When truth is hard to digest

The boycott and walk out on Ahmadinejad’s speech at Durban II smacks of hypocrisy. Tariq Al Maeena has a an excellent piece today for those of us not wearing western ideologies horse blinkers. He concludes his article with a quote:

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store stated it best during a news conference. “If we start walking out every time we feel uncomfortable dealing with our ideological rivals, the world would be the one to lose,” he said.


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4 responses to “When truth is hard to digest

  1. Sam

    Excellent article. I do not agree with everything Ahmadinejad states but at least he is not a coward and is willing to speak the truth, unlike the lackey and servile rulers in the Arab world who simply follow the West’s command. I wonder do they fear the West more than they fear the wrath of Allah. Or is it simply hoob al dunya which sayyidnah Mohammed prayers and peace be upon him warned us about.

  2. Jerry M

    I don’t care for the Israelis but Ahmadinejad presents a simplistic picture. For the first 20 years of Israel’s existence Gaza and the West Bank were controlled by Arab countries (Jordan and Egypt). Those countries did little for the refugees.

    Iran is also an odd one to talk about the Israelis. They certainly didn’t supply resources or fight during the wars against Israel. (I am not including the recent action in Lebanon but the 1948,67 and 73 war).

    I guess it is easy to be a hero if it is all talk.

  3. …ready to leave your husband to marry nini jadadrouny and move to Iran yet…? Let me know what I can do to help.

  4. Alexandra

    It was extremely hard for me to digest this shocking truth too. Anyway, I will. I’m not from naïve Western Europe. I’m from the country which was devastated by two fundamentalist regimes.

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