Did you know…

That Israelis often accuse North Americans of being hypocrites when any American even thinks about condemning what they are doing to the Palestinians. Their argument is that Americans killed off the Red Indians ( Native Americans) and took their territories and so they can’t complain about Israeli conduct.

Saudi Arabia and the USA are in indirect warfare as long as there is warfare between Israel and Palestine. If the Americans consider themselves “friends” of Israel, then we are Palestine’s brothers.

That Israel has an ongoing campaign to get Jews from all over the world and especially the States to immigrate just so they can artificially change the demographics of the land; killing Palestinians and replacing them with Zionists.

That Arab Jews and Christians have coexisted peacefully with Muslims for centuries before Zionism.

Check these facts for yourself.


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4 responses to “Did you know…

  1. Everything you said here is true. The Zionist Israelis are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Every chance they get, they milk sympathy out of the world for the holocaust that was perpetrated on them decades ago. Yet here they are, committing a genocide of their own against Palestinians . It’s disgusting

  2. What you write is so true ,but what can be done?I wish the USA would stop saying “We are the greatest country in the world”They need to be one of many!Listen to all.The Palestines need help ,I send my bit,little it is ,but it is.

  3. Mumtaz

    The problem of western world is that they are frightened of criticisng israel’s conduct. money talkies i suppose. not many people would give you an honest opinion with the current wave of islamophobia.

  4. PragueRaider

    You’re quite entertaining… you muslims DID NOT peacefully coexisted with ANYBODY, not even sunni with shia. Please don’t tell me, that jizya and humiliation is a peaceful coexistence. It is not… You all talk about palestinians? What about to give A PROPER CITIZENSHIP to them? Here in europe the new generation usually receives one, but the Palestinians are living among YOU ARAB PEOPLE with no right of getting an citizenship… open your eyes please, you’re creating a local conflict a global one.

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