Prominent Saudis: Majed Abdulla

Majed Abdulla is a retired soccer player. Besides the fact that he is black, before researching him, I didn’t know what he looks like but his name is familiar to any and every Saudi ear. There’s even a funny Arabic rhyme that many people use to retort to a swear; when you say wAllah (I swear by God’s name) the other person replies you’ll be kissed by Majed Abdulla.

 Majed Abdulla was born in Jeddah to a middle class family. A few years later, his family moved to Riyadh so that his father could coach beginner and young soccer players at the second largest soccer club in Saudi Arabia, Al Nasr. Of course the close proximity to soccer eventually rubbed off and Majed Abdulla was inducted to the Al Nasr soccer team on 9/September/1975.

I’m not a sports fan and it’s almost a foreign language to me but if you want to know more about his career check out this Wikipedia page on him.

Majed Abdulla retired in April 1998 and despite his great achievements he was not celebrated in any way. Many of his fans felt disgruntled and it is rumored that this disregard was on purpose because he had a conflict with a very powerful Saudi. This powerful Saudi has recently moved out of the picture and in turn Majed was given the farewell he deserved ten years after his retirement. On the 20th of May of this year, a match was organized between Real Madrid and Majed’s old club, Al Nasr. The latter astoundingly won 4-1. The stadium was packed full and 30,000 fans had to be turned away.

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