It’s Too Good To Be True


Barack Obama will be the next president of the USA. I know most people around the world are tired of the American elections and there is a sense of weariness because we all thought that it would be like four years ago when the world set their hopes on John Kerry (anyone but Bush thing) and Americans let them down. When I woke up this morning and turned the TV on just when they were announcing Obama coming out on the stage as president-elect, I was shocked and elated. This is definitely going to be a good day. Besides what it means politically both for Americans and the world, this has cultural and ideological meaning for everyone. In Saudi Arabia, people look to the USA as a center of education and progress so when President Clinton got caught with Lewinsky, it had a ripple effect here. People got the message that after all that education and power it all came down to sex. And there was a this wave of womanizing and I believe many upper-middle class men took on second wives because of that negative influence. Then when Bush got elected for a second term after his foreign policy failures, many here thought well the west is definitely just a bunch of racist colonialist crusaders at heart. By voting for Bush they sent the message that there was no remorse for all those tortured Iraqis at Abu Ghraib, for the unAmericanness of Guantanamo Bay and all those dead Iraqi women and children. Some put it down to that lives that are non-white and non Christian had little value to the US. And a sense of bitterness and disappointment in the so-called American values and principles unfurled and suffocated any popularity that the US had pre-Iraq.

Now with Obama elected, no matter what he does in the future I know that racial tensions everywhere have been subdued a little. His background; the time he spent in Muslim Indonesia as a child and his Islamic heritage on his father’s side coupled with his mixed race and his choice of an African American as a spouse is beautiful. Him winning tells humanity that dignity, self-respect, hard-work and qualifications still count and that even though the bumbling fool Bush dubiously won in the beginning, he definitely is not better off for it.

As for what it means for Saudis, it is a cultural shift in the right direction. Saudi did not really believe in the American version of democracy. How could they when all the presidents of the so-called” melting pot” were Anglo. Now they are rubbing their eyes in disbelief rethinking the concept in a way that hopefully will move them out of their passiveness and no point attitude. Tribal differences will matter a little less now. Yes that is how much weight American elections have around the world.      


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8 responses to “It’s Too Good To Be True

  1. sainduheen

    at the end of the curiousity americans expelled out tyni part sympathy toawards peace and harmony,they are out of the way of jews and Indians.

    But I am as many peace lovers does not entrust fully with the Obama. We have to wait for some moment.

    Then we can realise what was his real aproach and offer towards the peace and harmony.

  2. Yes!! This is indeed a good day. And, no it isn’t too good to be true. It’s true. We voted in Barack Obama, a black man.

    However, I have to comment on your statement:

    In Saudi Arabia, people look to the USA as a center of education and progress so when President Clinton got caught with Lewinsky, it had a ripple effect here. People got the message that after all that education and power it all came down to sex.

    This is interesting perspective. I don’t want to offend, however, you will find that sex, or the thought of sex, affects people lives all over the world. Isn’t this the very reason women are kept on lock down…because of sex, and the fear of sex? I mean…really according to some customs, he could have just taken her as a 3rd wife, and then divorced her with out cause. Lewinsky was a slut…a cow at that!!

    We shouldn’t take Barack’s victory, and even mention Clinton in the same breath. Some men…will just be men.

    Go Barack!!!

    Have a Great Day!!

  3. Lynn

    Yes, it is too good to be true. It’s a great day in America. Do the Saudis that are excited about this new American leadership realise how the new vice president feels towards their country? Does that excite them or concern them?

  4. Brooke AKA Ummbadier

    Masha Allah. Thanks for sharing sis. It is unfortunate that many of us Americans are completely unaware or indifferent to how the rest of the world perceives us. Even though we are taught to think as if “wear the shoe on the other foot” we just don’t do it.
    Love and Peace,

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  6. I think you offered really interesting and valid perspectives here, SaudiWoman. I couldn’t be happier that Obama was elected – in fact, I can’t seem to stop smiling since he was declared the victor!

  7. Jennifer

    Thank you for making things a bit more clear on how you guys think of us, we’re usually taught you think we’re evil an all..and that you aren’t educated cause your women, it’s nice to know that is not the case.

    I apologize for the ignorance of my Country and the lack of empathy towards other Countries and more importantly the people.

  8. Amberley

    Good on him. Congratulations.
    He makes a superb president.

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