No Need for a Hunger Strike

From the first time I read about the hunger strike a group of Saudis were planning I thought who are they kidding they could starve themselves for a month without anyting happening except maybe having their first meal after the strike in prison.

I saw this video on Ahmed Al Omran’s Saudijeans blog and the first person I thought of was Matrook Al Faleh. Inshallah since Obama and Biden have been elected he will soon be freed. Since he represents exactly what Biden was talking about.  


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5 responses to “No Need for a Hunger Strike

  1. saudiwoman

    To the guy who keeps commenting unconstructively on this post:
    using your vulgar vocabulary will never win over anyone.

  2. Lynn

    So,the answer to my question in the previous post is that it excites you?

    Would I be correct to assume that the guy you keep deleting is not excited about it?

  3. saudiwoman

    Sorry I didn’t reply to your earlier question. It’s just that I barely have time to write up post so my way of doing things is that I rather use commenters questions and remarks for ideas for new posts rather than going into discussions in the comment section. I don’t know the nationality of the person I delete because he comment anonymously and is very negative and vulgar rather than just disagreeing.
    To answer your question most Saudis don’t even know who Obama’s running mate is. And the main thing that excites them about Obama is his Islamic background and the fact that he has spent time in the east. Otherwise they know very little about his campaign and foreign policies. I’m talking about the common Saudi here.

  4. Nader

    Hey Saudi woman..
    Thanks for this piece… its interesting to know Biden’s views on Saudi Arabia. Obviously, he doesn’t know it well enough. Or was he just being “diplomatic” and saying the more “politically correct” words? I don’t know. No one ever knows when it comes to politics, I think!
    Anyway do you know where I could find the whole interview?

  5. saudiwoman

    Hi Nader,
    No I am sorry but I don’t know where you can get the whole thing and I already looked on youtube but I couldn’t find it.

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