations that many feel are unwarranted or unjust. It is a travesty when church or mosque is wedded to the state in such a manner that to disobey the rulings of one entity means breaking the laws of the other. The population has no human rights, a concept that is anathema to the theocracies which imasquerade as governments in Saudi and Iran. It is not about religion, it is all about power.

    • Georgette Harris

      Umar… should be ashamed for yourself!

      • al

        to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

    • Aitch

      You are as sick as the beast who did this.

    • Disgusting… This is our problem… UNTIL WE FREAKING ACCEPT WE HAVE PROBLEMS IN OUR SOCIETY… WE WILL NEVER FIX THEM! a little girl is DEAD. The father did not deny it… I don’t care what his reason was.. there is NO REASON why a man.. religious or not should kill his child. I am disgusted that anyone would try to in any way defend this BASTARD. That you want to say Eman has an agenda here… dispicable.. Allah yr7am al bint.. and may the father ROT IN JAIL here.. oo enshallaaah ya rab ROT IN HELL!

    • Qaman you are pure A******* . This is how muslim men think.

    • Stacy

      There should NEVER be a “dispassionate” article written by any human being especially anyone who believes in God when discussing an adult abusing a child in this manner, period, end of sentence. There is something wrong with you and your heart that you would suggest such a thing. God says vengence is his, which is why I don’t start hunting these monsters down and inflicting the same evil onto them that this beast did on his daughter. I would be just as outraged if the beast were female, so you can take your male bashing argument and eat it!!

    • majid

      I agree, people just believe everything the media tells them, specially when it talks about Islam.

      • BAHAR

        this has nothing to do with islam, this guy killed his daughter and has to pay the same price as anyone else who kills someone.
        justice has to do something about it.

      • Abbey Ash

        Majid people like you who support abuse in the name of Islam always use these excuses that “the west did it, they are using the media, etc” did the western media or the United States tell this man to abuse, rape and kill his own 5 year old child and even practice sodomy, astarghfirullah? Actually it is the law in Saudi Arabia that is protecting him and allowing him all this freedom that men there are given( and all Saudi men who abuse their wives, children and sisters).

      • Radhakrishnan

        this is not a communal issue… so there is no need to bring islam in this..

    • fuck off man..what the hell of clerical..if i am a saudi and i will kill that clerical and go to jail..shame on u..

      • Sophie

        In this case I do hope that the Saudi public take matters into their own hands and murder this repulsive man soon. He deserves death or at least life imprisonment, and if your judges won’t give you justice then it’s time for the people to do what’s right.

    • kate.

      Qamar have you lost your mind??? How can there be ANOTHER side to this story?? THIS poor baby DIED at the hands of her evil sick twisted FATHER, who pretended to the people around him that he was a godly man. THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE. A PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL DIED.

    • I Think ur as sick as the guy who molested and killed his baby you bloody pervert….give the men of crimes like this to the women..they surely will make him die a very very slow agonising death !!

    • Pearl

      Qamar, you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

      • yaya land

        if you are part of the problem, get the he!! out of the way to make room for those who are a part of the solution. @saudiwoman’s weblog is a step in the right direction. unfortunately, she is likely in grave danger of her true identity being found out and the repercussions for her and her family would not be much better than what has happened to baby lama. i salute you, @saudiwoman….bravo to you for your courage…..bravo!! you have my deep and unending heartfelt respect.

    • Nuresa

      Qamar you sick backward fool to even think in such lines.

      • You are right Nuresa!!! People like him destroy what is left of humanity!! Sick fool. Why do you even come here and comment on a topic like this. How can there be two sides to a 5 year old girl… who was tortured and then brutally raped!!

    • Abbey Ash

      Shame on you to say this, maybe all the men in your life treat you like a queen and you have no compassion or understanding of those who are abused.The clerics are all egotistical male chauvinists who only respect men, they do not need you to speak up for them.

    • Shame on you Qamar! Saudiwoman is stating the well-known facts. If the truth hurts, too bad. Go bury your head in the sands of Arabia with all the other deniers. And “two sides to every story?” Surely you jest. Poor little murdered Lama is not here to tell her side of the story. Sadly, the Saudi justice system, an oxymor there, does little to ensure that other horrific murders like this one will not happen. Happen they will, there is nothing to act as a brake on the bestial nature of some men. It is open season on women and girls. If Lama’s monstrous father had raped and tortured a male child or a man, what would his punishment be then?

      • SAR

        Please read more before you decide Saudi Woman is stating the facts..
        To those who have been bashing everyone, including Islam and its laws, please read the link. IT is not as it is painted by the New Media.. It just exposes how hypocrites these media is..

      • I notice that SAR keeps posting a link to the same whitewashed article trying to minimize the horrors of this crime.

        the article he posted only mentions that the girl “got injured.” That makes it sound like she tripped over one of her toys. It avoids mentioning the extreme nature of her injuries to every orifice of her body. It also emphasizes that the mother was divorced from another marriage. Who cares? The mother isn’t the one who tortured the little girl.

        SARS, you were right when you mentioned how hypocritical the media is, you just pointed to the wrong media. It’s the islamic media that you referenced that is the real hypocrite here. Even the brutal rape, torture, and death of a 5-year old girl isn’t enough to stop religious fanatics like you from trying to cover up the crime. I’m just surprised you didn’t try to blame it on the little girl. That’s what people like you usually do.

    • Rob W

      The Saudi justice system may have freed him. God is watching and He will not let him escape true justice. Lama is in Heaven, her true home. May God bless the people in Saudi Arabia and fill them with His love

    • BAHAR

      @SAR: this guy is a monster, I am sorry, but I think you dont like to see the facts.

      • SAR

        @Bahar, I don’t have any issue if the real facts are produced. When there is another side of the coin, you need to have a look at it. If there is a truth in what Saudi Woman states, I have no qualms in condemning it and will recommend a slow death to him. I too have a girl 6 years old and another just 2.5 months..they are my eyes for me. I can understand the pain this little girl would have gone through.. but what if the facts presented by Saudi Woman are not the facts.. Has anyone in this group have independently verified it. If I am not wrong, all of us who are commenting here not from Saudi and don’t speak or read Arabic. So, we all entirely keeping our faith on Saudi Woman’s word. Is that fair.. When someone presents the other side, then it is required to have a look at it..or we everyone should make an attempt to find the truth ourselves.. And I wanted to really understand this story and hence I was searching more..and hence I found this link and the otherside of the story.. EVen this may be wrong.. Just because we got a news and a forum to bash, we shouldn’t be doing it…

      • BAHAR

        @SAR: u are right every story has two sides, but not every media or newspaper can be wrong, yes I dont live in Saudi – but even here in Vienna, the news reported this crime, it is a crime.

      • SAR

        @Bahar,this was never reported in indian newspapers. Even if you do a search in Google, you will find it reported only a handful of websites.. most of them western newsites and not very popular or standard one..only then I started looking for more information and I found this site. Even I am not 100% sure about this information, but looking at the video’s attached I think its authentic then the one reported here. Its upto Saudi Woman to clarify and present her points as it was she who brought this here.

      • @SAR: A handful of websites? I just took 5 seconds to do a simple Google search and came up with 119,000 links to news about this abhorrent crime. Including CNN, BBC, Wikipedia, The Muslim Issue, Huffington Post, Ynet News, Al Jazeera and many, many others.

        Your attempt to whitewash this horrible crime by repeatedly linking to an article that minimizes the crime shows how deep the denial of violence against girls in muslim countries is.

        And for the record, the murderer/child rapist wasn’t someone who merely washed bodies, as your article claims. According to Al Jazeera, he was
        “a religious scholar who is also a regular guest on Islamic television networks.”

        Shame on you for trying to whitewash this crime against an innocent 5-year old girl.

  4. The reason clerics and their handlers insist on using the Quran as the constitution of the land and the Shariah as its law is because they can use religion to justify what suits them and benefit from as exemplified by this heinous crime. As long as there is no codified legal protection for children and all citizens, the current arbitrary sectarian judicial system will continue to prey on the most vulnerable and defenseless.

    This child tragic mutilation and death speak volumes about the Saudi state, its institutions and hard to describe judicial system even if one uses the most vulgar vocabularies. The question that must be asked is how long can this cruelty go on and what will it take to say enough is enough?

    • A GERMAN woman

      For crying out loud:where are the INTERNATIONAL Organisations,like UNICEF,TERRE DES HOMME and others to make it a political subject that these sort of cruelties are happening in Arabian countries ????

      • Abbey Ash

        The law in Saudi Arabia makes sure that these organizations have no access to Saudi Arabia ( they are not signatory to the International Hague Convention for Human Rights). They are imprisoned if they are in the country for speaking out for Human Rights. Men who commit crimes that are in violation of International Human Rights are protected and a handful of men who speak up for Human Rights and Freedom are imprisoned and they have even disappeared. Right is wrong and wrong has become right in that country, the rulers do not care for and are not interested in Human Rights but only for the safety of their government, any one who even questions their rule are imprisoned. Men who abuse their women are not really punished they are the “Mahram” or guardians they can do whatever they want. Women are considered as creatures without brains who need guardianship from cradle to grave. This gives the “sickos” in that country a freehand to do as they please. I am a (Arab decent) Muslim and a member of several Human Rights groups, I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years, I know issues there well.

  5. Jay

    If I ever see his mother fucker I will break the punks neck,and let dogs eat the fuckers worthless piece of body

  6. I grieve for Lama, for those who loved her, and for all women in Saudi who are at risk. What help can we in the west offer?

    • The most appropriate and self-serving service the West could offer is discontinue its unconditional support for systems whose institutions justify barbarity against children like Lama and millions of other Lamas we don’t hear about. By doing so, the West will be protecting its democracies before Lama’s butchers implant their values in the heart of Western societies. It has already begun. Read what’s happening in the Netherlands among other places.

      • al

        to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

      • Barbaro

        Why is the US even doing ANY business with a country that has it’s law of the land allowing such treatment of someone like Lama? Do we need their oil that much? NO.. do we need over 250000 Saudis studying in th US. NO. Break off ALL CONTACT.

