I am Israel


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    • Proud Israeli

      You are all so filled with hatred. No wonder there will never be any peace in our region. Your hatred for the Jews is irrational and sick. It is not a matter of land or politics. Your Koran tells you to hate the non-Moslem. Your leaders rather you focus all your hatred on the Jew then take a real and hard look at what you have become- an evil society, honor killings, blowing up innocent civilians, not making any good or significant contribution to society.

    • Sam

      I am Israeli too and I Believe that sooner than later A Modern Saudi Country and Most Arab Countries will make Peace with Israel and Israel will get to an Agreement with Palestinians who we live with and close neighbors!

  1. dan

    If Israel conquered palestine, who did palestine conquer it from? maybe they want it back?

    • saudiwoman

      Even though I shouldn’t dignify your comment with a response but maybe you really don’t know that the Palestinians are the orginal people of the land and anyone who says different only has religious texts to back their claims.

      • Jay Kactuz

        Madame, You do not know history. There are hundreds of documents about jews in the land of Israel. These go back 2500 years, or even 3200 if you consider some Egyptian inscriptions. The wars with Israel and Judea are mentioned in many texts from the ancient middle east. The Romans reported extensively on the problems of the jews in their lands. The Crusaders and Turks also have hundreds of documents about jews in Israel. Or, if you want, read the travels chronicles of Marx or Mark Twain in Jerusalem, a mere 150 years ago. None of these are religious texts.

        Muslims refuse to be honest about history, their own or that of the jews. But this is not surprising since they don’t know the Quran and ahadith either.

        Note that Palestinians and Christians also lived in what they call the “Holy Land” (what a joke!).

        As far as I am concerned, the land of Israel belongs to the jews. Muslims, because of their hate, don’t deserve it. Remember for every Palestianians expeled from their homes a jew was also forced to leave an Islamic country after 1947. The difference is that Israel took the Jews in while Muslims use the pain and suffering of others to justify their hatred and violence.

        No there is no solution for this problem. There can be no peace either because Muslims cannot live in peace with others. Perhaps I should quote from the Quran. How about 9:111. That verse explains it all.


    • The Otomman Empire ruled Palestine and it didn’t conquered get by anyone intil israel did and by an ethnic cleansing. They say it has being a “Jewish” state since decades ago. That’s irrelevant because not only Jews lived there, Christians and Muslims lived there as well.

    • The Ottoman Empire ruled Palestine and it was never conquered by anyone until israel did and by and ethnic cleansing. They say that the holy land has being a “Jewish” state since decades ago. That’s irrelevant because not only Jews lived there. Christians and Muslims lived there as well.

    • Maria Aini

      Is there anything else you can think of apart from conquest?
      Genetically you aren’t Jews anymore, but the mixture of pretty everything. And if you deny it then study the genetic research of leading DNA analysts, which you never conveniently talk about.
      So whichever way you look at this situation, Palestinians, as real indigenous people, have more rights on that land.

      • olegonzo

        Who cares if one group of people lived on some land 2,000 years ago? If that’s the justification for taking land from people who have lived on the land more recently, then I suppose the US needs to give back the Carolinas to the Cherokee.

        As an unapologetic infidel, I have to say that the root of a lot of suffering in this world has come from those “people of Abraham” who cling to antiquated, fundamentalist principles — whether it’s the Islamists with their crazy justifications for murder and suicide, crazy Israeli settlers stealing land because of some 2,000-year-old precedent, or Bible-thumping morons in America who defend Israel because they believe the End of Times can’t happen unless Hebrews live in Palestine. All of those people can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

        You know who gets treated like crap? Infidels and animists. They’re the ones that have to hide their views or get wiped out, or have their land taken. Animists and atheists have been persecuted and murdered by religious people for eons. So, speaking on behalf of indigenous people and infidels: screw all of you religious people. The world would be a better place if people would internalize their faith and STFU Nobody care about your deeply held religious beliefs and it’s an insult to be viewed as somebody who is going to hell just because that person doesn’t see the world the same way as you.

        OK, I’m done venting.


  2. In fact all most, if not all of the modern jews living there came from different places in Europe.

    i havent watched the vid yet but will do later on!

  3. Charles

    I certainly don’t condone or support the actions of Israel, but the number of Black Sudanese killed and the number of villages razed by Arab janjaweed in Darfur is much, much greater than the number of Palestinians killed and the number villages razed by the Israelis. Why no outrage concerning Darfur?

    • saudiwoman

      So now Palestinians not only do they have to pay for the holocaust but also for Darfur?! The atrocities that occurred in Darfur are awful but they are recent and small when compared to the half-century of ethic cleansing committed by Israel against the Palestinians.

