Heila Al Qusayer

The fight against terrorism in Saudi Arabia is taken very seriously and hundreds of terrorists have been caught. Last March 113 members of sleeper cells were arrested. The Saudi media at the time did not focus much on who these people were, until June 3rd when the head of Al Qaeda in Yemen, Saeed Al Shihri threatened to assassinate members of the royal family and government officials if Heila Al Qusayer is not freed. Heila is a 36 year old Saudi woman from a respectable and upper middle class family from the Qaseem region. In March she was apprehended by the Saudi secret services at the home of another terrorist. However the government has a policy of respecting the privacy of women terrorists so not much was known about her before the Qaeda demands. But when Al Shihri showed how desperate Al Qaeda is for her release, people became curious.

Heila grew up in Qasseem and obtained a BA degree in geography. During her time in college something drew her into extremism and she eventually ended up married to an influential extremist who also was much older than her. Her first husband, Abdulkareem Al Humaid, is a former ARAMCO employee. He quit his job and lived a life of  complete extremist Puritanism, no electricity, cars or any other modern invention. It’s rumoured that he didn’t even use paper money. Due to his preaching of Islamic fundamentalism he was arrested and imprisoned to this day. From prison, he divorced Heila and advised a former student of his, Mohammed Al Wakael to marry her. They married and during her pregnancy with her now 5 year old daughter, Al Wakael was shot down by the Saudi Special Forces. Since his death Heila’s activities intensified. She would go around proselytizing Al Qaeda’s version of Islam. She managed to collect substantial sums of money under the pretense of building mosques and helping orphans. She is documented to have transferred 650,000 dollars to Al Qaeda. She uses women to recruit men to the cause. The terrorist’s home that she was found in was actually a moderate Muslim who was changed by Heila after she became close to his wife. Sixty Qaeda members took orders from her and she arranged safe houses for hiding.

The use of women to recruit men has become a noticeable trend. Three factors are creating this phenomenon; the enormous percentage of unemployed women who are a product of our borderline extremist education system, their access to the internet and the fact that 83% of all Saudis are under the age of 39. Although they might not be out fighting and bombing, they are doing something just as sinister by spreading the ideology online and recruiting the men in their families. Before Heila, this was going on relatively undetected and even those that are caught are treated as victims rather than as perpetrators. A point made by Ms. Hessa Al Sheikh in her widely read article. She is unimpressed by how these terrorist women are portrayed in the media.  As an example she gives Sheikh Al Swailim’s interview regarding Heila. Sheikh Al Swailim is on the counseling committee. He meets with caught terrorists and tries to convince them that their ideology is wrong. When he was asked about Heila he referred to her as “sister Heila, a very simple woman who was stressed and revengeful after the killing of her second husband”. Sheikh Al Swailim went on to say that he found her quite “rational” in her argument and that the “poor woman” is “uneducated” and here Ms. Hessa Al Sheikh points out how could she be uneducated when she has a BA? Sheikh Al Swailim claims that Heila only after a 90 minute conversation became remorseful and Ms. Hessa Al Sheikh remarks that’s not counseling, that’s magic! And then she moves on to Prof. Al Saeedi, who was on the same show that sheikh Al Swailim was on, he is of the view that Heila is not important but only an “exploited” woman who the media is using to draw our attention away from Gaza and the flotilla. Another guest on that show, Sheikh Al Maliki, had the audacity to claim that some of these terrorists are actually agents from the West and that they are working under the umbrella of foreign countries and embassies to defeat our country.

Fortunately some good did come out of the capture of Heila Al Qusayer. She provided the government sensitive information about Al Qaeda and just by being, she shows us how big a threat women of her mindset are. Now the Ministry of Islamic Affairs is looking into regulating those that call themselves dayia (Islamic missionary), a title that Heila used to get access to social circles.

On a lighter note, one of the articles I read on Heila’s capture had a commenter asking how was she identified and that he hoped that they did not resort to uncovering her face. As if that was all that mattered, that a Muslim woman’s face remains covered!