    • anne

      Hi Mary, Please visit the website of Chris Crowstaff’s Safe World for Women. There are numerouse ways to offer support and help to create awareness of the atrocoities women face every day. Cheers, Anne from Australia.

    • Sophie

      In the long term, you might consider sponsoring a girl in a poor Middle Eastern or opressive Islamic country through Plan International. That way, she will have sanitation, medical care, and an education, people will perceive her value differently because she will be educated, and she can grow up to make a difference in her own society and advocate for women. I don’t know if there’s anything western people can do for Saudi Arabian women because they are a closed country and they don’t need our money. To be honest we still have our own problems with women’s rights (see: ‘Steubenville rape’ for a systematic rape cover-up and ‘Vision Forum’ for fundamentalist, dominionist Christian misogyny in the USA).

      • Sophie

        …just to be clear, I don’t mean that things are ‘just as bad’ for women in the west. They are NOT. In a western country, this killer would be in jail for a long time, or he would be waiting for execution. What I meant to say is that misgyny is misogyny everywhere – the attitude is the same. In every country there are woman-hating idiots like Qamar saying ‘there are two sides to every rape’. For example, 21 men in Texas raped and beat an 11 year old and yet some people still said that she tempted them and lured them into it. All too often we just don’t recognise the misogyny in the west and assume it’s a foreign problem. We can start by addressing it here in the west.

  7. katherine

    I think the society in sadi arabia is biased against females, The barbarians should be stoned to death

  8. katherine

    Equal rights to woman and free democracy only will help the saudi arabia people

  9. POPPY

    My heart breaks for this sweet innocent child and the terrible suffering she endured before her untimely death. The terrible injustices perpetrated on women and children in Saudi Arabia are an abomination. THE OIL AND WEALTH OF KSA ALLOWS THE WEST TO TURN A BLIND EYE WHILE THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BENEFITS THEY GAIN.

  10. BAHAR

    I am sitting in my office and reading this – it makes me cry, how can a father doubt is daughter virginty while she is what 5 years old, what kind of an animal is that????? How can a father kill his own sweet daughter???? He should go to the same pain as she did, that would be a kind of justice, but as far as I know and have read, there is no justice in KSA.

    • meredith

      There is precious little justice for children, period. We don’t care in right ways, and then they suffer more–everywhere. This is our responsibility to know, and ask ourselves (privately) how we can respond to the rage and violence we add to each day by adding blame.

      • I am confused Meredith. The first part of you post makes sense and I agree with all of it. Your second sentence however needs clarification ….”how we an respond to the rage and violence WE ADD TO EACH DAY BY ADDING BLAME.” Emphasis mine. What exactly do you mean there?

  11. Reblogged this on Under the Abaya and commented:
    For everyone who claims that the Saudi system of guardianship and “Islamic” law is the best and a favor to women. For everyone who idolize scholars and sheikhs, taking their interpretations over their own. For every mother without her child thanks to the twisted judgements of the Saudi courts. For every child placed in harm’s way at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them. For every woman not living up to her potential because a man said she cannot. And for everyone who believes that coming to Saudi Arabia qualifies as hijra, and that you will be blessed and rewarded for coming to this place, because this is the land of Islam.
    What this man did is beyond words, what the judge is allowing him to get away with is beyond criminal, and what this mother has to live with for the rest of her life is beyond explanation or understanding.

  12. As Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian state like the Nazi Germany, these crimes are “natural facts” and they have the government support and exactly by this they do’nt are punished as it happens in all dictatorships. Unhappily these totalitarian regimes are supported by the so called “democratic” European and American states.

    • BAHAR

      Everything covered with the name of Islam. How sad is that!

      • Muslims have to decide whether Islam is a belief or a value system. If it were a belief then must insist on separating it from politics as non-Muslims have successfully done.

        If Muslims continue to believe, or coerced into believing, that their faith is a value system then they will have to accept enslavement in the name of God, Quran and Shariah teachings as interpreted by absolute regimes and their illiterate judges and students of Imam Mohammed Ibn Saudi University, Umm Algora and Madinah Islamic university among thousands of others throughout the Muslim World. Men like this sick father are also victims of the education they receive at home, mosques and the religious school they went and still go to.

        Religions were not created to solve human problems, but to be used by men to control, rule, punish and steal. Europe discovered that centuries ago and paid very high price to liberate itself from the fear of the unknowns, gods, and their self-appointed scavengers on earth. Arabs use religion and the Arab League to coordinate their oppression of their submissive populations and beg the UN to cover up their staggering defeats.

        For Arabs and Muslims to continue saying it’s not Islam, but its twisted interpretation is the problem, then there is no hope for Muslims to do any better in the future since they have been oppressed in the name of god since Islam was establishment about 15 centries ago.
        How many participating Muslims in this discussion would support religious freedom or freedom of religion including supporting members of their families to embrace other religions or no religion at all?
        Ask me what I would do.

  13. May this poor little angel rest in peace. The story turned my stomach, the pure evil of this man is just so disgusting. He is SICK, he needs to be locked up not released to go do this again to someone else!
    This animal deserves to be tortured to death the same way as he tortured his daughter.

    • BAHAR

      I couldnt agree more

    • He cannot be locked up because he is part of the system that made it possible for him to commit a heinous crime and gets away with it.

      Most people don’t know, but sodomy is pervasive all over the country. Defenseless and poverty stricken Asian expatriates, young boys, poor Saudis and citizens of African roots are victims of sodomizing. The reason one does not hear about this social pandemic is because it’s practiced by people of all religious, social, ethnic, political, professional and economic stripe.

  14. Lindsay and Bernadette Wilkin

    Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 21:44:26 +0000 To:

  15. Francine

    Mothers, please educate your daughters, but mostly your SONS, so that they respect the female gender when they grow UP.
    Imagine Lama’s long suffuring… Barbary. I’m so shocked.

  16. Fortuna

    Despicable people exist everywhere. I’m not understanding how this was condoned by the government/judicial society/religious scholars?! What a broken society! I hope someone goes vigilante on his a$$ bc the giant pig turd will do this again

  17. Something is terribly wrong with this Islamic society when unspeakable crimes like this are committed and the religious community allows the perpetrator to go free with a slap on the wrist. Is this really Shariah law? May little Lama rest in peace among the angels. Heaven knows, she did not deserve this.

    • bigstick1

      Susie: Religious communities are well known for this type of activity and slaps on the hand. Look at the Catholic Church and the current Pope who hide the priests that raped kids. Take a look at some of the Jewish communities and how they tried to hide it. It took secular laws to push laws that punish this type of crime. Remember religion was never been about respect only control particular when it comes to women and children.

      • Sophie

        I agree with you but I think it goes further than religion. It’s endemic to religion because every religion claims to be perfect and to have all the answers. Therefore when things like this happens, in the religious mind there are only two solutions: 1) Pretend it didn’t happen, or 2) blame the victim, because the system itself and the system’s representatives are not allowed to fail, as this would bring the system down and prove its imperfection. Therefore every system whether religious, social or political that insists on its own perfection and cannot tolerate failure, is a system in which abuse can flourish. Most often we see this flourishing of abuse within religion but it has happened, and will continue to happen, in many contexs.

    • umar

      Please don’t be fooled by what the Sauids practice, it is obviously not Sharia Law but a bizarre, twisted and deplorable Saudi Law. By the way, we have no problem with any law of any country. Our only concern and worry is when these scoundrels hide in cloaks of piety to apply Sharia Law at the expense of the poor workers (for example, the case of Rizana Nafeek) who travel out of their countries to put a platter of food on the table for their siblings, children and families.

      • Georgette Harris

        I for one am sick and tired of hearing this same reasoning over and over again! They tell us not to be fooled by what’s going on in Saudi Arabia, in the islamic republic, in Pakistan, in Egypt, in Ethiopia, in Somalia…etc, etc, etc. They tell us this is not islam, this is not the coran, I beg to differ! What the Saudis or the mollahs do is exactly the sheriah law, when you say that a woman is half of a man, that the woman has no rights , that she should live her life under a veil…that is cruel, that is islam and you Umar, should stop lying to yourself and to us!

      • Bahar

        It is the sharia law – that protecs this kind of an animal!

      • Sophie

        Georgette, I’m not usually someone who defends Islam or has a lot of sympathy for it, but the truth is, Saudi Arabia does indeed go beyond the limits of Sharia law sometimes and ignores some of the rules that are more favourable to women. That’s the conclusion I reached from my own reading. I wish I could remember some examples to give you but I haven’t studied this for a while.

    • Alice

      @Georgette, indeed the defense of these criminals is not in the Quran. There are very few laws and punishments in the Quran, the sharia law is very much a human construct from other books, thus you can find it saying a father cannot be punished for killing his child yet the Quran clearly indicates otherwise (as Saudiwoman mentioned).
      @Bigstick1. Don’t paint all religious people with a broad brush. I grew up in a Lutheran church and we were quite clearly taught about respecting others. Religion Spurred Dr. King to fight for justice and I see Saudiwoman accurately quote the Quran for purposes of respect and justice. it is the heart of the Believer that makes the difference. I would argue it isn’t secularism per se that matters but sincerity, reasonability, humility and compassion that matter. All of these are in emphasized in the Quran and other religions as well.

      • bigstick1


        I am most aware of the Bible’s teachings on women and children. Are you aware of Martin Luthers position on women? I am. He made many statements regarding women that were not so kind I assure you. You foundation is from the Bible and the Lutheran doctrines stemed form a man who had many not so kind words on their abilities or usages.

        Here is just one aspect. Research Martin Luther and his statments on women. You might enlighten yourself on just what the reformer thought and just what his position on women really was. At that point put the text in the context of how he viewed women.

        The Abrahamic religions has been a catalyst of abuse to both women and children since inception. It is a fact that cannot be denied without flatly lying to yourself or just you failure to read and research the poorly written hate texts.

