Prominent Saudis: Muhanid Abu Diya


Muhanid is a 23 year old Saudi physics prodigy. He has 22 inventions under his belt, nine of which are patented, and he’s written three books. He first started inventing when he was in sixth grade. His most known invention is a submarine that can submerge itself underwater to depths lower than any other submarine in the world. Before Muhanid’s invention the Japanese held the record. Another invention of his is a pen for the blind. He is originally from the south-western region of Jezan and grew up in Jeddah. His father is a presenter on the Saudi broadcast channels.

In April of last year Muhanid was involved in a car accident on Al Ouraba street in Riyadh. At the time, he was a newlywed, he had just gotten married five days earlier. Unfortunately he lost his sight, hearing in one ear and a leg in the accident. And witnesses say that the loss of his leg was due to the slow response of the paramedics and later bureaucratic procedures at the hospital he was taken to.

As he was recovering, his wife would sit next to his hospital bed crying and he turned to her and told her that everything was going to be alright. Psychologists that saw him after his accident remarked that they rarely come across patients who were able to deal so well with what he had gone through.

Now Muhanid has beaten the dirt off and gotten right back up. He is currently sponsored by the Saudi Telecom Company and back to pursuing his dreams. He also speaks at local schools, urging students to go after their ambitions. My nephew attended one of Muhanid’s talks and he couldn’t stop raving about him. He says meeting him was inspirational and that Muhanid gave the students his Email and told them that they could contact him if they ever needed support.


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12 responses to “Prominent Saudis: Muhanid Abu Diya

  1. N

    Amazing.. May Allah enable him to pursue his dreams and achieve it! It is so inspirational just to read about him, let alone meeting him in person!
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Norah

    Truly inspirational ! I am astonished that I have never heard of him! .. Just amazing !

  3. random observer


    Sounds like an amazing story but are his inventions really true?

    I know that Saudi media tend to overstate things…

    I was searching the interent for any article regarding his “deepest submerging submarine” and couldnt find any mention of him.

    I dont mean to be a pacifist I’m just interested in reading more.

  4. mimi ameer

    Ma sha’a Allah, Allah y7fad’oo. It’s nice to hear of the productive people in our society every now and then. laysh we know so little about the achievers in our community? shouldn’t we care? Thank you for this, it was full of hope.

  5. A remarkable story of an impressive young man. Thanks for bringing this to us.

  6. Extraordinary feats. May he be an inspiration to the others. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  7. hasan

    hello, does any one have Muhanid’s phone or contact info, i’m interested to interview him…
    many thanks

  8. mohamed

    DIEU est grand….muhanad Allah i3inak 3ala khtira3atak…. j etais etonné par cette nouvelle mais je suis sur que cet accident n est qu une nouvelle route vers des nouveaux inventionnnnnnnns

  9. Chiara

    Very inspirational young man indeed!

  10. Khalid

    @Random, check this link out :

    You should also find inspiring interviews with Muhanad .

  11. … Ready to leave your husband and marry him yet…?
    Let me know what I cam do to help.

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