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  1. Extremism in any form is pretty frightening. This post certainly causes us to wonder how many more women there are like her. The irony in your last paragraph shows another form of scary extremism. That the man seemingly dismisses the fact that she is a terrorist in lieu of stressing the importance of keeping the woman’s face covered is just so moronic.

    • I am sure there are many.. more than many. I had an argument with a lady once about covering the face.
      My two points:

      1.Where does it say in the Quran or Hadith that a woman should cover her face and why is not a part of the attire worn by women during Hajj and Umrah, i.e the AHRAM.
      2. With a population growing and security risks increasing, how do you identify a woman if her face is covered? AND, how does a hotel manager know that the “wife” i came to the hotel with is the wife I will come with the next time? Or that if she is EVEN my wife.. ( another personal experience with regards to this at Four Seasons Hotel).. if her face is always covered?

      The weirdo was not convinced and only started to blame me !.. What can you do?

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  3. You see, that is the kind of practice ( focusing on Face covering , women and women and women only instead of wisdom and development of belief which should result in the most advanced minds of the world) that has created these terrorists to begin with.
    In their mind, anyone who is not like them is a KAFIR, and kafir’s should be killed.
    I have had the bad luck of HAVING to deal with a gentleman who was on his way to becoming paid member of the Al Qaeda – or maybe he was already. A taxi driver from the Pakhtoun people of the North of Pakistan. I had a 3-4 hour conversation with him. His Urdu was lousy and I did not speak his language but we managed.
    His decision was simple: Destroy western influence on our society by scaring away westerners and those who do anything with them. When I protested against his idotic perception, he almost threatened to kill me. So, I made him an offer : Convince me you are right.
    He stopped the taxi, we got tea and we talked for all that time . He could not win the argument nor convince me. His frustrations finally surfaced. This was a man who had finished high school. His financial conditions and disappointments in life had brought him to this. The other TEAM MATES cheered him and made him feel WANTED and IMPORTANT and this WHOLE psychological issue was covered and justified by MISINTREPRETATION of the Quran! A verse from here and there , twisted and redefined by their shaikh with his opinions and preaching…a loser from a village with responsibilities.. and you have a candidate! I had to councel him and believe me the experience was not only scary but tiring. He finally agreed that killing ANYONE unless in sheer self defense in a extreme situation, was WRONG. He had to totally change his perception of what is ISLAM and what a MUSLIM is and WHAT jihad is. I had to quote the Quran a lot and say a lot of things in Arabic for him. This made him respect me a little. He told me that he will go back to studying and not form any opinions.. but.. all I had was those 3 hours with him.. God knows what he has done with his life..

    My Analysis: Simple, Naive people manipulated by intelligent but evil persons ( with personal agendas) with influence who also give them money incentives. These people are seriously depressed and suicidal and need help asap.

    This was 10 years ago.

    I am still trying to understand and define what causes such things to happen. What causes a human being to become an extremist. I am sure it is a matter of being abused , and depression which is the result of some flaw in upbringing. Why have we, with all our resources and power, not been able to counter our biggest enemy in our own lands: IGNORANCE?
    Where did we go wrong?

    Wallah, this is sad.

    • INAL

      I believe that what perpetuates this state of affairs is that people do not have the choices available to them to live their lives decently. Educational gaps, economical gaps, and the most potential gap being social factors- which narrow life to be black and white, right or wrong, no shades of gray; then using those who are down trodden, hopeless, desperate, disgusted to further their own particular agenda by feeding their ignorance with tales of Eutopia, and feeding their pockets with much needed money.

      People who follow these extremist just don’t understand they are being used. They don’t understand that nothing can be simply categorized as right or wrong. There are many factors in any situation that influence the outcome. Its not just one thing. Like the reductionist mentality that its just that women are week, need to be covered, don’t have enough education, can’t think for themselves and act on their convictions.