      • Sophie

        The separation of church and state (or mosque and state) are vital to civilisation. Otherwise, to reject religion becomes the same thing as rejecting the state, and makes one an enemy of the state. Even as a believer in the Trinity, I say that we need secularism.

        Also, you’re forgetting that much of Islam comes not from the Quran but the hadith. You can’t find a lot of core Islamic beliefs and practices in the Quran. So saying ‘this isn’t in the Quran’ is no defence.

      • Secularism very definitely does matter Alice. There must be separation of temple/church/mosque and state. When religion is co-opted – and I use that word deliberately – by the state, the people suffer. In Saudi the state and the Wahhabi clerics are two sides of the same coin. When it suits the state, it acquiesces in the clerics making statements and rules which cause disquiet for many thinking Saudis. There are, to be sure, Saudis who accept without question the diktats of the clerics. Look back at all the comments on this blog by Saudiwoman. Not one person has criticized the Royal family. The rulers can, and obviously do hide behind the pronouncements and actions of the Wahhabnis, who are in effect, the kingdom’s enforcers. The political rulers have arranged it so that it looks like they are not responsible for the repression, saying in effect, “it is just those Wahhabis who are a law unto themselves.” The population is kept quiescent by the clever and cynical use of Islam as a control mechanism.. As a result, the whole population exists in a state of suspended animation, almost of paralysis/ Suspended Animation = Saudi Arabia, same initials, same stultifying conditions for its intelligent citizens, denied the right to exercise their God-given talents to better their society.. Sincerity alone is no weapon for Saudis to use against the tremendous forces that are arrayed against.them.

    • Yasmine

      No it’s not at all shariaa law. It’s a sick interpretation! We all know that Muslim countries are living an age of decadence. Just like the west lived a thousand years of dark ages.
      How much more will it take for the Muslim nation to rise and implement the true Islam, the fabulous religion, whose columns stand on “HAQ” that is JUSTICE!

  18. Despicable people exist in every society. What I don’t h detest and is how can the government/ judicial system/religious folk condone this?! What a broken society! In the meantime, I hope someone goes vigilante on his a$$ because this giant pig turd WILL do this again

  19. Reblogged this on Leesis Ponders and commented:
    There is no country in the world that doesn’t experience some ‘people’ doing such horrendous acts. But for the governments to protect the evil…that is equally horrendous. Maybe we (western public) can help. Maybe we need to campaign our own governments to cease all business, all tourisim, all contact with these counties until they fix their laws. Certainly if we are silent we participate in such horror.

    • Honor killing is already taking places all over Europe, Canada and the US. You don’t have to go too far to prevent the spread and practice of this mayhem.

      • al

        to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

      • Poetry slam

        Am I a hole for you to screw?
        Or just a hymen for you to break through!
        How idiotic to kill me for that tissue
        And claim you restored the issue

        Still way bitter from day one
        When you had no courage for fun
        Eve was first for the forbidden fruit
        While you followed and got the boot

        Stuck with a snake in your pans
        Wondering who was the serpant in the plan
        You sentence me to death for being a sinner
        While you claim honour for being a killer

        You made a god from a miserable man
        And your penis the ruler of the clan
        KKK the cult of man

      • Imported into Canada and the U.S. by people desperate to leave their own despotic countries but unable to leave behind the “traditions,” “practices,” and “customs” that permit men to control women. Both Canada and the U.S. have had widely publicized trials where fathers, and in one case, also a mother and brother, where handed life sentences for the murders of their daughters/sisters. It will take time, but these people will learn there is no impunity in Canada and the U.S. for what the perpetrators like to justify their murderous attacks by characterizing them as “honour killings.”

  20. This is just horrible and as long as there countries who apply this Sharia law many incidents such as this one are to be seen

  21. omg astafirullah!!!!what is the kind of human being,,how can you imagine “A FATHER CAN DO THIS TO THEIR OWN DAUGHTHER with his blood running through,,,it is really difficult to trust male guardians,….so horrible!! sex pervert!!!!!!so take care,,of your children especially female…..!!!!!

  22. soona

    he should be repeatedly gang raped to death i can’t see it any other way !!

    • Muhammad Hanif

      Thank you Soona…so much for your comments but I would like to add something to it may be put some red chilli to his back hole.

  23. Kathrine

    Peace to Lama and all the other children that sick fathers and other sick people abuse and kill ….. They are sick in Saudi and many other places in the World

  24. With all due regard for the suffering of Innocent Children, and those concerned; I. fail to see the reasoning behind making such a Tragedy a Political Issue ? Isn`t such partisan slander the trouble with the Muslim Community to begin with ? Muslim Fundamentalism is about as far from the abuse and mistreatment of Women and Children, as the Bourgeois Globalizationist,Right Wing (?) Western Media would make of it.
    The Koran`s image of the true Imam, is as above the mortal failings of the Socio-Politically challenged ” Arab in the Street “, as the New Testament is, from Zuccotti Park, or Belfast City Hall. If there is one thing such wretchedness proves, it is that we all have to look deeper for the answers, that may someday serve to bridge that original difference, between ourselves, and God.

  25. Naela

    May god help all the abused . We are in a jungle and all governent entities are uncapable if facing the horrifing situation nevertheless changing it ! Even human rights! Its such a sad reality ! I wish women the sura’a councel can make a diffeance

  26. q

    All men who abuse children have lost their rights to punishment according to the religion they practise. If proven guilty must be given the death penalty ONLY. No diya, days in confinement or any such punishment must be allowed.

    • bigstick1

      You obviously haven’t read the books as killing of your children is condoned if done by the parent (after all abramham would have killed his son readily for the evil he worshipped) and the wife is considered property of the husband.

      • q

        Today we are talking about Lama. Abrahamic religions have the same stories. We are not discussing what you think is evil or not . So chill.

      • Sophie

        But Abraham DIDN’T kill his son. He wasn’t supposed to. God didn’t want him to do it. That’s the whole point of the story. Abraham came out from a tribe that worshipped many gods, in a region where sacrifices to God were common and child sacrifice was known to occur. Abraham was a normal man of that time so he can hardly be blamed for believing God when God told him to make that kind of sacrifice. But the point of the story is that he trusted God and God showed him a different, better way. How can you take a story that clearly shows God’s disapproval of child sacrifice and twist it to suggest it’s in favour of child sacrifice? We’re talking about a man who nomadic people that lived thousands of years ago and believed that there were deiies who demanded blood. You can’t import our values back onto them without reaching the wrong conclusions.

      • Sophie

        The Quran makes it clear that fathers must not kill their daughters. There are several verses on this subject.

      • bigstick1


        No that is not the case. God wanted to make sure that Abraham was so dedicated to him that he would kill his own son to test his faith. He is a jealous evil bastard according to the bible. It is no wonder people abuse people as they are indoctrinated into this crap.

        By the way care to explain way Yahweh cannot defeat an iron chariot?

  27. umar

    Please don’t be fooled by what the Sauids practice, it is obviously not Sharia Law but a bizarre, twisted and deplorable Saudi Law. By the way, we have no problem with any law of any country. Our only concern and worry is when these scoundrels hide in cloaks of piety to apply Sharia Law at the expense of the poor workers (like Rizana Nafeek) who travel out of their countries to put a platter of food on the table for their siblings, children and families.

    • This is why codified laws must be put in place and that can only happen when non-sectarian system is put in place. That does not seem to be in the offing, especially with yesterday’s appointment of another old guard, Prince Migrin, to be the third in line for the Saudi throne after Abdullah and Salman are gone. This is a self-perpetuating system that is not likely to reform itself at a time when empowering people to determine their future and their wounded country’s destiny is absolutely imperative.

    • Support the Arab Winter !
      God is Great, in any Language ~

  28. countrygirl

    ok among the things that this pig made on this little angel there’s one thing “Al Ghamdi told the judge that Lama was behaving strangely and that he questioned her virginity. He went as far as to have a medical professional check that her virginity was intact.” WTF!!!!!! how is it possible to question a 5 yrs old kid virginity. NO CIVILIZED country should let this monster free, i think it’s time for the sane saudi citizens to stand up and say NO to this injustice, to the selling ok kids to monsters (and passing it as a “marriage”)

    • Bahar

      Exactly – who is so crazy to doubt and which doctor does such an exam with a 5 year old!!!!!!!! Animals – there is not more to say

    • Sophie

      I think he must have been obsessed with sex and obsessed with the idea that his daughter was ‘tempting’ him to rape her, that she was ‘asking for it’, and that’s why he had her hymen checked. What a sick, diseased mind.

  29. zahid murtaza

    Astaghfirullah make a mock of religion 2 save they’re own skin. When child + wives r in protection of ur right hand possess then , why do u deny what Allah swt has spoken in Quran about . Lannat be upon those who deny the truth ameen 😦

    • Maryam

      Looking at Lama made me burst into tears. What kind of a father she had? Giving live dawahs to all who hears and doing big shaytan to his own blood? Preaching to people to reach out and help needy children and so on but tortured and raped his own daughter? Ya Rabb, a very fragile body of sweet child to suffer all those pain, much intense pain than child labor! Curse of ALLAH is on shaytans evil deeds.
      Mother cannot do anything,.her culture gives her little rights to self defense.

  30. yasmine

    Habibti lama, i hate myself for not knowing about you, and what happened to you until now. May you rest in peace, and may your beast of a father get a fair trial in life as well as after life. if i were him, i would stay hiding in prison from my shame; i dunno how he is facing the world with what he did!!!
    Lets have justice prevail and KEEP FAYHAN AL GHAMDI BEHIND BARS

    • Maryam

      if other unrelated men raped LAMA, no any doubt they will be sentenced to death. But this? 4 months in prison and a few thousands are enough in equal to the child’s life and hell of pain? HELL OF PAIN YOU GAVE TO YOUR DAUGHTER!!! Shaikh? shame on you bearing the name
      So now we should not be shocked anymore if tomorrow more infants and toddlers will be reported raped and killed by their own muslim fathers.
      Totally sick! Is the world ending? Young girls and boys are being raped. Guard your private parts as this will lead you to hell. What more when you dear father penetrated your sinful part and raped your daughter everywhere.

