Saudi woman top five blog posts

I dragged these out because I enjoyed writing them and they are representative of a side of Saudi that rarely is shown to the outside world. Click on the header of each for a link to the actual post.

1) The Saudi Supernatural World

In Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general, people strongly believe in the supernatural world. This world that we believe in is  different right down to its roots from the supernatural phenomena in the rest of the world. There is no emphasis on ancestral spirits or ghosts of dead people. To us dead people are dead and its final, and supernatural phenomena is due to the existence of another dimension that is peopled with creatures called Jinn. This post explains the common beliefs held by most Saudis regarding this.

2) The problem lies within

This post explains why it is that the status quo regarding women rights is maintained.

3) Line 110 or 220 volts?

This is about the tribal divisions and traditions within Saudi society.

4) Blackmail: Saudi style

This is on how some Saudi men make use of the cultural restrictions on women by manipulating vulnerable Saudi women into giving up their photos and blackmailing them with the photos in exchange for sex.

5) The reasoning behind the ban on women driving.

This is a translation of the illogical rhetoric that those supporting the ban repeat over and over and over…


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2 responses to “Saudi woman top five blog posts

  1. Nice collection, thanks!

  2. i wouldn’t like to live in saudi 🙂

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