Saudi Blogger’s Meet up!

Last week over at Saudijeans a blogger’s meet up was organized but only for males. Of course that’s the only way to do it because otherwise they’ll have a much longer meeting with the muttawa vice patrol. I got a little jealous though so I’ve decided that I’m going to test the waters for a women meet up of bloggers. Women here are notorious for ignoring these kinds of opportunities and even set appointments. Let’s see how this goes.  So if you are a blogger writing about Saudi Arabia and happen to be a woman as well, please free up the early evening of November 12th. For further details Email me at saudiwomanblog at gmail dot com with the following:

1- name

2- blog link

3- Phone number

Call me paranoid but I will only disclose the location to ladies after verification. Lots of weirdoes to watch out for on both sides of the spectrum; ultra conservative muttawas hell-bent against women and desperate perverts looking for a love interest, so for everyone’s safety we’ll do it my way.  


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4 responses to “Saudi Blogger’s Meet up!

  1. What a great idea! Count me in!

  2. ruhsablogger

    I would like to come! I just send you email about it.

  3. I am so glad to see Saudi women blogging and meeting. When I lived there the Women’s Center has just been closed because it had been deemed that too many women were gathering together and it was dangerous (to men, I presume). In any event, that made me quite sad. During my stay I met some wonderful women of Riyadh who made me feel welcome and at home. As an expat I did not often fit in with Saudi friends in their homes. I was so lucky to have met you; I would love to see you all again.
    Some of the women I met expressed feelings of being trapped, of being owned, of not having freedoms which are taken for granted by me and my countrywomen (or, had been, until we lived in Saudi Arabia – after that we took nothing for granted ever again.). My heart broke when I realized that though I could leave to go anywhere I wanted to go, they could not. And yet they taught me everything I needed to know for shopping well, for cooking good meals, where to buy fresh vegetables, dates, and spices. They were generous in their sharing though I knew that in some cases being seen speaking to me was a risk. I appreciated their having reached out to me all the more for that, and today I count myself very fortunate indeed to have been graced such a lovely assortment of special sisters. Go, Saudi Women. You are among the most courageous and sensitive on the planet.

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