      • al

        to all the women in the islamic world: kill with your own hands all those beastly males, ’cause they will not pay for their crimes by men’s law in those countries.

    • yaya land

      @yasmine, your heart is good and telling you the right things. EXCEPT: yes!! let true justice prevail. it costs a lot of money to house, clothe and feed a prisoner. LET FAYHAN AL GHAMDI OUT OF PRISON AND LET STREET JUSTICE HAVE HIM….he will pray to die before it ends. let him suffer fear, pain, humiliation..but DON’T LET HIM DIE TOO QUICKLY. peace be to you, yasmine, and peace be to, and in, your heart.

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  32. mat

    This story is disgusting in every part of it: what happeded, how the authorities react to it and the laws that apply to the case. Of course it’s always the case: the countries where women are non-entities are the most brutal, uncivilized and irrelevant.

  33. It’s a sad story. According to other sources the allegations about sexual abuse is not true. But it’s important to get the killer of this beautiful child to face real justice and not to get away with it.

  34. Shalima

    He has traits of a pig only pigs have these traits, pigs do not find the difference between their mother even when their mother is feeding them they start these ghastly things when they are a few months old, so he is a human with traits of pig. and all those judges involved in this may Allah punish them abundantly and for this pig there should not be any bounds may Allah never show any mercy on him. I wonder what kind of upbringing he had, how do the women of his household accept him back. If I was his mother I would have cut him to pieces.
    My whole body was numb when I was reading this, how would have that mother felt. This little girl had to go through hell and in his own fathers hands.
    O Allah where do we turn to when our own guardians start raping us like pigs. O Allah help us, let not any other women or girl be subjected to such a… what do I say I dont have words to explain this beast like behavior.

  35. roxana aguilera

    Q dolor esa noticia es desgarrador ver a la mamá.la sociedad tiene q defenderla

  36. roxana aguilera

    Soy de Cuba ,mi solidaridad con las mujeres árabes,cuenten conmigo
    Me encargará de divulgar este hecho en un blogg cubano
    Mis condolencias a la mamá de la míniNa

  37. Khan

    The Father is really a monster. May the most just Allah Subhanuwathallah give justice to the innocent child.

  38. pilar

    I,m from Spain and I am reading now this news and only can say:
    ” Only the Saudiwoman´s can change the history of his country “

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  42. Denise from Canada

    Thanks you for your writing. I am a Canadian woman. People are hearing about this in North America and the first question everyone is asking is, what can we do to help? I’ve been looking online and finding little information so if you have any ideas please let me know and I will get the information out here

    Warm Wishes

    • Yasmine

      Thank you Denise.
      I am a Lebanese living in Jeddah KSA.
      I heard the story of Lama just yesterday on the news (Lebanese TV). I was outraged that I haven’t heard of this story earlier.
      I mean Lama has passed away a few months ago in this country, and no one knows about her. (am sure many people knew, but such a thing should have been all over the news, and no one could have missed it) but alas, it is not the case here. My friends and the people surrounding me have no clue of this horrible incident.
      A few months back, when a little girl was raped in India, and then killed, it was the talk of the whole country. People were demonstrating on the streets… It’s not the case here. Why?
      Demonstrations (as small as a small crowd) are illegal…. Media is also responsible.

      I am not as angry at this beast. He is a sick man. as much as i am angry at the system.
      The authorities that let the father get away with it.
      This is not Islam. Because the most important thing in Islam is JUSTICE. Allah is not lenient with such nasty criminals.
      These authorities are disfiguring our religion.
      I can’t believe the King is not doing anything about it.
      I think there should be international pressure on the Saudi government so that they abide by women’s and children’s rights.
      We are in the 21st century, it’s not admissible to accept such hypocrisy.

      • The reason you and most Saudis have not heard of this heinous crime and thousands more is because information in Saudi Arabia is severely censored by the system. The press are controlled by the government. News-outlets’ editors are appointed by the Interior Minister and criticism of high government officials and clerics are prohibited as per royal announcement in March 2011.

        The judicial system is run by clerics, court hearings and proceedings are conducted by religious men in secret, most of the time and

        I reside in the US and I know more about what happens in Saudi a lot more than most Saudis including officials, academicians, business people and news reporters and analysts.

      • Yes, the system is the root cause of injustice, oppression of women, victimization of children, minorities, expatriates (non-Westerners), and the whole population. Focusing on one person, one crime, one defender and on the clerics is important, but misses the overriding problem, the system.

        Discussants can contribute more to this and other topics by trying to think of what can and should be done to address the root causes of the ubiquitous abuses that are sanctioned by the men and institutions that control every aspect of people’s lives and livelihood.

        The system needs transformation which means new political structure that is inclusive, accountable and subject to public scrutiny—freedom of speech, free press and expression of one’s opinion–, but most importantly codified rule of law where citizens and residents know their rights and obligations.

        The existing system is based on humiliation and usurpation of one’s dignity as exemplified by the royals’ “open” majlis where people are encourage to hold long lines (rain or sizzling shine) before they are ushered through imposing and intimidating gold plated palaces gates and beg for handouts, mercy and justice after they kneel down and kiss royals’ foreheads, hands and keens.

        I know it’s hard not to attack individuals who express their views in ways the rest of us don’t like, but they should entitled to express their views without being attacked. Freedom of expression and speech can be hurtful, insulting and insensitive, but that’s what makes the democratic systems superlative.

  43. Qamar

    I did not in any way condone the actions of this despicable man , all i merely insinuated was the author of this article, saudiwoman, may be using the fate of this poor child to her own advantage in trying to, once again, undermine the clergy as she so often tries to do.
    What this man did, if true, is truly horrendous and he deserves to be punished in the same way the sri lankan house made was punished recently.

    • Qamar,
      The father was arrested, convicted, imprisoned and asked to pay $50,000 blood money. What else is needed to prove that he is a cold blood murder of his own child?

      Accusing the brave, enlightened and patriotic author of the article of using this barbaric and heart-wrenching act to defame or undermine the Saudi clergy is indicative of the devastating damage the clerics you are defending have done to the captive and indoctrinated population.

      Saudiwoman’s blog is doing a superb work not only for the oppressed, disenfranchised and defenseless, but for you and for Saudi Arabia, a country whose name is becoming increasingly synonymous, with terrorism, religious extremism, religious intolerance, injustices, oppression of women, discrimination against religious minorities and abuses of 10 million poverty stricken expatriate without whose cheap labor Saudi could sink.

      Can you tell us what good have the clerics done to improve people’s lives, move the country forward, create decent jobs, improve the scientifically lagging educational system which they control, defend human rights, defend religious minorities, harmonize society, eradicate rampant corruption from top to bottom, prevent child trafficking (child marriage), insist on accountability and transparency in order to protect the currently looted public wealth?

      Please educate me.

      • Farook Hamid

        I think real meaning of sentencing a man to death and releasing with a light sentence if blood money is paid is something to do with feeling. The judge we was seated do not have an iota of feeling for the victim. It is the victim’s parents or siblings It is them who are saddened and traumatized by death. They will definitely wants the murderer punished. Islamic law says if they accept blood money the murderer will be released with a light punishment or not. In Lima’s case father offering blood money of US$50,000. Who accepted this blood money, definitely should be the mother. Then she is a heartless bitch. Both the father and mother should be hanged.

        There is a good and bad side in this system. The good side is victim’s parents/siblings by refusing blood money and want punishment by death to the murderer will be greatly satisfied that they have brought justice to the victim. The bad side of this system is state punishment cannot be carried out if blood money is accepted.

    • Dear Qamar – There is no other side to this story that needs to be heard by ANYone. There is no possible outcome for justice other than to get this monster off the face of this earth as quickly as possible – and any clergyman here in KSA that allows that horrible excuse for a human being to go free after a slap on the wrist should be held accountable for his actions as well. After all, isn’t their job supposed to be protecting those who are weakest and do not have a voice?
      SaudiWoman is right to speak out against this injustice and if her anger is directed at the holy men of this country who would allow such nonsense to continue then she is totally justified in doing so. I have read posts where she has given credit where credit is due to the religious leaders here in KSA. But in this case, we must all cry out that the insane option of letting that monster back out on the streets to harm others is totally unacceptable.

      • q

        No justification to this incident. What, how and whom the author writes about is not the question. Just get off your behind go and find out the truth if you think she is exagerrating. Only then comment. Clerics of any religion can’t get off just because they profess to be preachers. And it is the duty of society to watch our preachers ,as they first must practise what they preach. So Qamar stop.

    • Nayla

      He ADMITTED it! He confessed to how he beat her with cables, etc.

      • yaya land

        @nayla, are you a woman of his household, or in some way affiliated with this horrid half-human? it would be the only way you could stand on your laurels slinging mud at anyone else who stands against this incestuous, pedophilia criminal who deserves nothing but honey poured over his genitals and to be strapped to a fire ant pile….after which time he should be handed over to the child’s maternal family to do with as they wish. i can think of worse things for him, but they would not be re printable. shame on you, nayla, for making this about your personal agenda. love the clerics….no one cares. we care about personal rights of those who have been overlooked….the women and the children who are born, live and die without ever tasting freedom. shame on you. shame on you. shame on you

    • Abbey Ash

      Qamar, by Allah, stop defending the Clerics in Saudi Arabia, they don’t need your help to spread their “whatever”. We are not interested in your support for the clerics because people who can think are more interested in defending Human, Women’s and Children’s RIGHTS. Tell me are the clerics defending Human Rights at this time, in KSA. Or are they still, from my experience of living there, walking around with their whips harassing women, children and foreigners in KSA!

