The final leap of making physical education for girls a reality

Last month news came out that private schools for girls would be allowed to have a physical education curriculum. Many of these schools already did include such a curriculum such as Kingdom Schools and Manarat Al Riyadh. But there were more and more private schools that boast of having physical education as a way to stand out without having the proper infrastructure for their students to exercise and play properly and safely. So the ministry wisely decided to regulate it instead of banning it completely.
Then a week ago the General Presidency of Youth Welfare licensed the first sports club for women. The literal translation of the presidency’s name is the General Presidency of Young Men’s Welfare. I don’t believe it even occurred to the government in 1974 when the presidency was created that women might want to play sports too. To read on CLICK HERE.


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12 responses to “The final leap of making physical education for girls a reality

  1. step by step… but more steps needed!

  2. just out of curiosity, what is the reason why PE classes are not allowed for girls?

  3. My daughter goes to Al-Hussan, they have PE once a week- which I do not believe is enough. They were supposed to offer Ballet like the EP Al-Hussan school, but when I asked about it, I was told that they were not allowed to offer Ballet at their Riyadh branch. Frustrating! Al Faris on the other hand offers ballet, PE, and indoor creative play.

    • I heard someone saying recently that ballet was the art of exaltation of nude, or something as that… could it be someone from government in Egypt?… someone educated according to the same rules than those who rejected ballet in that …riyadh branch? ;)…. ah… what a world.

  4. I like keeping the name of the General Presidency the same, because women are men’s welfare in the end. Without women there would be no men. Their health and happiness are a protection to mankind.

  5. roxanaaguilera

    pregunto : consideran valido la participacion de las mujeres en el deporte
    con el cuerpo cubierto ????es un logro femenino ???
    hasta donde podemos ayudar ???
    escribo en espanol ,no se ingles,sorry!!!!

    • Transl:

      My question is: Do you consider it proper that women participate in sports competitions with their body covered? (* she may refer to use of hijab and the controversy on dresscodes) that a women’s achievement? … How an we help out?? I write in spanish, sorry, I don’t know english!!!

      (Espero haber acertado con el sentido general de las preguntas, señorita! ;P )

      • roxana aguilera

        quiero q alguien responda si es considerado logro participar en competencias ,mismo con hijab?????

  6. Si, porque no! Soy Musulman y hago muchos deportes con el hijabi asÍ:

    It’s good to see that sports will finally be incorporated into the curriculum in Saudi Arabia! TAKBEER! AllahuAkbar!

    • roxana aguilera

      solo queria conocer la opinion,gracias.! todo lo q ayude a los derechos de la mujer ,yo apoyo .
      en mi pais los musulmanes q conici fueron en la universidad ,se integraban muy bien ,tenian enamoradas a las q no imponian restricciones ,si alguna queja de querer pegarle a la mujer,
      esto no pasaba con los sirios y libanes .
      Estoy feliz por la participacion de la mujer en el deporte.

  7. Saudi Arabia! TAKBEER! AllahuAkbar! Saudi Arabia! TAKBEER! AllahuAkbar!

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