Second Update on Manal Al Sherif

Manal Al Sherif, according to first reports of her sentence, was supposed to be released today. The local media has taken an official stance on Manal’s case. While columnists in these very same schizophrenic newspapers have taken the opposite position by supporting Manal and advocating lifting the ban on women driving. In one estimate, there were over 60 columns supporting Manal on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meanwhile the official stance is that Manal has confessed and repented. The story goes that Manal has broken down sobbingly and said that she was mislead and misinformed by a group of Saudi women, some of whom are in the USA to go ahead with the campaign and driving video. It’s also claimed that she requested that they be brought in for questioning too. Her support campaign and personal friends have denied all this and insist that Manal remains strong. Manal’s lawyer has not denied or confirmed either reports but he did make the following statement:

My client reserves her right in not making any comment at the moment and will take legal steps against any information that goes against reporting ethics and professionalism. He added: What concerns me as a lawyer is to raise the humanitarian sense in dealing with the case until my client is able to return home. “

The latest news is that Sabq, a local news organization claims that it has insider information that Manal’s prison sentence has been extended ten day, starting from Thursday 26th, May.

The ultra-conservatives have come out in full force against Manal. Sheikh Nasser Al Omer gave a sermon on the matter of women driving. At the beginning of the video he claims that he read in an American newspaper about an American expert who says that the USA is drawing up plans to occupy Saudi oil fields, and that the Iranian TV channels are also making threats. So that raising the issue of women driving is not about rights or whether or not it’s prohibited by Islam; it is a conspiracy against the country, started by Shia who are supported by liberals, secularists, Jews and the West. His argument is that the women driving issue always gets heated when the country is under threat, referring back to the 1990 women driving protest during the Gulf war and now.

Then you have Sheikh Monjed who is originally Syrian describe Manal as a sinful, conspiring and malicious hypocrite and those who support her as evil, infidels, and licentious, conspiring, immoral people who only follow their desires and whims. His words were so harsh and heavy on the accusations that there was a backlash and the next day he issued a statement where he does not apologize but at least shows some remorse. He insists that June 17th was not chosen randomly. That the campaign date is evidence of a Shia conspiracy because it falls on the Hijri date 15th of Rajab which he claims is a Shia holiday or has religious implications for Shia, very Dan Brown, Islamic version.

There are many more but the above had the biggest impact including another Shiekh, Dr. Ghazi Al Shamari, calling on the authorities to publicly lash Manal in a women-only mall. He also backtracked the next day by saying that since Manal has apologized we should show her mercy and forgive her.

On the other hand, you have sheikhs who have come out in support of Manal and lifting the driving ban. Shiekh Dr. Eissa Al Ghaith, a judge, posted an article on his Facebook page in support of women driving. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al Ahmari was very outspoken in his support for Manal and lifting the ban on driving. And in the recent past you had several sheikhs including the highly respected Albani who laughed at the suggestion that women driving should be prohibited in Islam. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Baz also supports women driving and says that his father’s original decree banning it is no longer relevant.

Many members of the Royal family also support lifting the ban. King Abdullah in a 2005 interview with Barbra Walters said that it was only a matter of time and that Saudi women have to be patient. His daughter Princess Adelah stated to the press that she hopes that the ban will be lifted. Princess Loloah, daughter of the great King Faisal told France 24 that she would like to see the ban lifted.

Despite all this support for lifting the ban, the Deputy Interior Minister Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz issued a statement this morning:

“Any claims may be received from any party, regardless of them being right or wrong .. but women driving cars in Saudi Arabia has already been decided on in 1411 to not allow women driving. This for us, the Ministry of the Interior, continues to stand.” He added: “Our mission is to implement the system, but whether this action is right or wrong is not for us to say.”

However award winning human rights lawyer Abdulrahmin Allahim see things differently. He wrote a very careful and studied analysis that shows that the 1411 Hijri (1990 Gregorian) law is cancelled because first of all, a year after the 1411 law the Kingdom issued the Principle Governmental System which abrogates all that came before it. Another point is that Saudi signed the international Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women  agreement, CEDAW,  in 2000. And since driving is not Islamically prohibited as an act for men nor for women, the ban goes against the agreement.

Human rights activist, Waleed Abu Alkhair has gathered over 1300 signatures from Saudi citizens, stating their full names and occupation, and the list is still growing. The plan is to deliver the petition to the Saudi Royal Court. Abualkhair, referring to the excuse that Saudi men are uncontrollable wolves tweeted:

And it has become clear that our society is not as bad as is portrayed to the outside world. A woman has driven and no one has harmed her except the politicians.

Writer, Khalaf Al Harbi, also took up this argument and tore it apart in a piece that was so good that Arab News translated it.