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  45. S

    He cannot be a father or a Muslim. He is disgrace to both the groups. Oh God please don’t give children to such beasts , because they don’t deserve . Four months jail and blood money . I think even the justice is corrupted and they must be the same sexual beasts.Please women rise up and revolt against such inhumanities against you and your innocent children. The man should be brought to the public and should be lashed by the women. When a female does something wrong she is lashed in front of the society , then why not these beasts should get such punishment. Shame on the Saudi justice and the society who accepts such in human acts.

  46. Dr_Q

    Co za skurwiel …

  47. Seeker of Truth

    To express a deep concern:
    If a Hadith is a saying of the Prophet Muhammed and if he is God’s true prophetic representative, then he will be speaking the truth of God in accordance with what God has already declared is righteous. Consider what God said in the time of Moses. The Word of God revealed within the book of Numbers chapter 23 says that “God is not a man that he should lie or change his mind.” Thus establishing that his “rules” or laws would not change just as his holiness cannot change.

    Now this Hadith quote I read in this blog sounds like a misquote of an original command given by God through the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 18:20 “The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him.”

    It is important to keep reading in context the whole thing and see the importance of this verse as well:

    24 “But if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked man does, will he live? None of the righteous things he has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness he is guilty of and because of the sins he has committed, he will die.”

    So in conclusion (since I must be brief) I ask these “righteous judges” who handed out the penalty to this Father, Where is God’s justice? The God who does not change or lie? May this God hold you all accountable for her blood unless you repent, for you condone acts of violence against those less powerful who have no ability to protect themselves. Repent! Repent! Stand up for those who are victims and judge justly…And God will let YOU live. Otherwise you share in the guilt of the father (Ezekiel 33). These are the Words of God. Be a man like Job (See book of Job 29:7-17 a few verse from it are below:

    14 “I put on righteousness as my clothing;
    justice was my robe and my turban.
    15 I was eyes to the blind
    and feet to the lame.
    16 I was a father to the needy;
    I took up the case of the stranger.
    17 I broke the fangs of the wicked
    and snatched the victims from their teeth.”

    My righteous anger in having read about this poor little girl has stirred within me those thoughts. I can only pray that people will check what I have written and stand for the truth on her behalf.

  48. Just out of curiosity, are there any independent media reports for this story that don’t depend on this blog post for the facts?

    Unfortunately, while I can absolutely believe that a so-called “shaykh” could have committed this horrific crime (my own daughter is two and a half and I’ve been trembling with rage since I’ve read this story), in the interest of getting past media sensationalism and being aware of the actual facts of the case, I would like to know how this story can be verified.

  49. Helga Hewston

    Please Saudi women – if you do anything in your lives, do this: protect your children! If you ALL club together and march/activate to protect your children, this abomination could not happen. Saudi women, you will get help from the rest of the world – you will get support, you will be lauded for your efforts. In the west, catholic priests have been molesting innocent children for ever, but society is fighting back…..WOMEN PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM SO-CALLED HOLY MEN, RAPISTS EVEN FATHERS….these men are an abomination and even though I don’t believe in the death penalty per se, this man should be kept in misery for the rest of his life in a prison where he never sees the light of day again…..Please women of Saudi, please mother of Lamia, this is the cause worth fighting for with your lives and your strength and your very being – PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Punchy

    One word for this monster so called father…Psychoarabian!!!!

  51. jeymatters

    Eman, sorry if it’s been mentioned but I don’t recall seeing it- does Lama’s mother have support? Is there a community around her, does she have legal representation, does she have other children?
    My heart breaks reading this story and when I can tear my thoughts from the terror and pain of that poor child, all I can think of is her mother and how desperate and scared she must have been.

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  53. marta

    Hi is not a man. Hi is devil.

  54. gecooper

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  56. yaya land

    oh my dearest papaw, you are already gone from your body. how i wish i could tell you i love you and thank you with my heart and soul for leaving your country and giving your children and their children, and their children the gift of freedom. you have allowed your grand daughters to be free of the subjugation of men and tyrants. i love you so much. you gave us all the purest gift one can give…..freedom. i wish i had understood all of this before you died so i could have told you. but, papaw, i tell daddy all the time, and he says that you knew that one day the true impact of your actions would dawn on us, but we were too young to be made to understand….and you understood that, as well. you gave us unfettered youth…..unfettered adulthood. and, i do understand.
    your free grand daughter

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  58. Dr. Mohammad Hassanat

    Can i say Something please ! ! !
    I am so sorry about what happen to Lama, its really make me cry.
    I read it in the Hospital and i deal with patient and still crying :””'(

    All i want to say is that : The True Islamic Law is not present now in any place or country of the world even KSA, I know Islam very well and I know How was this religion control People life with all its part .

    At that time, people still believe in God and Prophet Mohammad ” peace upon His soul “but now they are deviated from the right way, so you can start to see this crimes appears in he Islamic country .

    Please, please and please don’t blame Islam
    It’s not the reason , you can blame KSA but now Islam

    • This is very sad and dangerous situation. Are you saying that 1.5 billion people believe and follow a religion whose law they found unsuitable apply and practice?

      When, if ever, has Islamic law been practiced and how was it different from the current practice especially as it relates to women, religious minorities and non-Muslims?

      What kind of judicial system existed under the true Islamic law when it was practiced, if ever. Based on your comment, it looks like Muslims have been living under a fake law. If this were the case then Muslim have some work to do in order to rectify centuries of injustices committed under artificial or fabricated law.

      What should Muslims do?

      • Az

        I’am french, and i read thé lama story.
        This Baby Angel Will BE to paradise. I Just Know one thing ” islam ” is not That… You have good muslim people and terrorist , he’s terrorist..!!!

    • Ijtihad to create a new solution and amend laws as needed to suite the times was one of the good things that Islam was suppose to have in its early stages but was eliminated by the 4 school of thoughts. So, as I mentioned in my previous email that as long as the Qur’an states that a man can beat his wife if she disobey him then there is nothing you can do if you cannot challenge the book itself which again is collected out of oral tradition from many other versions and the version that we know of was sealed by the 3rd Khalifa Othman after burning any other versions that he disapproved of and didn’t suit his political views at the time!

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  60. Mechan

    He managed with Saudi law makers but I wonder how he will manage with God’s law and God’s anger?! I hope he will be cursed and be in hell forever! This is not Islamic law! Killing daughters is traditional Saudi law. Islam curses men for killing their daughters or wives. Islam orders men to treat kindly to their wives and kids and says they are custodial of Allah

  61. sbk

    For me this man should be shutdown…

  62. I mentioned the plight of poverty stricken expatriates in Saudi Arabia in one of my earlier comments and the link below explains some of the horrendous treatments and abuses they are subjected to from the time they arrive to the time depart.

    I want to share a recent experience I had. A friend is married to a woman from the Philippines whom I have never met, but wanted to because he had told me that some of her relatives have worked as maids and drivers in Saudi Arabia and were maltreated in ways, I don’t want to repeat in this blog.

    We made plans to have dinner in one of the eateries in downtown Washington. He showed up without his wife and when I inquired as to why she did not come with him, he told me she wanted to meet me, but at the last minute she told him (I am rephrasing), she could not force herself into sitting around a table with anyone form Saudi Arabia. He was apologetic, but I told him that I did not blame her one bit based on what I was told about what happens to her relatives and to millions of other defenseless laborers.

  63. Saudi children are in desperate need of humane treatment and protection from the the people who are supposed to nurture and protect them from man made and natural harm. Religious laws are not going to deter parents and other scavengers from preying on the most helpless and defenseless members of society.

  64. A boy that grew

    I was born and brought up in Dubai and now live in Australia. My heart breaks for these innocent people. What law let’s men treat their women and children like this? What law discriminates? I am so full of anger. This man deserves not a death sentence but locked up in a cell just by himself for the rest of his life. Let me rot away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. ifti

    True face of Saudees. Exploitation of religion and making fun of islam around the world.

  66. I support justice for Lama. There are some media reports that say he’s still under trial. I hope something good comes off it.

  67. BAHAR

    No matter how much we disscus about it, it wont bring this little girl back.
    All we can do, is to support woman and girls in Saudi and we can hope that sooner or later they will stand up for their right.
    There is no doubt, that this guy has to pay for what he has done.

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  69. Thank you for sharing this story–though I wish there were not such stories to be shared. Is there some way to help end this kind of violence and lack of justice? Is spreading the word enough? I long to do more than read, weep, and pray.

    • The key to eliminating such abuses is by empowering Saudi women. Please read below.

      If it happens in Burma it could happen in Saudi Arabia. The major difference is: Western officials, major news outlets, reporters, human rights activists and think tanks worked (and swam) admirably hard to mobilize public opinion against the Burmese military dictators’ draconian policies and violence against pro-democracy individuals.
      In recent years, Saudi women have been struggling to obtain the most basic life’s necessities, to be allowed to drive their children to schools and to emergency rooms to save their children’s and that of other loved ones’ lives or even to be able to receive life-saving medication or deliver a baby in a hospital without male guardian’s permission.
      President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, former Secretary Hillary Clinton, the Bushes, women organizations (the same liberal ones, including NOW, that supported Burmese women activists), never spoke publicly about the Saudi regime’s institutionalized discriminatory policies such as the male guardian system—modern slavery—in a manner that the Saudi regime would have taken seriously.
      The Western double standard and hypocritical behavior are not only immoral, but damaging to their democratic values and populations’ safety. Empowering Saudi women is in the US and other democracies best interest. Despite the severe political, religious and social man-made obstacles (afflictions) imposed on Saudi women, they are fighting to obtain their rights. They are the best hope for defeating religious extremism and its byproduct terrorism. Their gains will defeat the Saudi lethal doctrine not only in Saudi Arabia, but throughout the Muslim World and beyond.

      • Ali

        Excuse me, but the US needs to stay out of trying to “empower” anyone. The only thing that will empower Saudi women is Saudis themselves,

      • Ali,

        I totally agree with you, the Saudis are the ones who need and can make things happen. However, the Saudi and other Gulf rulers’ resistance (survival) to real reforms and power sharing depend on the support and protection the get and count on from external forces. As long as this is the case, peaceful empowerment of the people, especially women, will remain almost impossible at lest for now.

