Saudi Women Drivers Not Deterred by Arrest

When a woman in Saudi Arabia gets behind the wheel, the police stop her, call her male guardian and get both to pledge that it does not happen again. On Nov. 6, 1990, 47 women unsuccessfully protested the ban. They were punished so severely that no one dared again until Manal al-Sharif unsuccessfully tried in 2011 and was punished for it. This year, a new grassroots campaign was launched by a number of Saudis too large to be stopped and punished. The third time is always the charm.

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11 responses to “Saudi Women Drivers Not Deterred by Arrest

  1. Women struggle for their full citizenship rights are not only gaining momentum, but unstoppable and irreversible. It begs the question as to why those who insist otherwise continue a to fight a battle they can never win.


    Good morning. sorry to say that the link does not work, have to say that i admire you work so much good luck Steve

    Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 07:36:53 +0000 To:

  3. Inanna

    Great article! Eman, I just saw a video that I simply can’t resist sending to you! 😉 You might consider tweeting it as one of your “Musical Interludes.” In fact, this could well be adopted as the anthem of the Saudi Women2Drive and Right2Dignity campaign! 😉

    Yalla sisters! ♥♥

  4. Inanna

    Great article! Eman, I just saw a video that I simply can’t resist sending to you! 😉 You might consider tweeting it as one of your “Musical Interludes.” In fact, this could well be adopted as the anthem of the Saudi Women2Drive and Right2Dignity campaign! 😉

  5. Inanna

    O.K. This feels like Mercury Retrograde… I can’t get the right link to post. So just search for the video with this title on YouTube: F*ck This Sh*t (Live) – Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy 😉 Enjoy!

    • lola

      And just to clear up any misperceptions in advance…this is satire

    • Heavens’ Destructive Wrath is fast approaching: Saudi women are determined to drive
      CDHR’s Commentary: The Saudi government’s paid narcissistic power-mongering clerics are determined to keep the country stagnant, divided and unstable. The government’s religious agency’s relentless campaign to vilify and ostracize the female half of Saudi society is neither moral, accidental nor in the interest of society. Their intended objective is political, economic, social and mental control as opposed to their discredited claims of maintaining religious and cultural purity which in their eyes are superior to all others even though they have nothing to show for such entitlement except oppression and injustice. Their continued assault on women, specifically, but society in general, will only lead to more anger, frustration, germination of antipathy and social strife. These are ingredients for violent explosion.
      Denying women their basic citizenship rights is designed to keep the population divided and to exonerate the system of meeting its obligations to all citizens. By ensuring that half of Saudi society, its women, is unaccounted for relieves the system from creating decent jobs, national cohesiveness, a science-based and competitive educational system and a sound workforce which are the bases for civil society, accountability and transparency. A divided, unemployed, dependent-on-handouts and disunited population is easier to rule, control and exploit. If the clerics’ job is religious guidance as they deceivingly claim, they would not be terrorizing people physically, using sectarianism to discriminate against minorities, suppressing women and emphasising fear of authority and Heaven’s wrath if the population does not totally submit to the king’s wishes and the state’s personalized and dated institutions.
      The rulers’ continued refusal to allow women to drive is indicative of their major failures to understand basic logic, common sense and to adhere to one of nature’s simplest laws: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Unless the authorities, the medieval system’s creators and operators, recognize that their ways of ruling is not only antithesis to modernity and its fast changing and ubiquitous demands, they will only expedite the demise not only of their rule, but possibly of their survival. They don’t seem to comprehend basic reality: Women’s need to drive is not a luxury, it’s a response to an imposition of modern life and economic necessities, let alone a basic human right.
      People like Sheik Nasser el-Omar, a paranoid and possessed teary cleric, should not be deciding what’s right or wrong in the 21stcentury. He belongs to the 7th century epoch when locusts were the main meals for the few desert dwellers and camels were their means of transportation. One of his conspiratorial theories and unfounded interpretation of reality and logic is exemplified by his claim that America is behind Saudi women’s basic and legitimate demand to drive. He claimed that getting-behind-the-wheel day is made in America because its organizers chose a Christian date, October 26. ‘Why was the date of the protest’ (by women2drive) given a Western date instead of Islamic date? ‘This suggests the campaign was made in the U.S.A.’

  6. This is a sign to enhance the status of women in Saudi Arabia!

  7. Abdulla Almuhannadi

    Women will be future leaders in Saudi Arabia
    In this connection, I remember three major events; the Gulf War of 1990, Internet and Social Media. All three of them have led to urge women to come out for their political rights, among which driving is one of them. It is now estimated that more than 23.7% women are using Internet as Mohammad T. Simsim has noted in his research. However, the number of those using blogs and other social platforms is not among them, for he has used government figures. In the same way, a report of the Dubai School of Government has also put these figures very high. The result is that a huge number of women activists appeared in the Saudi Elections of 2015, a record in its history. Despite fatwas (religious edicts) by the grand mufti against the participation of women in elections, it turns out that women have come out en masse. A woman Saudi activist, on the condition of anonymity, has stated that women are eager to participate in the future elections provided the situation becomes conducive that seems transforming fast. It is expected that change in Saudi woman will change the entire Middle East. At least I hope because it is Saudi Arabia which is controlling the Middle East and not GCC states.

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