I have been tagged twice! From Ahmed al Omran for 6 quirks and from Susie for 10 hopes. So here are the rules for the six quirks:

  • 1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
  • 2. Mention the rules on your blog.
  • 3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
  • 4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
  • 5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers’ blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

My six quirks are:

  • 1- The sound of cracking knuckles makes me cringe and just the thought of it right now is giving me a queasy feeling. Funny thing is too many people like to crack the knuckles of their fingers and neck and it’s so horrible.
  • 2- Even though the people whose opinion counts in my life i.e. husband, parents and siblings always urge me to blow dry my hair straight, I don’t. My daughter calls it “filfil hair” and doesn’t like it either. I, on the other hand, truly love my crazy “shabby” and curly hair. And on the special occasions that I do get it done, I feel uncomfortable.
  • 3- I cannot fall asleep until I have read something… anything. On the rare nights when I have to spend the night away from home and don’t have a book with me, I resort to reading the backs of lotion bottles, tissue boxes and flyers.
  • 4- I am obsessed with washing my hands, especially when I am preparing food. I wash them several times throughout the cooking process, just in case I touched a door handle or anything else that might transmit germs.
  • 5- I am a purse quality tester. I buy one purse, usually oversized and use it every day to carry my office stuff, mommy stuff and the usual purse stuff from morning to night until it literally falls apart. So far I have found that GAP leather bags appeal to my taste and last the longest.
  • 6- I don’t go to bed until I am falling from exhaustion and I promise myself every night that I’ll get up in the wee hours of the morning to complete whatever was interrupted by my exhaustion. And the next morning I only wake up in time to prepare myself and the kids for the day.

And for the six quirks I tag:

1-Susie of “Susie’s Big Adventure

2- Nora at http://nora.urjwans.com/

3- Ghada at  http://ghadagee.blogspot.com/

4- Hning at http://hningswara.blogspot.com/

5- Suha at http://suhaa.myminaret.com/


Now the hopes tag:


1. On your blog, post the Rules & 10 things you have HOPE for in your life.
2. LINK Tag to 5 people (we want hope to spread to people!) and LINK the person who tagged you.
3. Comment/Notify the 5 People they’ve been tagged.

The ten things I have hope for in my life:

  • 1- Self-sufficiency, success and character for my kids.
  • 2- World domination, just kidding, I’ve always wanted an excuse to say or write that 😛
  • 3- World Peace no matter how corny and pageantry that sounds
  • 4- Enough resources for everyone on Earth without harming the planet
  • 5- To be a genetic and effortless size 10 and pass the gene to my daughter.
  • 6- That Saudi women demand their real Islamic rights and not take no for an answer.
  • 7- To adopt at least one orphan
  • 8- To find a school that will not send my kindergartener and first-grader with backpacks full of homework
  • 9- To live to see the day when I can go do my errands without taking into account another human being’s (the driver) accommodations and waiting periods. What I would give to be able to park my car outside of my office and leave whenever I want without negotiations and prior planning!
  • 10- To learn a third language

I tag with the 10 hopes thing:

1- Ahmed at www.Saudijeans.org

2- Aysha at http://ayshak.blogspot.com

3- Medical Practitoner at http://blackshadw.wordpress.com/

4- Ahmed BaAboud at http://abujoori.wordpress.com/

5- Sami Omar at http://sami.alraed.info/


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6 responses to “TAGS!

  1. Unfair! You don’t go to a pessimist and ask him to list TEN hopes 🙂

  2. Pingback: My Six Quirks and My ten Hope .. First Home work on Blog world «

  3. ممارس صحي

    🙂 May your hopes come true 🙂

  4. ممارس صحي

    It is done 😛

  5. أحمد باعبود


    It is a tough one!. I am trying for 2 days and yet could not come up with more than 6 hopes!!!! 😦

  6. saudiwoman

    يمكن تفكر في الموضوع أكثر من لازم. أجلس قدام الشاشة والكلام اللي يطرأ في بالك أكتبه حتى قبل ما تكتمل الفكرة في رأسك 🙂

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