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I am Israel


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Tell it like it is.

Two articles that I’ve come across are an excellent read if you are interested in Saudi Arabia. The first was written by Wajeha Al Huwaider on the abuse of Saudi women rights and the second is on the CNN website about what motivates Muslim terrorists. Finally journalists are starting to get it right about the recruitment of youth into “the holy war against infidels”. I wish though that they had put more emphasis on the Palestinian/Israel conflict. What makes youth turn against the outside world rather than facing their own governments and life conditions are the great injustices by Israel against Palestinians. They can’t demand such luxuries as democracy and government accountability when Palestinians are raped of their land and basic human rights. The latter is just a greater cause.

Once Palestinians are happy with their own country, these recruitments will go extremely down. And our youth will be able to look inward for a cause within their own borders.   


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When truth is hard to digest

The boycott and walk out on Ahmadinejad’s speech at Durban II smacks of hypocrisy. Tariq Al Maeena has a an excellent piece today for those of us not wearing western ideologies horse blinkers. He concludes his article with a quote:

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store stated it best during a news conference. “If we start walking out every time we feel uncomfortable dealing with our ideological rivals, the world would be the one to lose,” he said.


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Standing up for what’s right

Members of the American Congress who voted that Israel has no right to defend itself (with US-citizen tax money). Hopefully more will find the courage to stand up for what’s right.

Dennis J. Kucinich (D – OH)
Gwen Moore (D-WI)
Ron Paul (R – TX)
Nick Rahall (D-WV)
Maxine Waters (D-CA)

Neil Abercrombie (D-HI)
Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)
Peter DeFazio (D-OR)
John Dingell (D-MI)
Donna F. Edwards (D-MD)
Keith Ellison (D- MN)
Sam Farr (D-CA)
Raul M. Grijalva (D-AZ)
Maurice Hinchey (D-NY)
Henry Johnson (D-GA)
Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D-MI)
Barbara Lee(D-CA)
Betty McCollum (D-MI)

James McDermott (D-WA)
George Miller(D-CA)
James Moran(D-VA)
John Olver (D-MA)
Donald Payne (D-NJ)
Loretta Sanchez(D-CA)
Pete Stark (D-CA)
Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)


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The Biggest Irony

Jews in New York condemning Israel

Jews in New York condemning Israel


This is the biggest irony in the history of Humanity. The west calls Arabs terrorists and all the real terror started when western countries supported a bunch of radical Zionist in creating a Jewish state out of thin air. The west did this because they felt they owed the Jews after they had gone through the Holocaust. And because they were racist; it was a peaceful way for them to get Jews out of their countries. Financial support and weapons was all they could afford to give. No room for the Jews in Europe or America. Let’s send them as far off as possible.

Then the Zionists alleged the land was theirs in 70 A.D. And we KNOW the land is Palestinian right up until they took it in 1948. Zionist also considered Columbia and Uganda for their new state but decided on Palestine because of its religious sites. They stole, tricked and terrorized people off the land. They called to Jews from all over the world to immigrate and take up homes that belonged to Palestinian families for centuries. They lied and said that it was a desert and there were no people. How can that be? And all these families, millions of men, women and children in refugee camps with nowhere to go, where did they come from? Are they all actors?  Another argument that Zionists use is that Arabs already have enough land and countries. So why not ask Polish people to move out into Germany because Europeans have enough land? And anyone who doubts Israel, regardless of nationality, is labelled an anti-semite. The term semite includes both Arabs and Jews. So if you support Palestinians and their cause, you cannot be an anti-semite because Palestinians are Arabs. If Israel truly does wants peace and stability then it must find itself a new homeland. This one is already taken.

If this were a Hollywood movie, Hamas and its leaders would be the heroic no bullshit freedom fighters who die for a true cause. Sadly this is reality and reality has no integrity and no justice.