I want to end this post by noting who Manal is. Manal comes from the tribe that is known as the descendents of the Prophet (PBUH), so no one can say that she is an immigrant or an outsider trying to force her culture on us. Lineage aside, Manal is a woman that our country should be proud of. She is one of the first women in the world to be a Certified Ethical Hacker–EC-Council CISSP–(ISC)² Certified ISO 27001 Implementer and Lead Auditor -BSI & ISO. She is an IT security consultant at the biggest oil company in Saudi, ARAMCO. Here is a link to an interview she did in 2007 on MBC. This is an intelligent capable woman asking for something that should have been a given; driving her own car. Shame on her for speaking out for her right. Shame on her for not putting up with 38,000 SAR (10,000$) annual tax for being a woman in Saudi. Shame on her for standing up for women much less fortunate then her, when she easily could have been quiet in her high-paying job and comfortable compound. Shame on her for being a courageous patriotic woman.


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  1. Sarah Aijaz

    In the beginning, I thought this would eventually turn out to be a flop show. But the way things are gaining momentum, and the support from so many important people gives this cause great momentum. The only absurd thing is that it’s for something as simple and basic as women driving. If this is the kind of political and social energy an issue like women’s driving needs, then I shudder to think how much effort needs to be put into even serious issues like male guardianship and travel restrictions.

    I am glad to see so many people standing against a bunch of chauvinists, hypocrites and paranoid conspiracy theorists. It just portrays Saudi’s as racist and religiously intolerant when men of such calibre come out bashing Jews, Iranians, Secularists and the West, in general.

    But, if this succeeds, then it’ll open way for Saudi’s to start dealing with real problems.

    It’s not about modernity and 21st century, anymore. It’s about necessity and practicality. Saudi Arabia is not an isolationist repressive tribal land- it is a country, and must live up to those standards. Those days of tribalism and perversion religion so it matches your archaic opinions must go.

    Wishing you a great success. Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving the country in a few days, so I won’t be witnessing anything, or participating, for that matter. But, there’s always YouTube 🙂

  2. Dear Eman,
    I will write you a longer note later, but thank you so much for writing about this from Saudi. Westerners need to hear more from women like you, to learn about your experiences and understand your perspectives.

    I too am a mother and a writer/blogger. I found your blog via the New York Times yesterday, after a friend urged me to write about Saudi women fighting for their right to drive. I think you may have seen it already, but if not, here is my post:

    thank you and I wish you and your Saudi sisters all the best! You are the original KSA Freedom Riders 🙂
    Jennifer xo

    • Saudi women do not need your misrable help . They will take whatever rights they deserve within our cultural contex and with our public consensus. Your country’s women need you more : take care of thousands of teen age girls who abort (kill?) thier illigitimate babys in public toilets. Those rubbish-of-women needs you more than saudi women for driving cars !! We are proud of what we have without you sticking your dirty nose in our problems.Enough of your horrible western self-righteousness .

      • Wil

        You are so mistaken. First of all Jennifer did not offer Eman any help but expressed her sympathy. Furthermore piling up all evil in the west in order to floor her good intentions is a bit out of the way. Lets stick to the issue and let me know for or against women driving?

      • lark

        This is propaganda:

        “take care of thousands of teen age girls who abort (kill?) thier illigitimate babys in public toilets”

        Such rubbish reflects your fantasies and fears. It has nothing to do with the West as it really is.

        YOU should lift up the rug and peer into the dirty corners of your country. You control the press and keep things hidden so that you think those corners are clean, but you are kidding yourself.

      • Tina

        Saad. The rules and regulations that Saudi Arabia have put upon their woman is a disgrace and goes totally against God. God puts his laws in our hearts, those that are true believers in Him that is. What does He care if you drive a car or wear a veil to cover your head and face. He cares if youhave a one to one relationship with HIm . Not a religion that has been perverted by man. Those that think like you are worshippers of a religion not of God. The men that have made up these rules are not of God. Shame on Saudi Arabia for their sin of keeping women like property and not as equals.

      • Rich

        What a nasty little man you seem to be !!!! Too many like you in Saudi Arabia, that is why the country is so backward. Most of the free world (both men and women)supports Manal, NOT YOU !!!

      • Revelation

        Saad, mate, ur as bad as it gets, grow up.

  3. “Then you have Sheikh Monjed who is originally Syrian describe Manal as a sinful, conspiring and malicious hypocrite ”
    No ! he was talking about Wajiha Alhwaider.

  4. Great comprehensive post. Loved the cherry on top ending!

  5. Jamal Khashoggi

    Ma Shalla , you are good , u should write for Arab News , if i was in AlWatan I would have hired you as a reporter. Keep it up .

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  7. A first-rate post, so good I hesitate to call it simply journalistic. For former expats, like myself, this blog is a way to reconnect with Saudi; but I see from The Guardian that it is also becoming an actual source of news!

    Well done, and we are all hoping for the best for Manal.

  8. Margot

    You have a very informative blog. Keep it up please ! And you made it in the meantime to the top German magazines. There is an article on the magazine Der Spiegel about your blog and Manal Al Sherif. I wish you could read the comments from the German women ……

    Greetings, Margot

  9. Jeremy Stocks

    Margot – give me a URL of the Spiegel and I (I understand German) can give you an idea of what they say!

    As a former expat in KFUPM, Dhahran I hope you succeed in overturning this ridiculous rule! After all the Bedu women have been driving in the desert for years!

    Good luck and I hope this brave woman gains more recognition for her sacrifice.