      Where did we go wrong, and continue to go wrong? In putting all things in only two categories – no shades of gray.

    • susan

      I am Australian and was living in pakistan in 2001. what I noticed is that all the riots that happened during that time happened after friday prayers.
      Imagine that you cannot read your own language newspaper let alone an English one to get another perspective on a situation. All you know is that America is bombing Afghanistan and to get any information you depend on word of mouth. You toil all week and then go to mosque on friday and you hear that those Americans are doing horrible things. Those people spreading the news might also lie by ommission or commission. In any case lots of ill educated and ill informed people rioted. I saw on the news that some American business cancelled their contracts with Pakistani businesses through outrage at the riots. More people unemployed in a time of underemployment is just a recipe for further problems.

  4. For the record, I met this guy in Karachi, 10 years ago. Not in KSA.

  5. I think some of these women are more dangerous then people believe. I get annoyed when people sit around and think we women are always victims… we are NOT. We are not children, and many have the brain (whether they believe it or not) to make their own decisions. I have been stopped all too often by these female preachers, and I really think that they should be as hard on them as they are on their male terrorist counterparts.

    Thank you for the post…


    AlShah40, very nice posts. I agree in totality and especially where some tribal practices are being made to follow in the name of the religion. Not just in KSA, in the whole of the Muslim world, leaving Muslims confused about whether it is permissible to perform ablution with sea water, standing on the beach, while the “kafirs” explore the seas for the benefit of the whole mankind!

    Initiatives like KAUST, allowing the two genders to co-exist instead of heading on a collision path, need to be appreciated. There is a definite need to changing what is being taught and focus more on applied sciences than just theoretical subjects. Uff man I can go on and on. But something should be done before it is too late.

    The media here needs to play an important role too. Just towing the line being shoved down the throat, will only give rise to such sentiments that get bred on frustrations.

    • Here is the bottomline: when you stop treating humans like animals in the name of religion, they will stop behaving like animals and learn the vitues and wisdom of religion.
      Allah is Beautiful and he Love Beauty..
      Now, where do we see beuaty being reflected by these so called over religious, self -righteous people? The driver I have talked about smelt like he has not had a shower in ages. I pointed this out to him. I told him whereever the Prophet PBUH passed, the smell of musk remained the whole day. Then, why does this GREAT follower of Islam smell like a goat? Or worse?
      They have lost the Science of Islam and are practicing Anger.
      You can do this with any dicipline really. Two people may learn Kung Fu.. one understands it’s wisdom and applies it positively , another just goes around kicking people in the face to show that he KNOWS kung fu. It is not the PRACTICE , it is the Intention and Motive behind it.
      ” Innamal A3malu Bil Niyyaat”
      Surely All actions are from Intention. This means the action maybe good, but a bead intention will destroy it’s possible positive effect and in fact make it negative.
      “Sam3na wa Ata3na” : we heard and we obeyed is not supposed to make you stop thinking! It is supposed to make you wiser ( Ref: my definition of this on http://www.enigmarevealed.wordpress.com).

      I do wish our people wisdom and prosperity.

  7. This is really sad.
    I hope those who are still stumbling in the darkness of ignorance about this beautiful religion see light one day.

  8. Everyone will not receive guidance and everyone will not know it all ,
    ” Wait ye , FOr we are in Wait too”
    To expect perfection on Earth, is to pain your heart. Pacify this pain with the realization of Judgement and the Next Life, a permanent life – which shall be perfect. It may not be too far.

  9. Love your writing, love your blog…so I bought you a book. Enjoy it Eman, and keep it up.

  10. Hassan

    Well, first of all the author must realize that it is Saudi Wahabism itself that has given birth to the menace of terrorist entities like Alqaeda. Your wahabi saudi govenment spends millions in petro-dollars to promote Wahabi madressas in countries like Pakistan. This is what fuels extremism.

    The root of the problem lies with the extreme wahabi ideology.