        This is a dangerous situation because the Saudi people, like other Arabs, are becoming increasingly convinced that the only way they can get their political rights is through violence. This possibility should and can be averted if prudence and recognition of reality prevail over denial and bribery.

        External support for internal strife cannot be written off as an interference in domestic affairs, especially when external interference has to do with the problem at hand. The Soviet Union was brought down because of external interference, for example. Your point is well taken, thanks.

      • Abbey Ash

        Dear Ali
        I agree with you totally, the Saudi regime is allowed to or able to ignore Human Rights because of their Western supporters who need their ‘natural resources’ you know what I mean. Dirty politics rules over human Rights!

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  71. I found this link through Leesis. I’m familiar with the Half the Sky project, and, being an Anglo-American woman who survived sex abuse at the hands of her own father, I mourn this little girl. Her story is so extreme, and her plight is the same as thousands if not millions of little girls around the world.

    Women all over are at the bottom rung of progress. American women are much luckier than they know, and I believe we can help affect change, but only by helping groups WITHIN countries, such as through Half the Sky. I’m sick of America butting in where we do not understand the culture.

    I have read the Q’uran and know that the Prophet (PBUH) specifically condemned female infanticide. The apologists can say all they want about putting woman on pedestals, but frankly, it’s the Muslim version of the Christian “Madonna/Whore” complex. We are one or the other, no in between.

    Rest in piece, sweet baby girl. May your suffering bring about change, even if you will not have benefited in this world of pain. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

  72. Marcia

    As a woman and a Mother of two daughters, I am horrified reading about this case and I am haunted thinking about what this poor little girl had to go through at the hands of her own father who is supposed to love and protect her. The ultimate of betrayal. I am so saddened that her life had to end so tragically and so horribly. I truly can not understand how people can hurt and innocent child. I continue to pray for little Lama and for her mother. I hoe the bastard father rots in hell. He will get his someday.

  73. Lindsay

    You really think Allah is okay with this? Do you think ALLAH would beat and rape his children? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. This is NOT ISLAMIC LAW…. this is barbaric man law. Allah would NEVER accept this crime.

  74. bahar

    i am sorry, but what this men/father did has truly nothing to do with islam or any religion. it is the system that has to be changed.

  75. bahar

    i agree with you, it is bloody stupied, that a woman needs her husbands permission to leave the house or country. but that has nothing to do with islam, again it is the system in the kingdom that is wrong. it is what we humans do out of islam or any religion.

  76. You know nothing about me or what I have done for the last 40 years and still do. You seem to be knowledgeable about Islam, but your anger and hate are in the way of what otherwise could be educational and worthy of others’, including some Muslims, considerations. Religions have a lot in common and the best way to deal with them is to leave them up to the individuals and out of men’s hands.

    I agree with Bahar on one point, the Saudi system is the problem. Islam is a tool in the hands of brutal ruling men.

    By the way, Canada just signed a contract to train the Saudi police and other spying agencies. You have work to do in Canada that could produce good results.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the liberty of being able to express your feelings without losing your head.

    • You are missing the forest for the trees.
      Islam is the reason for the rotteness of the Saudi system.

      Get rid of Islam and all these problems will be automatically

      • BAHAR

        I am sorry to inform you, but these things also happens in countries of the west. Of course justice system here works better, but what this guy has done, has nothing to do with islam.
        Here in Austria, a father keept his own daughter in the celler for over 17 years and abused her over 17 years!!!!!

      • @Bahar,

        You are utterly wrong.
        The case in Austria was an exceptional one, not the everyday

        In Saudi and other Muslim countries, young children are constantly
        and systematically abused and even murdered.
        There could be many more cases like that of Lama’s but
        not reported by media.

        The reason is because, Islam doesn’t respect human life.
        It is a primitive 7th century criminal creed that emphasizes
        martrydom and worthelessness of earthly life!

        Muslims have a slogan: ” we love death more than you love life”!

        Think about it, Bahar.

      • BAHAR

        children are abused everywhere in this world, that as nothing to do with islam!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is easy to blame the religion – you should blame the guy who did this. and the case in austria in trule not an exceptional – i only need to open the newspapers!!!!!!!

      • ,@Bahar,

        Islam doesn’t respect females. Islamic Sharia laws are
        unjust towards the female sex. This guy was a product of the
        Islamic upbringing which made him do this criminal act.

        Things don’t happen in isolation. This guy was a Mullah, by the way.
        It was Islam’s teachings and hatred for women which inspired
        him to do this dastardly act.

      • Mechan

        Your logic is nonsense. You can’t blame the car for its driver’s ignorance and fault. Clerics in every religion used religion for their evil acts from time to time. Should I mention about hundreds of cardinals, priests, rabbis, hindu and budhist clerics molesting children? How about cardinals burning hundreds of females because they think that she is a witch? Should we blame the religion for those evil acts? Syop jawing about a thing you don’t know enough.

      • BAHAR

        what about all the cardinals, priests, that abused boys and girls???? that is not that long a go, and still a huge problem in the catholic church????
        that is also a crime and still does boys and girls suffer – and still the catholic church has not taken any responsibility!!!!!!

      • Bahar,
        1–One crime does not justify another.
        2–Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam needs drastic reforms and separation from mosque
        3–You are wasting your time trying to explain some historical facts (albeit irrelevant to the topic at hand) to some people who live outside of the nest of civility, empathy and basic respects for themselves let alone for others.

        They have no clue as to the underpinnings of the criminal minds of the Saudi ruling dynasties who could have interpreted and manipulated Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism and use them as tool of oppression, marginalization, discrimination and segregation to justify their absolute rule and poisoning of many of their oppressed population minds and perceptions of and against peoples’ of other beliefs and even Muslims of other religious orientation, including their own. Ali

      • BAHAR

        I agree with you, one crime doesnt justify another one – all i want to show up is that these things, no matter how disgusting they are happen, and we need to stop them and not simpy judge about a religion.

      • We agree that the Saudi system is the problem. It will use whatever serves its interest and continuity to rule and control. Religions have and are still being used (wherever permissible) to serve that purpose at all levels in all societies.

        Religion must be left out of politics and up to the individual to decide whether to take it or leave it. In many countries where that’s the case, people have done very well socially, politically, religiously, financially and scientifically. Respect for human rights and dignity have to be enshrined in non-sectarian bill of rights applicable to the rulers and the ruled.

        Tragically Arab and Muslim states are grossly deficient in this area. I am focused on the Saudi system because correcting it will resonate throughout Arab and Muslim countries and beyond.

        I am looking for a woman, preferably Saudi, if not any woman who knows and can discuss (unabashedly, but not in a demagoguery manner) the courageous and positive role Saudi women, like the editor of this blog, are playing in transforming Saudi society.

        We are planning a conference about the US-Saudi relations, in Washington for March 12 or 13. Any taker?

      • Sabra

        Enough from the hypocrites who insult Allah swt and Islam. Where are the Queens they speak of what kind of paradise on earth? Under an abusive man who preaches to receive money and abuse physically and sexually his daughter? Where is the religion here? He needs the same punishment. They are sick in their own mind that is why they always verbally and physically abuse the women and children. In the end you find out that your husband prefers men or boys than a wife…they are taught that women are no good and evil……and to cover them….they claim it is a protection…but still no cloth can stop their sick minds and actions of abuse. If anyone truly believes in Allah swt God they will never ever act or speak the way these psycho’s use religion to justify their sick evil “shyton” actions………..Allah swt give peace and justice to the innocent Ameen Thumma Ameen

      • Wish I could attend Ali H. Alyami.

      • admin

        They tortured children to death? Where in the west is abuse not considered a crime?

      • Muhammad Hanif

        Mr. Jaipal
        you are innate born as opposite to Islam seems you Hindu..You don’t know nothing about Islam just show your anger to Islam what if i ask you to which religion you belonged to…Please read about Islam and then you say something about it..In this story Islam has nothing to do with it. Why don’t all Muslims fathers rape their daughters all over the world….. can you explain me????? just bullshit…this big asshole is blamed for this cruelty not Islam.

      • Don Laird

        A bloody ridiculous response and a classic amongst those who seek to legitimize the obscenity of Islam.

        The criminal and abhorrent actions of a few priests and monks, acting on their own, satisfying their own sick desires can hardly be compared to the madness and deviance that is so pervasive throughout the Islamic world.

        The acts of cardinals some2 or 3 hundred years ago cannot be compared to the acts of muslims across the world TODAY…….not yesterday…or 3 centuries ago….BUT TODAY…..

        While I am not selling a particular brand of religion the comparison is worth looking at.

        The Christ never murdered one man, woman or child. Christ never crawled into bed with children. Christ never engaged in mass murder. Christ never scampered about in women’s clothing, nor had a sick fascination with menstrual flow. Christ never commanded others to commit murder…..and on and on and on and on.

        The facts are clear…..the Koran, the Sunna and the Hadith all command madness, sexual perversion, aggression, murder and a host of many other horrific and certainly unpleasant facets of human nature……muslims are COMMANDED to do these things.

        The facts are that when one looks at the sum total of Muhammad’s life one can not escape from even the kindest of assessments being that Muhammad was a liar, a rapist, a lunatic, a con-artist, a pedophile, a transvestite, a serial killer, a coward, a wife beater and a mass murderer.

        These are the facts…..this is what the pages of history screams at us….this is the misery that oozes from the blood soaked pages of the Koran, the Sunna and the accounts of sickness and madness that are found in the Hadith…..plain and simple.

        The reality is that Islam is a cult, a sickness that demands from its followers acts of horror, lunacy, deviance and madness and it wraps those same acts in the robes of religious propriety, shrieking and screaming and demanding all of the protections and privileges afforded a bona-fide religion.

