The Biggest Irony

Jews in New York condemning Israel

Jews in New York condemning Israel


This is the biggest irony in the history of Humanity. The west calls Arabs terrorists and all the real terror started when western countries supported a bunch of radical Zionist in creating a Jewish state out of thin air. The west did this because they felt they owed the Jews after they had gone through the Holocaust. And because they were racist; it was a peaceful way for them to get Jews out of their countries. Financial support and weapons was all they could afford to give. No room for the Jews in Europe or America. Let’s send them as far off as possible.

Then the Zionists alleged the land was theirs in 70 A.D. And we KNOW the land is Palestinian right up until they took it in 1948. Zionist also considered Columbia and Uganda for their new state but decided on Palestine because of its religious sites. They stole, tricked and terrorized people off the land. They called to Jews from all over the world to immigrate and take up homes that belonged to Palestinian families for centuries. They lied and said that it was a desert and there were no people. How can that be? And all these families, millions of men, women and children in refugee camps with nowhere to go, where did they come from? Are they all actors?  Another argument that Zionists use is that Arabs already have enough land and countries. So why not ask Polish people to move out into Germany because Europeans have enough land? And anyone who doubts Israel, regardless of nationality, is labelled an anti-semite. The term semite includes both Arabs and Jews. So if you support Palestinians and their cause, you cannot be an anti-semite because Palestinians are Arabs. If Israel truly does wants peace and stability then it must find itself a new homeland. This one is already taken.

If this were a Hollywood movie, Hamas and its leaders would be the heroic no bullshit freedom fighters who die for a true cause. Sadly this is reality and reality has no integrity and no justice.

From Arab News newspaper:

Aiding and abetting a holocaust

Tariq Al-Maeena |

A reader last week objected to my reference of a “holocaust” in this latest atrocity being perpetrated by the Israelis against civilians in Gaza, and specifically targeting children. May I remind the reader and other skeptics that this word is no longer exclusive to crimes of the past?

Cambridge Dictionary defines holocaust as “a very large amount of destruction, especially by fire or heat, or the killing of very large numbers of people” – a situation that is currently in full force against Palestinians in Gaza.

Palestinians are being killed like insects not because of Hamas or because of Qassam rockets or hand-thrown rocks. Palestinians burn and bleed because they are the non-Jewish natives of that land. There is no other reason. Click here to read more.


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11 responses to “The Biggest Irony

  1. Andrew

    We must all work towards peace, and not dwell on the pain that has occurred.

    We must, therefore, seek a realistic path forward.

    To that end, your proposed solution is rather unrealistic.

    A meximalist position for our side will never be achieved, just as a maximalist position for the enemy will never be achieved.

    I only know about this topic from media, television and internet, and have no first-hand contact, but nevertheless it is clear to me that a position that requires the total surrender of the other side essentially condemns our side to eternal violence.

    As such, I would offer the thought that we must seek a more conciliatory negotiating position, one that includes a realistic probability for success.

    I understand that our government has done this very thing.

  2. Liz

    Why dwell on things that went on in 70 A.D., or even things that went on sixty year ago? We know very little about them.
    What you’re proposing (that Israel removes itself from its place is just unrealistic.
    And what you call reality is not the reality at all – you know, the other side (Israel) has exactly the same stories, but from its side of the fence.
    The only reality that there is that now both Israel and the Palestinian Authority exist. Only from this point things can begin to get solved.

  3. Liz

    I really don’t want to be picky, but see the following paragraph:
    “What have Palestinians done to deserve such a fate? … To have their homes demolished, their ancient history and heritage cast into forgotten space? To languish in refugee camps and slums?”

    This is from Wikipedia:
    – Jordan’s refugee camps, overcrowded and filled with angry refugees…
    – The Palestinians’ Lebanese camps became ghettos as the Palestinians were barred from citizenship, finding certain jobs, or traveling abroad…
    – Syria has 10 official camps and additional unofficial camps…

    So what have Palestinians done to deserve the same fate in Arab countries as in Israel?

  4. saudiwoman

    Jordan and Syria aren’t their country in the first place. So hypothetically if the UK were to be under siege would the US or Canada be expected to absorb ALL the UK’s citizen considering that they are both the closest to the UK in culture and language?

  5. saudiwoman

    Not to mention that Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc have absorbed many Palestinians. But most Palestinians want their country back and will not immigrate by choice nor force.

  6. Andrew

    I would simply state that our goals must be pragmatic and realistic, and based on a probability of success.

    I have no deep knowledge of Palestine, but exclusively derive my knowledge from informational sources.

    If Palestinians wish to obtain justice, they should emulate the model of Mohandas Gandhi — non-violent resistance.

    They should publicly destroy the instruments of violence and renounce as a matter of principle all violence.

    They should then engage in non-violent resistance.

    Were they to do so, it would be impossible for the enemy to engage in violence against them.

    If Palestinians engage in acts of violence, then it will further confirm global prejudices that view Muslims as Arabs as little more than adolescent and petulant children.

    Their violence serves to weaken the very goal that they espouse.

    Moreover, a call for maximalist positions elsewhere among the Arab people, reinforces global views that we are fueled by a triumphalist religious agenda that seeks the utter destruction of all enemies, rather than negotiated agreements on just a few topics.

