In 2005 the government opened an anonymous account, anonymous in that you can put money in without anyone knowing who you are.  As of April 7th 2008, the balance of that account has grown to 152 million riyals which equals about 40 and a half million dollars. Where did this money come from? No one knows. No one is allowed to know. I don’t know the details of the story behind it but I do know that an Egyptian who had worked as a civil worker in Saudi Arabia had stolen some money from his department and got away with it. After he got back to his home country, his guilty conscience would not let it go so he decided that he wanted to give the money back but didn’t want to get prosecuted. He called someone powerful back here and told him and someone came up with the “clear your guilt account” they advertised it and in just three years, 40.5 million dollars were returned to the government from Saudis and expatriates who wanted to clear their conscience.


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2 responses to “Honesty

  1. Shari Lee

    … guilty conscience cleared yea.. but it doesn’t mean its been cleared by god.

    Now what are they gona do with all that money? its insane.

  2. that is a very interesting concept…

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