    It is not just the extreme wahabi mentality. It is a cocktail (a word religious politicians dont want to be associated with-ironically) of very important other factors. What Susan has said above cannot be ignored. It is dot on the mark! The case of all the financial aid going into Pakistan through Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait, is not really to spread the ideology of wahabiism. It is more of a proxy war with Iran. Imagine one sect, killing more than 100 in a mosque of the other sect, all in the name of the religion they both follow!

    Now this thing about Al Qaeda is really doubtful. Al Qaeda is a figment of imagination. It is the next enemy till the next enemy is found. All the countries the US has gone into after Al Qaeda, has nothing to do with it. but what is happening is that the world population is being brought to a point to hate each other till an indefinite time. While the politicians and the secret societies (of which some Muslims are also a member) benefit and remain safe. The extremism witnessed in some part of the Muslim world in terms of hating the westerners gets reciprocated more in the west. So much so that the values and morals that built our society are even challenged. I have not seen many crying over the loss of lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere like the CARs. Infact, when we comment on them (muslims), we hate them and go to the extent of making fun of their religion.

    The point here is, we need to hate the game, not the player(s)!

    • susan

      Yes and every day Shia are killed by Sunni in Pakistan. My background is a Christian upbringing and with further my family were Protestants with one branch being Hugenot. Whilst growing up, I heard some very harsh things said about Catholics. My mother would rather I marry a Moslem than a Catholic, that is how vitriolic were the feelings. (btw, it is not the reason I married my husband). However, I have no emotions about Catholics and I know that part of the reason is that there has been so much migration to Australia leading to multiculturalism. Each new migrant group has had t0 deal with being “bottom of the heap” but have been accepted in the end for the most part.
      Maybe there needs to be immigration to the areas of conflict between sunni and shia. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  12. susan

    I wonder what alqeda is. There was a Pakistani army offensive against supposedly al qaeda that had occupied the Swat valley which is not far from Islamabad. They had forbad girls to go to school and had burned and destroyed schools, a ski area and anything else modern.
    In spite of the low levels of literacy in Pakistan, the government has instituted national ID cards that are electronic and have thumb prints as well as photos.
    The army told the residents of Swat: that they had set up refugee camps outside of Swat, only those with ID cards could go, that the people should lock their homes and the army would rout out the terrorist.
    The army was successful and what they found when they examined the bodies of the terrorists was that the men were not circumcised. You can see news and photographic proof of this if you search the net. Were these men really Moslems?
    Pakistan has wondered why India was able to be part of the multinational task force in Afghanistan considering the hostile relations between Pakistan and India. Some have suggested that India has used the umbrella of al qaeda to promote its own form of terrorism against Pakistan.
    I read on the times of India a poll asking if India should invade Pakistan. Thankfully a lot of comments shouted down this idea, but how can they even suggest it is ok to invade an independent state?

  13. susan

    Further the situation in Pakistan, the army has had a number of offensives against terrorism and the weapons they recovered were Russian, Iranian, Chinese and Indian made. This means that all these 4 countries are using Pakistan as ground to draw USA in to fight a proxy war. Only one of these countries is Islamic. How I know these things is that my husband is a Pakistani politician.

    • Hassan

      is he is the govt? which party does he belong to?

    • Hassan

      the Saudi Wahabis are the chief instigators of violent extremism across the world.

    • ahuja

      well if your husband is a pakistan politician then you should ask that bastard how much money he has embezzled from the natural treasury. and if you consider yourself a moral person, you should immediately divorce this corrupt bastard, because no politician in pakistan has clean hands FYI

      • susan

        I can understand why you think that all politicians are corrupt (not just Pakistani). However you do not know each and every politician and so to tar them all with the same brush just shows your ignorance.
        I am fully aware of what goes on, I am aware of even the smallest bribes that were offered to my husband and in fact he refused. It was because of this the Army actually stood behind him to promote his success in politics.
        The politican system in Australia is different to the Pakistani system. If you have enough registered supporters then you can get money from the public purse to promote yourself during elections. How much you get depends on the number of registered supporters. In Pakistan there is no such a system. It is usually wealthy people who go into politics. They use their own money to promote themselves in the election. Depending on the position the person is running for it can total enormous amounts. It is true that some people then use their position of power to receive bribes for contracts awarded. It does happen. I don’t dispute that. To say that eveyone does that is not true.

