Change can happen in Saudi Arabia

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(CNN) A couple of hours before the news broke that the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was finally being lifted, rumors had circulated that a decree on a women’s issue was coming.

I suspected it could be about the driving ban, but after years of campaigning to no success, I had nearly lost hope in it ever happening.

For the past few of weeks, friends of mine have been planning parties in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam to commemorate 27 years since the first protest against the ban. Since November 6, 1990, Saudi men and women have paid hefty prices for voicing their opposition to the ban on women driving in our country.

The unnecessary sacrifices of so many people crossed my mind as I read the tweets issued by the Saudi Press Agency announcing that the ban had been lifted.

The manner in which the ban was lifted seemed too simple to be real…READ ON


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20 responses to “Change can happen in Saudi Arabia

  1. Michelle

    Celebrating for my sisters in Saudi, I am in awe of their bravery and determination of both men and women tonhelp bring about this important change

    • N P

      “Change is constant” in life.It is alike moving wheel,no position is constant.
      “Maasha ALLAH”,Great MBS,great,keep it up and please tell us when will you visit power plants and SEC head offices to kick out the corrupt ,incompetent,useless and worthless management of SEC.
      Good you have replaced the board with new faces but as long you don’t make them all in SEC answerable and questionable,accountable and responsible,you cannot expect anything good in SEC.
      Billions have been wasted and eaten by the corrupt people in SEC .The methodology these corrupt people have adopted cannever be detected unless the investigator is too smart technically and in criminal investigation,so croocked are they.
      Please crown prince,please just throw a little light on SEC and save it from getting devastated please.

    • N P

      keep it up,congrats

  2. Mabruk Al siyara jadidah!
    But seriously, well done on your own efforts. Yours and everybody else’s were like small chisels chipping away at the rock in my opinion. Eventually the rock broke as a result of the combined effort of all. I can not agree with your hypothesis that it would have happened anyway. Mabruk to all.

  3. Reblogged this on HX Report and commented:
    A little ray of light from a region where it’s much required. Congrats to all who laboured hard and suffered much to get there.

  4. Waleed Alzuhair

    I hope this is the beginning of the full civil rights bouquet, including employment without restrictions.

  5. It is hard for me to understand why it was ever against the law in the first place…

  6. C Goldsmith

    I have followed your blog for a long time, and I feel that in some way you are part of the reason why this ban was lifted. I hope that you and this decision can lead to even more civil rights for women in your nation and it will lead to a further blossoming of the women’s rights movement across the entire region.

  7. Very Good to see that this finally Happened, This should be done years back and is one of the milestones for Women Right Movement in the Country.

  8. Joy

    It’s about time!!

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  10. Amer Mufti

    In 1955 Rosa Parks took a seat in the front of a bus, defying laws that forced African Americans to sit in the back. That simple act of courage paved the way for an African American to be elected US president a half century later.

    Your bravery today in taking the steering wheel of a car in defiance of unjust laws inspires us all. One day soon we hope to see women and girls assume their well-deserved positions of leadership in all aspects of your country’s life.

  11. Tono Sanchez

    I pray for your wellbeing… -_-

  12. Ryan F. Tyler


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    Why It’s wrong for me post for assistance, When it’s ok for someone who call himself Sheikh with big beard and short Thawb to raise money just because he called Sheikh with big beard and short Thawb……

    I don’t have big beard and short Thawb, I love Islam very much fighting to stay in Islam. I have questions for Islamic scholars in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

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  17. Saudi Arabia is really changed now

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