From Arab News newspaper:

Aiding and abetting a holocaust

Tariq Al-Maeena | talmaeena@aol.com

A reader last week objected to my reference of a “holocaust” in this latest atrocity being perpetrated by the Israelis against civilians in Gaza, and specifically targeting children. May I remind the reader and other skeptics that this word is no longer exclusive to crimes of the past?

Cambridge Dictionary defines holocaust as “a very large amount of destruction, especially by fire or heat, or the killing of very large numbers of people” – a situation that is currently in full force against Palestinians in Gaza.

Palestinians are being killed like insects not because of Hamas or because of Qassam rockets or hand-thrown rocks. Palestinians burn and bleed because they are the non-Jewish natives of that land. There is no other reason. Click here to read more.


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Palestine/Israel Background

Yesterday on CNN the Israeli ambassador to the US tried to lump all Muslims together with a common purpose of terrorizing humanity. He said that we (as in everyone else but Muslims) in Gaza are fighting a war against terrorism just like the hotel bombings in Mumbai. For the record, there is as much in common with a Pakistani Muslim and an Arab Muslim as there is in common between an Italian Catholic and an American Protestant. In general they have the same religion but both pairs don’t speak the same language and definitely don’t come from the same historical and political background. But I guess the ambassador at least acknowledges that the ignorant west has made some progress since he didn’t say we are all against the orientals.

What does Intifada mean? The news networks use these terms and non-Arabic speakers assume they mean kill all Jews or Bomb everyone for the hell of it when it really means shake off as in shaking off the occupation of Palestine by Israel. I remember reading a comment once written by an American Christian woman where she was showing her support for Israel and she wrote that she’s read about Muslims and how lying is part of our religion and we call that hudna. What?! I’m a born and bred Muslim and the only thing that I’ve been taught about lying is that it is haram (prohibited) and children are always told that if you lie you go to hell. And hudna means truce, so where’s the link?

An average American’s experience of so called Islamic terrorism is 9/11 and 15 of the 19 involved were Saudis. The way it is depicted in the media is that those Saudis just out of the blue grew pure hatred towards the US and decided that they would sacrifice their lives (many of which were promising) to succumb to that hatred. Yes I know Americans are infamous for their arrogance and self-centeredness but come on we don’t care that much about them. What pushed those Saudis to do such a thing is the USA’s unwavering commitment and support for Israel. A commitment that has supplied Israel with billions of dollars worth of army supplies to conduct an ethnic cleansing of Palestine. And Palestine matters to Saudi in the same way that Texas matters to Kansas. Just a little more than a century ago we were one country under Ottoman rule.

To learn more you can watch this video. The whole thing is essential in understanding the Middle-East crisis but if you don’t have to time then start watching from minute 51:20 to learn about the USA’s role in the crisis.


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Current Saudi atmosphere

It makes my heart swell with pride to know that my country is trying to do something for the Palestinians in Gaza. A friend who works in the military hospital here in Riyadh told me that for the past two days the hospital has been discharging people left and right to accommodate the wounded from Gaza and today the first airlift arrived. Everyone here in Saudi feels helpless and frustrated when we see the photos of the Israeli air raids aftermath. The photos of bleeding children and leveled buildings are driving us crazy. We need to have something to do. It’s so bad that many people went to government hospitals wanting to donate blood to the Palestinians. So many that the Health minister had to issue a statement saying that the Palestinians need supplies not blood.

Update Jan 3rd

The Saudi government organized a charity for Gaza that was broadcast on TV for the past two days and the last time I checked which was about four hours ago they had collected over eleven million dollars mostly from average Saudis to send to Gaza.  One of the stories that they showed tonight was that of a lady who brought her welfare check to give to the cause. Another brought her whole jewelry box and told them this is all I have and I want to give it to the Palestinians suffering in Gaza. On TV there were a number of glass boxes with signs stating 10 riyal notes, 50 riyal notes, …etc. And Saudis would walk by putting their money in the appropriate box with several throwing notes into the 500 riyals box.

Update Jan 5th

the donations have reached 125 million riyals which is over 33 million dollars from both average Saudis, royalty and commercial establishments.


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