      • Maria Aini

        Well, the only way to excuse own crimes is to point out the finger at some one else, isn’t it? It is pathetic strategy yet it is very much widespread among the Zionist population.
        It goes as far as excusing their Nazi-like behaviour by boasting how advance they are comparably to the rest of the Middle Eastern world. They like to say “you criticize us because you envy our progress”. Well, if I was a Palestinian, perhaps I would indeed envy Israelis for having swimmingpools, and fancy houses. But what I definitely would not envy about is Israeli future, which is pretty sad no matter how advance they will be.

      • Charles

        There has been some poor communication here..most likely by my poor choice of words. I was in no way excusing Israel or condoning any of their actions, but was trying to point out that to a ‘Western’ person it seems like many Arabs could care less if hundreds of thousands of people are being killed (not a small thing in my opinion) as long as those killed are not Arabs or Muslims. I’m not Israeli or trying to point the finger at anyone (nice spin Maria) but was attempting to say that in my opinion the Palestinian tragedy would gain more sympathy in the ‘West’ if there was an acknowledgment that it is not the only great injustice happening in the world, and that Jews and ‘Westerners’ are not the only people in the world capable of committing gross injustice.

  4. Jerry M

    The only way to resolve this issue is to have each side try to understand the other’s facts. What I see on Israeli side and here is debaters points as if one set of ‘facts’ demolishes the other side’s ‘facts’. Assuming the US has some power to solve this issue (and that is implied by the way the US is painted as a puppet of Israel interests in the video), the Palestinian side needs to understand how Americans understand this issue and why Palestinian facts never seem to penetrate into American consciousness.

    Why were South African interests able to gain support in the US but not Arab? There are factors that made South Africa easy to sell to the US. Christianity for one, the similarity to the US’s own history of racism is another. Yet, the ANC had a close connection to the Communist left and that never got traction in the US.

    • Chiara

      Unfortunately the US was a longtime laggard in the fight against Apartheid, refusing to boycott and supporting the regime long after other Western countries were onside with the ANC, which along with Mandela were on US terrorist lists until a few years ago.

    • Maria Aini

      Jerry, the only way to resolve this issue is for the West to stop applying double standards when it comes to Israel.
      The West pretends to be powerless when it comes to Israeli-Palestinian conflict whereas in reality it is the main participant, and cause of this conflict. Let’s not forget that all Israeli prime-ministers were obvious terrorists, yet they were always invited to the Western soil with a red carpet rolled under their feet. The problem lies within strong ties between the West and Israel.

      • Jerry M

        All countries apply double standards. They act one way toward allies and another way to other countries and maybe a third toward actual adversaries. Why would anyone expect the US to act differently?

  5. Chiara

    Stunning video! Everytime I thought it might have missed something it came up–explicit, concise, accurate, and penetrating.

    It is as if it is the condensed artistic version of the wonderful Palestine Remembered, al-Nakba 1948- פלשתינה-فلسطين في الذاكرة
    with the most recent events included, although the 2008-9 offensive is not the first time Israel has defied the UN, only the first that I know of that it has actually attacked the UN, and the IRCC for good measure.

    It takes some kind of chutzpah to knowingly attack UNHRW convoys, UN hospitals and schools, IRCC vehicles, the GCMHP (Gaza Community Mental Health Program) clinic, and to use naphtalene in urban civilian areas, so against the Geneva Convention that Drs didn’t know what it was or how to treat it and were so cut off from the outside world that they had to send out a plea via a BBC reporter for information. But then it takes some kind of chutzpah to occupy, blockade and lay seige to a people and a place, and to sink your ally’s (US ) war ship on the rare occasion when they don’t support you.

    And then again the Ashkenazi Jews who created Zionism and populated Palestine starting in the 19th century with rapid escalation in the 20th and certainly after WWII know from chutzpah, and let their Sephardic second class fellow citizens feel it too.

    Thanks for this!

  6. mpilgrim

    Well, mostly it’s true. Unfortunately, we haven’t see an explanation on why all that stuff happens. The problem is much more complected that just to divide on bad and good guys. It’s came to light to be a politic. Just in case you do not know, politics is a dirty game. Everyone who in that are being smelled.
    Want to draw your attention to one question. Where the strong voice of the Arab World? To be precise, where the voice of Saudi Arabia? To be even more precise, why in the earth the land of the modern Arabia is called Saudi? Is there a Saudi nation in the World? Now you might see an entitled answer. Well, I am aware that the above questions are toughy, but the truth is mostly harsh.

    That’s what has to be done.

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