Prominent Saudis: Princess Nora bint AbdulRahman Al Saud


Princess Nora is the founder of Saudi Arabia’s sister. She was a year older than him, born in 1875. The photo above is of King Abdulazziz on the right and Prince Saud Al Kabeer (P. Nora’s husband) on the left.

She had great influence on King AbdulAzziz and historians write that she really urged him to leave Kuwait and try to get control of Riyadh. Afterwards she became one of his main advisors and he was famously known to say on several occasions “I’m Nora’s brother”. King Abdulazziz also gave his sister a role in raising his sons; whenever anyone of them did anything wrong as a child he would send them to their aunt for discipline. Dame Violet Dickson on meeting Princess Nora stated that she was one of the most important personalities of the Arabian Gulf and commented on how charismatic she was. John Philby was also impressed by the princess and commented that she was the first lady of her country.

She was known to be quite progressive and outspoken. When the telephone first came into the country many Islamic purists thought it was a tool of the devil but she supported its installation and told the people that it was an amazing device that they will not be able to live without. She was also a poet and had written several poems, the most famous of which is the one she wrote when her husband left her behind for travel. Princess Nora passed away in 1950.

A few weeks ago King Abdullah honored his aunt’s memory by naming the first university in Saudi Arabia for women only Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University for Women.

This is another photo but it isn’t of Princess Nora but I still imagine it isn’t far off from what she would have dressed like. This is of Fatima Al Zamil who ruled Hail (a province north west of Riyadh) from 1911 to 1914. The photo was taken by Gertrude Bell.  



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  1. ps_chicago

    thank you so much for the information! it is great to get your perspective and take on the day to day experience.

  2. I so appreciate you writing your series about prominent Saudis. And I especially loved this one because she is a woman. It’s nice to know that she is still remembered and it’s a fitting tribute to name the first women’s university here after her. Thanks for the history lesson!

  3. It is interesting to see, how Saudi women dressed ages ago and how they do dress now. One does wonder… were these women less modest and less religios then the ‘modern’ Saudi women?

  4. i also wonder.. where did the female power/voice disappear to..

  5. Asma

    I’m very curious to know where Princess Fatima Al Zamil is buried..basically the city she passed away in. Would LOVE to know.


    I sincerely wish that this wonderful lady is still alive……………………only a wish.

  7. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Please get the contact No of Prince Nora Bint Abdul Rahaman University, Riyadh.

    Musthak Ahmed
    Bangalore (India)

  8. Ahmed Al Essa

    Thanks a lot ,, very interesting

  9. Chiara

    Great article! It is important to record the influence historically of the “women behind the men” or “women behind the scenes”. I am preparing a post on Gertrude Bell so this is extra timely!

  10. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! 🙂

  11. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Please get the contact No of Prince Nora Bint Abdul Rahaman University, Riyadh.

    Bakht Rwan

  12. ehsanullah ahmad

    it is surprising to me

  13. Layla A .Atabani

    It is interesting to know that more than half a century ago, women in Saudi Arabia, were given important posts and were taking vital roles in the society.

  14. seby

    Very informative article.


  16. Al A. Lodhi

    I was amazed to discover (through this blog) that Saudi women played critical role in the KSA’s consolidation process, their contribution in the political leadership ( e.g. Fatima was a ruler of Hail (a state /province near Riyadh from 1911-14)) was unmatched and I believe through this platform you need to continue reveal Saudi women’s contribution & their efforts to benefit the public in general e.g. Princess Nora supported the launch of telephone in the KSA, as initially telephone was perceived as a devil device or tool.
    Continue posting links (historic diplomatic and political events etc.) about Saudi women’s contribution in Arab peninsulas helps general public (especially in West) to change an engraved negative perspective about Saudi women. It’s also helps confirming the fact that Islam enforced equal (50%/50%) rights for both genders.

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  22. sharla schultz

    Loved this article! My daughter is teaching ESL at this school.

  23. Farhanah Abdulwahab

    assalamu ‘alykom..w.w

  24. Farhanah Abdulwahab

    assalamu ‘ can i enroll in this university please inform me jazakunnALLAAHu khyran..


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  26. Nada Muslih

    You should not post a picture of this woman. She posed for another woman and not for the world to see. This woman Fatima al Zamil was probably covered herself in her lifetime. It is betrayal of trust to expose her to the public like this. Why don’t you instead find an anonymous picture of such a woman and then cartoonize it? You could leave Fatima’s biography and use the cartoonized picture as an example of how such women would have dressed.

    • SJ

      What a ridiculous comment. It was taken 150 years ago, she clearly gave her consent for the picture to be taken and it is important not only to get a sense of our history and the generations who have gone before us and their struggles but to see it as well, particularly when photography had just been invented. These early images are an important part of building a dialogue and factual evidence about Arab history and in particular, its women, not just for the Arab world but to combust all the myths and stereotypes worldwide about Arab women. This pic shows Fatima as a strong, confident woman. Plus, it was taken by Bell, who was a notorious Arabphile and understood this region better than most. You really think a cartoon would be sufficient or accurate enough to show that?! Don’t read or look if you don’t want to but don’t ever deny the rest of us the right to find out these things by presuming to know what a woman 150 years ago would have thought and felt.

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  35. Ajay

    Is the university only for Muslims?

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  40. Karole du Pont

    This would be quite a wake-up call on Western journalists who could be enlighten on the fact that intelligent women can be respected for their deeds.

  41. I am from India and I am a female.I want to study psychology in this college.Can it be possible?

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  47. J

    I am searching desperately for the poem that is mentioned in the article. Would anyone have a reference or a link (it can be a page in arabic) to share ? Thanks in advance !

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