Making Light of Gender Discrimination


The Saudi woman cartoon: Please insert one riyal + a letter of permission from your male guardian authenticated by a stamp from his office of employment + 2 photocopies of the family registration card + a certificate of commendable conduct authenticated by the protection of fungal life association + an aerial photo of your house that proves that there is a male guardian living with you + an x-ray of your primary teeth + your Jinn qareen’s birth certificate + the original copy of the bible + 3 feathers from the wings of a gray rooster on the condition that it’s the youngest of it’s siblings + 2 ground cloves (be careful that it’s only 2 … Once you insert the above requirements please be aware that for your OWN BENEFIT a drink will be randomly chosen for your because you could be OVERLY EMOTIONAL in your selection.


The Saudi man cartoon: please insert your riyal and select your drink.

This cartoon has been making the rounds on Email. I have recieved it twice from two different people. I don’t know where it was originally published.


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12 responses to “Making Light of Gender Discrimination

  1. These are so hilarious!!! And it’s so sad that they ring so true.

  2. Andrew

    Very, very cute.

  3. lamia

    Funny stuff…I’m not a newspaper person do you know where it was published?

  4. Haha. Very funny, E. So funny that I’m hurting all over. 😛

  5. The birth certicate of your jinni qareen! Genius…rofl!!!

    Thanks for the translation.

  6. Came here through Saudi Jeans, ROFL!!! You made my day!

  7. It is true .. women did not have their right before, but I see extreme change now a days. The cartoon so extreme, I would agree with some points, but not all of them 🙂

    I think in few years .. men should have their own men right organization 😛

    greet Eman, let’s see the changes 🙂

  8. Paul

    hum why a copy of the bible, because it’s impossible to find?

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