Saudi Women and Inheritance Seminar

After a couple of years sitting on the sidelines, mostly just reporting and commenting on what’s going on in Saudi, I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and be proactive again. Inheritance is a topic I’ve never written about on my blog, but it’s safe to say that it is, just like many areas in Saudi, an issue where women tend to get the short end of the stick. In courtrooms where women can be arbitrarily banned from attending, and only this month has a woman been allowed to register as a trainee lawyer with the Saudi Ministry of Justice, it’s no surprise that inheritance is an issue.

Abdulaziz Al Qasim

Abdulaziz Al Qasim

That’s why I’ve volunteered my time and resources to help with a non-profit seminar that aims at educating Saudi women on how to obtain their full inheritance. The seminar was initiated jointly by the Business Women’s Forum of the Eastern Province and AbdulAziz Al Qasim and Associates Law Firm. The speakers are Abdulaziz Al Qasim himself, two professor from King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Hanan Al Qahtani and Dr. Ahlam Al Ouadhi and an Islamic scholar all the way from Tunisia, Prof. Amaal Grami. This is a translation of the ambitious proposal and paper titles:

Objectives of the seminar

  • Educate women about family laws in Islam with emphasis on inheritance law.
  • Educate women about the tools and legal means at their disposal.
  • Raise awareness about women’s financial, commercial and economic rights in Islam.
  • Integrate women’s economic issues within national economic strategies.
  • Achieve social justice and stop illegal gender discrimination.
  • Highlight how family businesses in the commercial sector can successfully apply these laws without disrupting the business or undermining a female family member’s rights.

Seminar program

Each one-day seminar is divided into two sessions. The morning session will consist of four guest speakers with considerable experience and expertise on the subject. The afternoon session will consist of a panel discussion with our guest speaker and will explore themes related to the morning sessions.

  • Commercial inheritance law and women in the Kingdom, and how to best apply this knowledge.

Speaker: Prof. Abdul Aziz al-Qasim, Abdul Aziz Al Qasim and Associates Law Firm.

  • The legitimate right of women to inheritance versus the current practices and outcomes.

Speaker: Prof. Hanan Al Qahtani, King Abdulaziz University

Prof. Amaal Grami

Prof. Amaal Grami

  • Different approaches taken by other Arab countries with regards to Sharia inheritance laws.

Speaker: Prof. Amaal Grami, Faculty of Literature, Arts and Humanities, University of Manouba

  • Achieving social justice through Sharia compliance and application, and stopping illegal discrimination

Speaker : Prof. Ahlam Al Awadhi, King Abdul Aziz University

For this seminar, I’ve created my first ever website: through which women can register. And we also have a twitter account: @Saudinheritance. And of course a Facebook page.

The first seminar will be in Riyadh on Saturday May 4th, then in Jeddah on May 6th and finally in Khobar on May 9th. It will be completely in Arabic and only women are allowed to register.


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14 responses to “Saudi Women and Inheritance Seminar

  1. Brilliant! Women need economic means as well as political rights. It may be a chicken and egg situation but it is probably safe to say that we cannot have one without the other. Good luck with the seminars, I am sure the energy they will generate will be palpable and of long-lasting value to Saudi sisters.

  2. MizLiz

    What a wonderful treasure you are sharing with the Saudi Women- knowledge from experts. It is the greatest gift you and the others are willing to risk giving. Now they won’t have to rely only on answers thought up by an ignorant person as to the Law.

    I have learned so much following this blog. It will be so interesting to follow the seminar from my computer here in the USA.

  3. Nice to see you back on track, señorita! 😉

  4. wonderweenie

    Thanks for your post. My first and I hope more to come.

  5. Too bad I’ve missed your Riyadh’s seminar. Let’s hope that I’ll be able to attend it next time 🙂

  6. What Saudi Veils Cannot Conceal

    It is not accidental that many Saudi men abuse women physically, mentally and sexually and get away with it.

  7. roxana aguilera

    Libertad para los activistas de ACPRA presos injustamente, libertad de expresión
    Respeto a las mujeres ,respeto a la justicia.
    Yo siempre les tengo presentes y doy mi solidaridad .un abrazo a todos los activista

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  9. 保育所への入所基準も、「半年後に復帰が決まっている」に変更。 授乳服ワンピース そんな方なら、正社員にと声がかかる日も遠くないはずです。

  10. >仕事が休めず大変な思いをする妊婦の気持ちも、 マタニティマーク 調べたらマタニティマークって言えば簡単に貰えるらしいですね。

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