  14. susan

    yes, in so much the saudi have financed education through the madrasses in pakistan when the west and in particular usa turned its back after the first afghan war. economic conditions deteriorated in pakistan and the prk exchange rate to the usd went from about 8 to 80. unemployment rose at the same time and their children became more dependent on those madrasses for education.

    • Hassan

      I’m really really horrified reading a review of this book


      In Saudi Arabia, women are treated worse than domestic animals. This is only because of the extremist Wahabi intrepretation of Islam promoted by a dictatorial monarch thriving on petro-wealth.

      I wonder why the author of this blog appears always approving of the regime. Saudi Arabian monarchy-cleric nexus regime is probably the worst and dictatorial regime in the entire world.

      • susan

        I have a number of properties in Sydney that I have rented to Saudi students who are on scholarships. The Saudi government is sending about 80,000 new students each year to study overseas. ie about 240,000+ students are currently out of Saudi in many different countries. The students often come with no English and do an intensive English course , which can take up to a year to reach an appropriate standard to be able to cope with English at university and then go onto do the bachelor’s degree. A small portion are doing Masters. Obviously those doing their Masters are older and often married with children. The whole family comes with the sponsored student.
        The Saudi students on completion of their course have to work for 5 years back in Saudi Arabia. Their time outside of Saudi could be from 4-10 years depending on their course of study.
        This scholarship scheme is going to change Saudi society. There is no way that young adults will not be influenced by their life outside Saudi. What is the current population of Saudi? 25million? and each year 1/4 million plus saudis are out and being exposed to western ideas. Their impressions are not being filtered like the internet is in Saudi.
        The fact that the Royal Family created this means that they are actively involved in changing Saudi society, albeit one step at a time. It further refutes the idea that the Royal family is working WITH the religious police.
        Another change that has happened is that Saudis can now marry foreigners without asking permission first. It is very likely that all these students, both male and female will become friends with their fellow students, neighbours and acquaintances.
        My impression of Saudi is not so different from what many of your are perporting, however I see the future of Saudi will be very different.

    • ahuja

      well madam you certainly have a nice way of justifying your husbands corruption by saying that corruption happens in every country. while that is true, that doesnt justify your husbands corruption and embezzlement. And please dont lecture me on that i dont know what the political system in pakistan i know it very well inside and out much much more than you can ever know, with all due respect. Madam, i and many pakistanis know that every person, and i mean every person who is a politician in pakistan is a corrupt bastard or bitch (plz excuse my language). In fact in pakistan, and i know this very well, to become a politician, it is a given that you must be corrupt, it is a pre requisite. No honest person can enter politics in pakistan and that is a bitter fact. Now some ppl may be more or less corrupt than others, but that is a separate issue. The term, “honest pakistani politican” is an oxymoron and if you say that in front of some ordinary pakistanis, they will laugh you off a forum, dismissing you as extremely naive or foolish or lying through your teeth. Yet you say your husband is an honest pakistan politician. Plz tell me his name as i would love to know this honest pakistani politician since he really needs to be recognized. But you obviously will never ever reveal your husbands name because you know very well that he is guilty as hell. And what you said that the pakistani army offered him bribes but he refused;madam you obviously dont know pakistani politics at all because if he indeed was offered bribes by the army and he refused, he would had been hanged or thrown in a dungeon or he would had been at the very least thrown out of the political establishment. Again, i dare you to reveal your husbands name if you truly believe he is innocent; afterall if he is not guilty of corruption, what do you have to fear. And I have no doubt at all, that the properties you claim to own in sydney have been acquired for the most part from the money which your politician husband has embezzled from the national treasury of pakistan. In other words, you are also an accomplice in the crime of looting the national treasury of pakistan which is really the property of the average commoner pakistani citizen. I know that what i said in this post, you dont like and will make you angry, but i really dont care as i am in the habit of telling the bitter truth and most likely, you will not respond since your mouth will be shut after this. I would had more appreciation if you had confessed the truth and admitted that your husband is a thief and plunderer (which he is) and you are benefiting from his crime shamelessly. And you being a citizen of a democractic country called australia engaging in such an undemocratic deed in a land which is trying very hard to attain such a system, should be ashamed, that is if shame is a character you are not inherently devoid of.

