Foiled Kidnapping


Last week a five year old girl and her mother got a lucky break when a Saudi man, Ali Al Shammari, was able to rescue the girl from an attempted kidnapping. It all happened when the widowed mother went to a charity center to get a Eid holiday give-out. She had taken her daughter along. After getting the packages, the mother stopped a taxi and helped the daughter into the back seat. She then turned around to get the bags from the sidewalk. As soon as she turned her back, the driver shut the door and sped off with the five year old still in the backseat. The mother ran after the taxi screaming “my daughter, my daughter, the taxi driver took my daughter!” This Saudi man was in his car nearby and heard her. He immediately raced after the taxi until he was able to corner it and get back the girl who was pleading with the driver to return her to her mother

Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh awarded the man an undisclosed cash reward for his heroic deed. And the newspaper took an interesting perspective on the whole story, writing that this is just another reason to nationalize all taxis, as if kidnapping and all things bad are only done by expatriates. I’m all for nationalizing every job but not for this reason


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6 responses to “Foiled Kidnapping

  1. This is a nightmare of an incident, but alhumdulillha for that courageous Saudi man who saved the little girl.

    I can’t comment on nationalizing jobs, but I can ask a question. If jobs are nationalized, who will do them, when Saudis cannot, or will not? I thought the whole movement to guest workers was precisely because Saudis were not numerous enough or trained to do many jobs.

  2. Krystal Bell

    Thank GOD the little girl is home safe and sound with her family and for the hero that recued her.We need more men like him, when evil in men rears it’s ugly head like in this man that tried to kidnap this little lass.I am glad that he was rewarded by Prince Salman that is just and fair.Justice will win in the end as GOD is in control.

  3. I must say that that was pretty heroic of the Saudi man… and awfully stupid of the taxi driver. Now he will probably never make it out of this country alive.
    I don’t really understand the thing about nationalizing some parts of the work force. As far as I have learned here, there are many jobs that the Saudis consider beneath them and that’s why there are foreign workers doing all of the menial jobs.

  4. Arabyah

    I don’t agree about nationalizing this job because even Saudis can do crimes. I’m with making a good system and registering all the cars and taxi drivers. so they follow a company that organizes everything and guarantees safety for the clients. we are in great need for public transportation as we are deprived from driving cars.

  5. Expat lady

    Most crimes in saudi r commited by Saudis themselves, expats cme for living and make it somehw.Saudis shld nationalise all the jobs and starting from cleaners,construction workers,shephards and people workkng in all the companies, \i wonder hw wld this country look like!Its not that saudis dnt knw the job, they dnt want to work! u knw it all.Thousands of jobless,educated and illitrate saudis are ;iving in kingdom, when 7.5 million expats make money here and sent remit home! funny na!

  6. Pardis

    Thank goodness for the rescuer.

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