    I recall a member of the ulemaa in a conversation with someone I know suggesting that we should seek redress for the loss of Spain, just as we seek justice in Palestine.

    We must abandon such unrealistic ideas or claims based on events of the distant past.

    However, we must insist on justice and achieve it through non-violent resistance.

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  8. This war and the past 60 years have been a tragedy for both peoples. I can understand how deeply upsetting the creation of Israel was for the people living in Palestine. This type of situation has happened many times in history. The boundaries of many nations and peoples has been changed abruptly over the past centuries in europe and asia.
    The fact remains that the United Nations legitimized a division of Palestine and had the plan been followed, both peoples would be much better off. Some of the inhabitants had their land confiscated, but some at the urging of surrounding nations left to avoid what appeared to be the upcoming annihilation of the infant state by arab armies. These same countries have allowed the refugees to languish and become more and more radicalized over the generations.
    As hard as it may be to accept It would be best to accept the unacceptable, accept the Arab League plan, develop a government that can control it’s own territory and avoid hostilities against Israel. Everyone would be much better off and both peoples would live in peace. The present path will never work for either side

  9. US and not arrogant or self-centered

    I absolutely agree about the hypocrisies of Westerners, and I am one! How can Europeans criticize Israelis when they are the ones who were too damn racist to let Jews stay and build normal lives? It’s disgusting.

    However, it is false to say that Jews never had dominion over the territory now known as Israel. Like the Palestinians, Jews were also once forced from the land, after living there for many many generations. They are simply trying to reclaim it several thousand years later – pretty hilarious if you ask me. I still support the Jewish Cause, though I disagree with their methods.
    As for your comment about Jordan, Syria, etc. Yes, absolutely the US and Canada would take in all of the UK population if necessary – absolutely, I have no doubt. If those countries are soo concerned about their poor Palestinian brothers, they should take better care of them, while continuing to fight legally. Obviously, they don’t value their “brothers” lives as highly as they like the media to believe.
    Of course, I do feel terribly for Palestinians, and I wish that the two could live in peace. Both will have to admit to behaving poorly and move forward – may simply be too hard.

  10. Am.

    “The west did this because they felt they owed the Jews after they had gone through the Holocaust.”

    1. That’s far from being true. Jewish immigration into Palestine began long before WWII, and was encouraged by active Zionist organizations in Western countries. There were plenty of Jews in prominent positions in the West at that time, and also plenty of poor Jews who didn’t want to assimilate and embraced attitude of hate towards everything around them (that is Judaism or communism), so they have managed to create a political Jewish question.

    The West did not feel guilty for anything in general, because the whole “holocaust” question didn’t come up until 1960s, and the Jews were not being killed by the “West”, nor “Nazis”, but by the Germans.

    Most Jews were living in Eastern Europe at that time, and that region was totally devastated during the war. Jews didn’t want to take part in hard work of rebuilding countries they didn’t care for. It was easier to flee to Palestine where they would benefit from international Zionist money.

    They just had to scare the Britons out of Palestine, so they have incited and insurgency. Many Jews had military training in the Soviet Union during the war (communism is so Jewish), and deserted to Palestine later. They fought together with Arabs against the Brits.

    When they finally “liberated” Palestine from the Brits, they began fighting with Arabs, as you probably know better than me.

    2. “Holocaust” means a Jewish offering entirely consumed by fire, thus the most perfect offering. What’s important, holocaust had to be made of best possible victim (a male, as the more valuable, and without blemish, as only then worthy of God, Lev 1:2, 3, 5, 10; 22:17). Therefore Jews use the word “holocaust” because they think that they’re the best and most valuable part of humanity, and all other are inferior to them.

    3. Jews like to present themselves as the only victims of German genocide, which is precisely a lie. All nations considered inferior by Hitler’s regime (see a similarity to Jewish perception of other people?) were bound to total, enforced extinction. That includes Gypsies, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians etc. etc. and they were being murdered in gas chambers, concentration camps together with the Jews all the time to make room for German colonization of Eastern Europe (“Lebensraum”). _In fact, Jews are a minority of the victims_.

    Until 1960s the Jews didn’t come up to the idea that they can make crazy amounts of money and support for the Zionist state by pretending that the so-called “holocaust” is something unique and they are the only victims of WWII genocide. They still exploit and broaden that topic by trying to induce sense of guilt among Germans, then the West, and finally even fellow victims, and they do it easily by Jewish scholars, journalists and lobbyists spread through Europe and America. All the West should pay, pay, pay, pay.

    Until 1960s the Israeli Jews perceived the European Jews as weak, and ridiculed them for their supposed religiously-induced lack of courage.

    4. Judaism prohibited Jews from having their state. That’s why Zionists were anti-religious. But when the state of Israel turned up and began collecting taxes the Zionists started subsidizing rabbis and religious congregations, so the rabbis finally changed their mind. Now only a tiny remnant of religious Jews, like Neturei Karta, is anti-Zionist.

    5. You can’t have peace with the Jews. They will keep murdering you as long as you try to oppose them. If you really want to get rid of Israel, go to the West, learn to be scholars, journalists, lobbyists, throw the Jews from Western universities, take over the US Department of State from the Jews, thus cutting them off from money and political influence, and THEN you will be able to fight Israel. Europeans are too sissy to do that.

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