        For all of what I have said, and written in this post…..for all of what has been said and written by millions in their unequivocal condemnation of Islam…..the single most telling dagger in the heart of “the religion of peace” is its penalty for apostasy…..DEATH!!!……what madness is this that commands those who seek truth, enlightenment, peace of mind and stillness of heart?…….death?………a cowardly act commited by those hwho are afraid to face the truth of the lies that the Koran has told them……..a cowardly act commited by mullahs and imams, truly some of the most black-hearted and poisonous liars to walk the face of the earth.

        Look into the faces of children all across the Islamic world and see reflected in those faces the madness of a lunaitc who wandered the shifting desert sands 1400 years ago, spewing his poison into any ear that would listen and murdering those who knew him for the lunatic, the coward and the fraud he was.

        Look into the faces of these little boys and girls and what do you see?

        These faces, yet unstained with the harsh reality of Islam, reflect trust, love, mirth, wonder, expectation and the simplicity and joy of childhood.

        Unfortunately they will not remain this way for long, for in their future awaits a predator of the human soul, awaits the grotesque, awaits the mind numbing, awaits the hateful and the disfiguring, in their future awaits the love of Muhammad.

        These are the faces of children, unsuspecting and oblivious, children who will meet the purest manifestation of poison, of sickness and of evil…..these are the children who will meet Islam.

        These are the faces of little girls who will spend their childhoods learning that they are worth less than domestic livestock.

        These are the faces of little girls who will learn that for a bodily function as normal as a heartbeat, their menstruation, they are the most vile, loathsome filth on the planet, reviled by even God himself.

        These are the faces of little girls who will lead lives of grinding poverty and servitude, lives completely devoid of one shred of joy, lives in which laughter is little more than a distant echo……a taunting echo reminding them of innocence lost.

        These are the faces of little girls that, for the heinous crime of seeking the wondrous enlightenment of education, will melt and burn as they are splashed with acid.

        These are the faces of little girls who, stunned and bewildered, will pack their meagre belongings and be sent off to join the owners their parents sold them to.

        These are the faces of little girls who, at tender prepubescent ages will, in accordance with the dictates of the mass murdering pedophile Muhammad, be married off to men in their 50’s and 60’s……where on their “wedding night”, miles from their villages, their screams will shatter the night air as they are violently sodomised and raped by grunting, drooling Muslim husbands.

        These are the faces, the bright shining faces of little girls who, as Muslim wives, leading lives of quiet desperation, will, for the crime of lacking in domestic skill or failing to bend over and hike their skirts fast enough for the Muslim master of the house, will be dragged outside, held down and have their ears and noses sliced off with a knife.

        These are the faces of little girls, little girls who had the misfortune of being born female in the world of Muslims, and they will pay for that mistake by running, from cradle to grave, a gauntlet of violence, misery, brutality, indifference, servitude, grovelling deference, illiteracy, malnutrition and premature death… other words…..they will live their lives according to the sadistic will of Muhammad.

        These are the faces of little girls, little girls who will grow into women, and as women will, wrapped in suffocating cloth and scurrying like frightened mice from crevice to darkened alleyway, live lives as little more than life-support systems for vaginas and wombs, wombs become little more than arms factories.

        These are the faces of little girls, little girls who, having no place left to turn, having nothing left to give, having no spot on their bodies unbruised by the love of Islam, little girls who will douse themselves with gasoline and self-immolate and, if they are lucky, will die…..and if not, as reflected in hospitals across the Muslim world, will spend their last earthly moments in tortuous agony, praying every moment for the merciful release that is their death.

        These are the faces of little boys, little boys who will be taught that their sisters and mothers are little more than human garbage.

        These are the faces of little boys who, burying their faces in pillows and covering their ears, will still hear the crunch as the fists of Muslim fathers meets the flesh of their mothers faces, as Muhammad’s law is dispensed.

        These are the faces of little boys who will bear witness to their fathers and brothers as they mutilate the bodies and faces of their sisters and mothers.

        These are the faces of little boys who, whist suffering criminal brainwashing at any one of thousands of madrassas, through forced mind numbing repetitive recitation, will spend their days and nights being poisoned by the sickness of the madman Muhammad as reflected in the netherworld lunacy of the Koran.

        These are the faces of little boys that will reflect confusion as they are told to dress in women’s clothing and dance an erotic Bacha Bazi dance for the pleasure of leering Muslim pedophiles, for the pleasure of Muhammad and his men.

        These are the faces of little boys, faces that will contort in agony and beg deliverance as they are treated to a post-dance evening of rape, forced oral sex and sodomy as they are passed from Muslim man to Muslim man.

        These are the faces of little boys, faces of little boys that will render pink with their mother’s arterial spray as her head is removed for the convenient contrivance of a crime of adultery or blasphemy.

        These are the faces of little boys who, with rumbling tummies, will be told the blackest of lies, will be told fabrications by the quintessential pimps of madness and hate; conniving mullahs and imams, truly, the blackest of liars to ever walk the face of the earth.

        These are the faces of little boys who will be told that a better life awaits them after death, a life of riches, a life of plenty and ease, a life filled with fawning virgins and sumptuous feasts, all at their leisure and simply for their pleasure…….if only……if only…….they will perform this one small favour for Allah.

        These are the faces of little boys that will be beaded with sweat as, their nervous fingers fumbling, they close the locks and hasps of the explosive vest placed on them with expertise by their own fathers and mothers…….all under the approving gaze of the leering reptiles; mullahs and imams.

        These are the faces of little boys, little boys beguiled with the hypnotic and soothing reassurances, little boys who will wander through the marketplace, the moment of their death, a cell phone, a cell phone held in the grasping hands of mullahs and imams.

        These are the faces of little boys, faces that will, in a deafening roar, in a blinding flash of light, in the sweetest agony of a life taking shower of glass and razor sharp shrapnel, as that number is dialled on the cell phone……..simply evaporate, borne away on a river of blood and despair…….borne away on a cowardly, murderous lie.

        These are the children of Islam………..children who never had a chance.

        The reality is Islam is a cancer……a malignant, murderous cancer……it always has been and always will be……and its only cure, as with cancer, is its complete and total eradication, total annihilation.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • BAHAR

        a few 100 years ago????? you dont seem to read the newspapers, it was a huge problem not even 2 years ago????????? if u like i copy them for you!!! but let me guess, you simply know things better????????

      • Bourgeoisie Globalizationist ” Ethnic Cleansing ” ?

      • 1542 – Catherine Howard was executed for adultery. She was the 5th wife of England’s King Henry VIII.

  77. We all have work to do for the good of all. Globalization, economic interdependence and modern technologies necessitate collaboration instead of confrontation despite the efforts and desires of those who promote the latter. Civil disagreements are healthy, vicious personal attacks are not only destructive, but support the aims of sick minded individuals and regimes worldwide. Be well, Don. Ali

  78. InTheNameOfIslam

    I cannot believe the fact they make Islam look so bad, God does not agree to the killing of anyone let alone someone who kills his own blood kind. According to the most preponderant opinion, a father is not killed because of him killing his son as per the Hadeeth: “A father is not to be killed for (the killing of) his son.” [At-Tirmithi and Ibn Maajah] However, the Maaliki School of jurisprudence is of the view that if the father kills his son deliberately without having only the intention to discipline him, then he [the father] should be killed. The hadith which they have used as an excuse is on of the weakest hadiths it even contradicts the Quran. It is not true. May Allah guide all and place that guy where he belongs. The worst story I have ever heard. Poor innocent girl, God bless her soul.

    • bigstick1

      Islam doesn’t need muslims to make it look bad the texts Quran, Hadith, Sira and Fiqh and the prophet (make believe person) is all that is needed. Muslim are just indoctrinated individuals into a system of Hate called Islam.

      • anti-islamophobia

        Oh please who are you to comment? Someone who in fact wouldn’t know anything about Islam and that is guranteed because your comments contradict Islam. You can easily google information to try and proof me wrong that you know about Islam but even then you would contradict your main point becauase Islam means peace and it is a peaceful religion.

      • bigstick1

        Islam means submission there is a difference. You have to submit to have peace. Being a slave is not exactly peaceful unless you are the owner of the slave and the slave accepts their lot in life. islam is a lie. I know quite a bit about Islam, it is just another fairytale bogus tripe religions.

      • Yasmine

        No it’s not at all shariaa law. It’s a sick interpretation! We all know that Muslim countries are living an age of decadence. Just like the west lived a thousand years of dark ages.
        How much more will it take for the Muslim nation to rise and implement the true Islam, the fabulous religion, whose columns stand on “HAQ” that is JUSTICE!

        I have a toddler. Once he misbehaved badly and I got out of control so I slapped him and his face turned red. The sharia law was that I have to pay him a kaffara (money worth of 3/4 or one gold coin)! That was just a slap!
        Islam came to teach us humanity… Back in the days where Islam was revealed, men used to bury their newborns if it were a girl. Islam came to forbid it in more than one verse.

        Many people on this blog had a lot of hatred, some said many offensive insults, whether to Islam, the prophet or the Quran.
        Please let us have a decent dialogue. I will not return the insults by other insults because Islam tells me so and it also imposes DIALOGUE between all different cultures and religions.

        It’s an Age of decadence for the Muslims. It’s a big shame that we are not translating Islam in our actions and jurisdictions.
        Am personally afraid of Allah’s wrath upon us!
        Please everyone of us Muslims, have to realize that this is our responsibility and our children’s.

    • AJ

      bigstick, I am happy that you stopped trolling around on my blog!

      • bigstick1


        You invited me to your blog and I left on my own accord with you still wanting to know more about me. I was also very nice while on your blog so spare me the crap. I could tell early on that you were becoming too paranoid and when you accused me of being with the FBI and alluded that I was somehow keeping tabs on you I decided you were an extemist as well.

        Sorry to here about your father though. 😦

      • AJ


        I thought you were a mindless Islamophobic troll. The fact that you could express sympathies for my father reveals that you do have some rationality and empathy in you. Thank you. I pray that you are able to get rid of your Islamophobia some day. Ameen.

