Dog for adoption in Riyadh

My sister rescued this two month old female from the desert.
Her name is Precious, and the name fits her perfectly. She is friendly and playful, but very shy around strangers. Precious is vaccinated and we had her checked out completely and the blood test came out perfectly healthy. All she needs is a loving home. If you are serious about adopting her please send an Email with your details and contact info to







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23 responses to “Dog for adoption in Riyadh

  1. It looks like a friendly, intelligent and playful dog. All my best wishes.

  2. Samina khan

    Lovely dog , would love to have her, but so sorry I live so far away in UK

  3. erica lindenberger

    Mashallah….thanks for being so kind to this little sweetheart. I know the teachings about dogs in Koran and Hadith…..dogs don’t have much luck in Muslim countries. Enshallah may you find a foreigner who is willing to take her in as dogs aren’t supposed to be kept as pets in a Muslim household. Assalamu-aleykhum    Erica Badriya. PS I live all the way in Hawaii and have my own little pooch.

  4. roxanaaguilera

    Gracias por preocuparte en encontrar amor para este animalito.!!!

  5. I’m getting another dog and I’m having trouble finding one. We won’t to get one from a shelter and one that isn’t a puppy (older then a year old would be good) we want a dog that likes to be around people, is ok with other pets, is potty trained, and if possilbe won’t run away if it isn’t on a leash. we don’t want s huge dog ether. Does anyone know where I can find a dog like this?

  6. If I still lived in Riyadh, I would take this baby. I rescued so many animals when I lived there (for 12 years) that my house was a revolving pet center! Name it, birds, cats, dogs, ducks and even rabbits! So many expats will get a pet while there and then when they leave, they just abandon it! It was horrifying to see the fear and utter despair on the animals’ faces because they had been accustomed to being fed and taken care of and all of a sudden their entire family has disappeared and they are left to fend for themselves. And, few people will take them. Let us know if a home is foun as I find myself worrying about this pup everything I think about it. Your sister is an angel.

  7. Dogs as a Pet? as a Muslim? only Dogs to be used in Islam are working dogs with knowledge, for livestock and hunting, Not allowed for the person of Tawheed to keep dogs as pets..

    Do pigs and dogs carry exactly the same ruling? Is there evidence to support their similarity in every respect?
    A: They have the same ruling with regard to the prohibition of eating their meat. They differ with regard to owning them. It is not permissible at all to breed pigs, or to sell or buy them. As for dogs, it is permissible to own them for purposes of hunting, farming and guarding sheep.
    May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.

    The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’


    • Um Ibrahim

      Assalamualaikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam
      and general greetings to the mushrikeen.

      Yes you are correct, if you keep a dog as a pet only with no intention of it being for work, you lose hassanat. Therapy dogs, hunting dogs, guard dogs, all for work. But dogs are not haram, and there is no evidence of this. The only mention of their saliva was if they licked a utensil you wash it 7 times. Yet you can eat a bird that a hunting dog has retrieved for you(they carry it in their mouth). I would not want any strange dog licking anything or anyone of mine, but if I had a trained hunting dog I would know if they were clean/vaccinated or not. This is wisdom since rabies is transmitted by saliva, and in the past there were no rabies vaccines.
      I love dogs, they are one of my favorite animals, and I would not have a home/property without one. However saying my dog would have a higher quality house(cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter), not just a flimsy shelter away from the main house, and have interaction with their humans daily and training, regular grooming, vaccines. Islam does not prohibit dogs, it is more of a cultural thing or misunderstanding of hadith. They should not be in your main living house, no more than images of anything with a soul, as angels (of mercy) will not enter that house. How many hypocrites have a picture of their grandfather on their wall, yet shout “OH don’t keep a dog in your house!”, it’s the same thing, no angel will enter.
      We must show kindness and mercy to all animals, including dogs. It is not uncommon to see pet type /domesticated animals being mistreated and neglected outside of western countries, and this is haram across the board. People think Allah will not ask them about this.

  8. Reader

    How sad to not take in a pet to share life’s troubles with. So many lonely people could feel love I if they opened their heart to a pet .

  9. Ahmad

    what is your phone number

  10. eiffar etrazalam

    I need toy doys for adoption .i live in a studio type room…email me soon if there is available. Thank you !

  11. That is a cute looking dog.

  12. do you ship to the United States if you do I want the puppy precious

  13. My Name is Jibin I live in Riyadh. I am seriously interested in adopting him

  14. Jawaher-Alsaud

    I well buy these dogs inshallah after 1 week

  15. Leena

    Very interested,already contacted you through email.

  16. Natasha Rashid

    What is a pedigree how old is she would love to see her I live in malaz sitten is she already taken do let me know do get back to me on 0530800719

  17. Bader

    I’m bader from Riyadh and I want to adopt dog if available if anyone knows a dog or even he is traveling and doesn’t know where to put it contact me on my whatsapp 0569600315

  18. I like dog please give this dog for me as donation 0572921673

  19. Kris anne alcoriza

    I wany to adopt the dog. How? Wheres th location

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