      • susan

        You are evidently seeing life through coloured glasses and it hampers your ability to read. I did not write that the Army offered my husband a bribe I said that the Army was aware that people had tried to bribe my husband and he refused. You are the same as the people in the Klu KLux Klan who believed that the blacks could not amount to anything, and now America has a black president.
        You think that I am now a thief? How did you come to that conclusion? You know nothing about me. You can be sure of one thing. The Australian government in fact all governments are aware of any money going into and out of their respective countries. And if I receive money into Australia I have to report it in my taxation otherwise I would end up in gaol. So evidently what ever I own in Australia was earned in Australia.
        What I am curious about in all your rant is that you claim that Pakistan is trying to attain democracy. Can you tell me how that democracy will happen if you have no leaders.
        You have a conundrum. In order to have a working democracy you have to have people who have been voted in and whoever you vote in is a politician, but you think all politicians are inherently corrupt. What to do?
        I am sorry that you have such a narrow view of life. That you cannot meet a person and not prejudge him. You are missing out on some wonderful relationships.
        why don’t you give me your mobile number and I will get my husband call you. You will like him for all the reasons that the people in his electorate like him.

      • Hassan

        @ Ahuja

        You’re being rude in your comments here.

        While it is true that a sizable majority of politicians in Pakistan are corrupt, there are also some exceptions.

        Democracy is a process. It takes time, but it works. Corrupt politicians do get rejected by the people in elections. Unfortunately in our country democracy has intermittently been suspended due to periods of military rule.

  15. Hassan

    Well, education abroad and interaction with the western values may help change social attitudes in Saudi Arabia, but the heart of the problem still lies with the Saudi system itself. It is a fundamentally undemocratic, totalitarian regime which promotes a hard line extreme version of Islam not only within Saudi Arabia, but also outside.

    My country Pakistan is an impoverished developing country, but we’re proud of the fact that we are a fundamentally democratic society, a much more freer society than the Saudi Slave society.

  16. ahuja

    obviously madam, your answer is way too defensive and basically what is called shooting from the hip, if you pardon my language. first you fallaciously compare me with KKK. sorry madam, but what does my calling all pakistani politicians corrupt have to do with the KKK? wrong analogy but i can understand that as you seem cornered and unable to give a good convincing reply. Second madam, i aint an idiot that i dont know that australia and other countries keep an eye of money coming into and out of the country. And besides, i know quite a number of australian citizens residing and working overseas who report their income to the tax authorities in australia. And just because you told me that redundant info, doesnt evidently prove at all that you earn most or all of your income within australia. Your husband after playing his part looting the national treasury in pakistan, gifts some of the looted wealth to you a foreign national and you probably report it as a gift from your foreign husband to the tax authorities in australia. Thats not impossible to do and no your neck wont end up in the galleys, so stop trying to act so innocent madam. Third, just because i believe that all politicians from at least the mainstream parties such as PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, etc are corrupt doesnt mean that i think pakistan shouldnt have leaders. How did you even come up with such a ridiculous idea?! obviously your using circular logic but i never said that pakistan doesnt need leaders, obviously i am not an idiot that i dont know that any country needs leaders and politicians to run a country. Last but not least, you still couldnt sum up the courage to reveal your husbands name and instead asked me for my mobile number. Why the hell would i want to give my number out for, i mean i really dont know you, and you could be anybody behind a computer screen and besides, what is your husband going to say to me, nothing new, the same old tired rants that you are telling me now. And believe me, after interacting with so many politicians in pakistan for so long, believe me i wont be convinced by a corrupt person on the other end of the line shamelessly condoning his/her corruption and plundering. in any event madam, continue living your corrupt,happy and fat lives and have a good day:)