      • bigstick1


        I doubt you thought that as you really wanted me to visit your site and I did visit for a while. I am not an Islamophobic just a realist. Islam is just like other delusional religions(all tailored for political means) that use the fear game and intolerance to control the masses.

  79. aine shiell

    İ have listed the Saudi embassy in the USA UK and Turkey send an e mail asking for justice for Lama. E mail your MP Congressman and leaders of the political parties. Don’t let this matter be pushed under the table.

    e-mail: – Mission Head: H.E. Adel Ahmad Al-Jubair – Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Washington – head Mr. Abdulhadi Al-Shafi – Charge D’Affairs – head His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz – Ambassador of the

  80. Jaipal,
    What you think is absolutely of no relevance to me.
    Your question (Muslim or ex-Muslim) implies that only ex-Muslims and non-Muslims can be humane or trusted. This is as bigoted and as dangerous as the Nazis’ perceptions and treatment of Jews.

    Islam and its 1.5 billion adherents are here to stay. What do you propose should be done about this reality? The Nazis’s Solution?

    Had you read and understand my posts you would have known where do I stand.

    • anandapal

      @Ali Al Yami,

      I don’t think you understood my post, basically.
      What I was saying was that it is precisely Islam that is at the
      root of all the problems in Saudi and other countries.

      Islamic terrorism, for example, is inspired by the teachings of the
      Quran and Hadiths. Osama Bin Laden justified his actions
      based on Islam’s teachings.

      In Islam, telling falsehood is permitted, particularly if it advances
      the agenda of Islam. Its called “Taqqiya/Kitman”.
      So, how can you trust Muslims, when they are religiously
      allowed to lie and engage in deception?

      About Islam and its 1.5 billion adherents, there is a way that
      it can be defeated. Expose islam openly for the criminal,
      terrorist creed that it really is to a global audience.
      Most people are not aware as to what Islam actually teaches
      nor of its genocidalist intentions, towards non-Muslims.

  81. The Saudi royal family has stepped in to keep Al Ghamdi in prison and off the streets. A report says “the royal family had been ‘stung’ by the outrage over the case, with senior members intervening to ensure a stricter punishment is given.”

    • Too little too late. They should abolish the religious establishment and create a non-sectarian independent judicial system where criminals, including royals, receive their day in open court.

  82. yaya land

    is it true what i read about the saudi government being ‘stung’ by worldwide outrage over lama’s brutal and inhuman sexual assault and horrific murder by the man she called ‘father’? so much so that they are taking steps to keep the beast locked up for ‘a very long time’? it really takes worldwide outrage for the saudi’s to do the right thing? again, i MUST say to my arab papaw, “thank you and i love you for the gift of freedom you gave us”.

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  86. Sabra

    Shyton as this coward use Religion to justify evil towards women and children. We must stand up for these women and children who are every second being abused as these Shytons-Cowards hide behind Religion to justify their evil actions and words……..This is clear oppression and abuse of Religion……….No wonder the world hates Islam Religion….examples of this shyton are the reason…..How can we as Muslims give a better example? Standing up and Speaking out….not cover up the on going abuse of women and children…………….
    Where are the Scholars in Islam to verbally stand up and oppose such horrors to women and children……..? Where? Speak out now! Stand up now before more are hurt by these evil shytons

  87. I totally agree with you. I have tried with Saudi individuals and groups to form an umbrella organization to no avail. Disunity, individual lust for prominence and lack of common objectives are in the way of what’s in the best of the people.
    I have traveled to London and Paris and found Saudi activists divided along religious, regional and ethnic lines. I even asked a member of the supposedly royal activists to help in forming an organization and be its boss as long as we agree on a democratic platform, but was declined.
    The system has done its job well, but one would expect learnt and aspiring people to realize that selfless unity around a common non-sectarian objective is the best way to make a difference. I welcome any and all suggestions, advice and input that will help combine our efforts for the good of all.
    However, I am not for sectarian efforts, divisions of the country or foreign interventions to install a different system. Sadly, any or all of these dangerous possibilities will happen if things remain as they are now or with misleading window dressing.
    Here is my email:

  88. Mechan

    Hey admin while feeling free to attacking Islam, why don’t you publish my comment incl. links of evidences of mass rapes in Catholic churches? Do you feel fair now?

  89. Hamza

    This man is the shaydan. No amount of good deed or repentance will enter him into paradise for killing your own (innoccent)child is almost as abominable as shirk. But this message doesn’t seem to resonate in Saudi Arabia as their laws and jurisdiction with their pseudo adaptation of the sharia law which allows sick men realise their sick fantasies. May Allah relieve Mecca and medina from Saudi Arabia.

  90. Don Laird

    Hello there………

    Perhaps a respite from theological madness……

    Perhaps a moment to reflect on a life lost…..

    Perhaps a moment to reflect on the frailty of this gift of life…..


    One of my very favourite bands……The Killers…..

    One of my very favourite singers……..Brandon Flowers……

    The combination conspires to create……..”Here with me”……..

    As art imitates Life……..the former so long…..the latter, tragically, so very very short……

    Hence……..the Latin ramble………Ars longa, vita brevis

    Enjoy it while it lasts and savor every single bittersweet moment………

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  91. BAHAR

    I am truly shocked – a little girl has be raped and turted and we all have nothing better to do then to insult each other. How about a bit of respect???
    Does it really matter which religion or race or gender I have???? We all are human???

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  93. AJ

    I see Islam bashers love to hang at your site, Saudi Woman!

  94. “AJ
    March 18, 2013 at 8:46 pm
    The simple answer to your question is:
    It’s not Islam but it’s the Muslims that need reform.”
    Islam determines every aspect of Muslims’ lives, livelihood, perceptions and interactions with each other and with the rest of the world.

    Islam is a value system as opposed to a personal belief. This is the difference between Islam and other major religions. It it’s only logical that Islam should be reformed first. Muslims need transformation not reformation.

    • AJ

      There are good and bad people that belong to Islam just like in other religion. You don’t see that – too bad!

      • Of course, AJ, (do you have a name?) there good and bad people in every society regardless of religion, but that’s not my point. Islam is a value system not a simple belief; therefore, it controls every its adherents lives from cradle to grave.

        How would you feel if half of your family convert to Christianity, Judaism or even Shiasm?

      • AJ

        How would you feel if your children turned into devout Muslims instead of being an atheist like you?

        What I feel and what you feel is not the point here. The point is that Islam does not in any way endorse or approve what the Mufti did. You can spend your nights and days to make this about Islam but it doesn’t wash with any person that has more than an ounce of a brain.

  95. AJ
    “How would you feel if your children turned into devout Muslims instead of being an atheist like you?”

    Good point. However, I have never heard of or read about an atheist wrapping him/herself in explosives and blowing up innocent people while they are praying or buying food to feed their children.

    On the other hand, I have heard and read about some “devote” Muslims training their children and sending them off to kill and maim innocent people for no reason other than their religious orientation or faiths.

    Distinguished AJ, I propose that civility should rule this discourse. Additionally, one ounce of brain is better nothing.

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  97. saudi men are retarded that’s why they do and think a lot of bullshits….fyi

  98. SAR

    To those who have been bashing everyone, including Islam and its laws, please read the link. IT is not as it is painted by the New Media.. It just exposes how hypocrites these media is..

  99. SAR

    Hi Saudi Woman, you need to clarify your blog based on the story in the link here. Looks like there is really another side of the story that you did not know or you choose to ignore deliberately.. Are you really ignorant or devilish to bash islam / Saudi..See I am not a Saudi and I have my own grudge against the KSA. but that doesn’t mean that you can accuse them wrongly.. you ought to investigate and post apology if you are wrong , or correct me

  100. Radhakrishnan

    if the islamic law is good, why this fanatic is still alive????

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  102. Astaghfurullah Ya Rab Al-Adheem………fear Almighty Allah. Fear Allah. Islam does not allow the killing of innocent children…..haraam…. 😥

    • O my. How about the slaughtering of Muslims by Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Yemen? All in the name of God and Islam.

      Read the Saudi clerics’ (the Mufti and people like, Al-Arifi and Nasser Al-Omar) fatawi, sermons and taped videos and see what they say about women, non-Muslims and those who are considered less Muslims than others. Killers quote the Quran, Hadith and Shariah when the murder innocent people.

      Defending the indefensible is indicative of one’s willingness to face the truth and rectify wrong doings. Christians did that centuries ago when they decided beliefs must be left for the individuals to believe or not.

      Islam has become a handy tool used by governments and fanatics to justify their misdeeds and atrocities.

  103. It is not hard to put a system in place for backing up your home or business computers, in face once it is set up it could be placed on auto-pilot so that you
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  104. Nilofer Dhillon

    this is hysterical…..i have been blessed with 3 girls …..i cant imagine ….rite now im in so much pain just reading this….

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  106. Reblogged this on أنا أنا أنا and commented:
    never forget.

  107. Madiha

    Living in England and reading of yet another case where my fellow Muslims have committed such a heinous act makes my heart sink. I do my best on a day to day basis to live and respect my fellow humans… to show the world we are good people it’s a small minority that let us down. Saudi Arabi is doing nothing for public relations for the Muslim community. Make an example if this man, not even death is enough show the world we do not tolerate this, we aren’t all bad it’s a minority. I also appeal to the women of the world don’t let this go. How many of our daughters, mothers and sisters will suffer at the hands of men protected by the very community that is meant to protect its women. There has been enough suffering and it has to stop and it will only stop if women unite and show a strong united front. I appeal directly to the women of the Saudi royal family. Do you not see this injustice? Do you not cry for the life of this child?
    Please let me know how I can contact the royal family personally I would like to write to them.

    • Madiha,

      Organize a group of women and protest in front of the Saudi embassy and King Fahd’s sprawling London. You should have no problem recruiting thousands of Muslim women if in deed it’s only a small minority of Muslims that abuse and marginalize women.

      Good luck and power to you. Please keep us informed of your successes.

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  109. Near the Brookwood Mall in Birmingham, tthey came up with environmental protection vs economic development a
    really cool experiment. We have suspended solids,environmental
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