Al Watan Newspaper Oil Prices Cartoon


In Al Watan newspaper there was a cartoon published that reflected what a lot of Saudis are feeling, so much that it is making the rounds by Email. I thought I might share it here to help wipe out the misconception that Saudis are gaining anything from the rise in oil prices.  It pretty much speaks for itself but for those of you who are gullible enough to think that oil money goes directly to Saudi pockets I’ll explain. The rise in oil means a rise in transportation, food prices and the majority of all industries. And we like all the rest of the human race use these on a daily basis. So we are having our own little inflation party just like everywhere else. To me this is not all bad because the faltering economy will help push social change in the right direction.


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3 responses to “Al Watan Newspaper Oil Prices Cartoon

  1. Here in Indonesia, the escalator would be non-existent for the human, and replaced by a hydrogen fueled rocket for that fat, cold barrel of goo.

  2. صالح

    this is one of our Problems , and we have lot of >> problems starting for the Oil ending on … ammmmmm >>> i have no idea .
    thanks and regards

  3. Heyy, Awesome post! I will definatley be coming back soon!=)

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