  17. ahuja

    oy, i aint being rude at all, but just being brutally honest and usually ppl when they are guilty, intepret it as rudeness. when i debate, i do so with straight proofs and logic instead of beating the bushes. you say that there are some honest politicians—OK name some then. Then you say that unfortunately military intervenes and democracy gets derailed—well sir, why is the pakistani system so weak that the military intervenes while your next door neighbor hasnt had a single incident since its inception in which the military intervened. This is something which you have to ponder upon and come up with solutions rather than calling me rude just because you have an inferior complexity because you suck up to your anglo masters. And what democracy do you even have? And its been over six decades, how much more time is it going to take? or perhaps sir, you dont even want democracry to come since who knows you or your family benefit from the undemocratic climate which enables you partake in the corruption and plundering of the country.

    • susan

      oy and cheerz!!

      you aren’t even in pakistan. In fact you are in Britain.

      You speak with such authority that you know the system inside out.

      go take an angry pill

      or why don’t you go back to pakistan and try to make a difference by being an honest politician rather than sprouting abuse on a board

      btw, aint isn’t correct English. pity you couldn’t learn something at school

      • ahuja

        hey middle aged obese kiwi (or should i say kangaroo)—-nice try but im in canada not britain. And just because i dont live anymore in pakistan, doesnt mean i am aloof from the political system as i still have contacts and visit every now and then:)
        obviously you have nothing valid to say so now you resort to these name calling tactics instead of debating with a cool head with facts and logic. And just because i said aint instead of am not, doesnt make my english skills poor—just admit that what i said is correct and your wrong and u know it so now you want to attack my supposedly weak english skills and telling me to come to pakistan to change the system just to divert attention from the main issues—and what is an angry pill?! and even if such a thing existed, why would i need it?! No logic at all in ur rants! On the other hand its you who is hyperventilating and needs a chill pill to calm down. And just because i wont go back to change the system, doesnt justify your shameless role in plundering the national treasury. But again, no convincing logic offered by you, just epithets and cheap hip shots. And now I am getting the impression that i am debating this issue with an individual who is intellectually speaking a dwarf and imbecile. The fact that you couldnt even tell me the name of your husband so far shows that your guilty as hell but yet you stubbornly defend him and yourself from corruption while portraying that you ppl have clean and pristine hands. O please you may try to use your charm and status to fool other ppl but not me madam because i am well educated and have travelled a lot and have had and still maintain contacts every now and then will important personalities. I know who is who and who is real and who is full of hot air, which rare species is clean, and which one has his/her hand in the cookie jar and how much down in it. So save both of us the embarassment of your lies as you are only deceiving yourself—i understand that your benefitting from your husbands corruption but cant admit it—i know your likes. Blonde women seducing and marrying third world corrupt politicians partially to influence and control them and enrich themselves. otherwise such women would be just bar waitresses or exotic dancers in their own countries living a mediocre life rather than owning properties. in any event madam, dont stress out anymore and keep enjoying the fruits of your labor as you have made your mark!!

  18. Hassan


    What makes you so irascible?

    I know the vast majority of politicians here are inept, dishonest and corrupt. In fact educated people are extremely disenchanted with politics.

    However we must not tar everyone with the same brush. If someone’s spouse is a politician you don’t even know, how can you assert that he must be corrupt?

    Well, MQM is a political party that genuinely works for the people. Its legislators come from the middle and lower middle class backgrounds who have risen to upper echelons of the party purely on the basis of selfless public service. No case of corruption has ever been cited against any member of the MQM.

    Democracy is a process and it takes time to deliver.

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