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The scare tactic in our society is truly hilarious. Some of the stuff that I’ve experienced or heard myself over the years are numerous but I’ll mention a few here. Like there’s a fatwa that says that it is haram (prohibited) in Islam to tweeze your eyebrows so you get fanatic women going around the salons harassing customers getting their eyebrows tweezed. It’s so bad that some salons have private backrooms for tweezing. And other salons advertise that they are Wahhabi fanatic friendly by not even offering the service of tweezing. Girls are told in many schools that the reason behind the Prohibition is that each eyebrow hair is connected to a brain cell and when it’s tweezed out, the cell dies. I guess that explains the dumb ditsy model/cheerleader stereotype.

In school I’ve heard this metaphor over and over again. [loose translation] A girl who shows off her beauty by uncovering her face or displaying herself in any way is like an iced cake that is left out so that people going by could use their fingers to scrape a lick. By the time it reaches her husband, the icing is all gone. And they say the west objectifies women.

In one of the schools I went to the dhar prayer was mandatory for everyone. And as you know, we Muslim women don’t  pray if we’re menstruating. So when its time to pray the admins would round up all the students who can’t pray in one room and record their names. If a student gets her name recorded more than seven days in a row, she is sent to the Principal’s office. Although this private school is famous for it’s conservatism, they stopped doing the mandatory prayer thing. I’ve never heard of a public school that does this now.


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