  10. I don’t know why but this story is so reminiscent, at least to me, of the witchcraft trials in Europe and the US. Is Saudi Arabia in a time wrap?

  11. Susan S

    Another American female here, just stumbled upon your blog. Very interesting, I take many things for granted that you cannot. Full support for all the ladies of the world.

  12. Women in Saudi Drive NOW!!

    I don’t know if anyone wrote on women driving in Saudi more than you did. I hope that you will see it soon.

    I hope you extend your coverage by letting people know why some (or maybe most?) sheikhs in KSA think women shouldn’t drive.

    Personally I think it is the beginning of the end of Saudi Arabia we always knew, i.e. segregation of men and women won’t work anymore, which is the bigger issue.

    What we are seeing today was bound to happen due to the increasing numbers of jobless females.

    Money is not enough solve our problems. We would have never sustained this way of living if it wasn’t for our vast wealth.

    Abu Khalid

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  15. I am a 51 year old mother, wife, sister, daughter. I’m a college graduate, a business owner and employer. I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. I’ve driven since the age of 15. My Maternal Grandfather taught me. I found out about this situation only a few days ago. How could I not know? I watch National and International News daily. Why isn’t this being reported. With all respect to your culture and religion, I believe that allowing women basic freedom of movement and respect as an equal member of society will not harm and will offer many benefits. I will follow and support your cause. My heart goes to Manal and what she may be experiencing. I hope the best for her speedy release.

  16. gest

    this comment is just a joke !!!
    OK Saudi woman…..your are all going about this the wrong way…..
    1) all saudi woman that own their car…..take your driver stop the car in the middle of the road and get a taxi home
    2) call the cops say your car has been stolen….by some nut case
    3) The next day call your work and say you can’t make it in because you don’t have a car and you think it’s in the inpound…but you can’t go to the police station because woman are not able to enter the building
    4) send someone (the driver to the inpound to get the car back)
    The total cost is about $100….much better then spending a night in jail…. plus think if it were 5000 women all at the same time…leaving there cars all over town at the same time………..That I would pay to see 🙂
    The best day would be when a vip comes to visit….remember this is just a joke!! I don’t need to go to jail because….. I can drive

    • Arabina

      Well it may be a joke to you .. but maybe not a bad idea…

      another possible scneario:
      we simply refuse to get into a car with a driver, and MAKE our husbands and / or bothers HAVE to drive us, OR our employers provide an EXCLUSIVE care for us if they want us to come to work – not a BUS!

      the second part may be an unreasonable overkill, but hey when you’re on a roll you might as well.

      I see that insisting for our FAMILY to drive us (and drive a lot girls! don’t allow them to get away with simply to and from work or school, NO!)
      You need to go:
      1) grovery schopping (as often as possible) to cook his meals and provide food for the family
      2) remember each and every realative (preferably of his) that you can, and go visit “silat rahm” for HIS side of the family
      3) seek to know everyone and anyone whom you know and who is ill, so you will need to visit them – visiting the ill
      4) find all who just gave birth – go say “mabrook”
      5) find out what his mother / sisters need, want or wish for, then make it a point that it has to be done – by you and with him driving.
      6) think back and see if you need any medical check-up, test, est. same goes for him (accompany him) and you kids etc.
      7) refuse for your kids to be driven to school by drivers!

      oportunities are many .. there is 3aza, weddings and more .. get creative. If this is done right, he won’t have a chance to leave your side (ok so it may have a draw back if you already see too much of each other) but still may be worth it in the end.
      Knowing our men, they will soon despise the whole issue, and either stop driving too, or turn into supporters.

    • Saudi

      actually she was selfish she wanted her name to be on the top with her companions she decided a later day but she went before that date she is stupid and she deserve it

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  20. Driving rights for Saudi women is going to be real hard and difficult. A real uphill battle.

    Unlike the suffrage and civil rights movements in the US and other countries, it’s an entirely different ballgame when it comes to saudi arabia. Unlike saudi arabia, these “movements” were very broad ones which encompassed women and men with a very broad range of views. Again, unlike saudi arabia, which has a mafia-like governance structure, suffrage/civil rights movement leaders … Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others …. in US, Europe, India, South Africa, etc. operated in a governance structure which was at least “democratic”; with freedom of speech/ expression, right to assembly and protestations, etc.

    In saudi arabia, as we well know, there is no freedom of speech, public demonstrations or any public act of dissent are forbidden, political parties and trade unions are banned etc. Then how can any movement, whether for women rights or civil or human rights, can succeed under such a mafia-like governance structure? I think governance structure needs to change in saudi arabia before any kind of “movement” will succeed.

    And that may be a long time in coming. Sad but true!

  21. Saudiwoman,

    Satire, in a blog hosted by a Saudi?
    How can you be so disrespectful of your Masters?
    How can you question the actions of your leaders, who we all know are so genuinely forward-looking in all aspects?
    Women driving; next we’ll see calls for women to be allowed to think, or even express themselves, and then where will Saudi be? Answers on a postcard to the Governor, Saudi womens prison, Riyadh.

    • Arabina

      Ha ha Mike, very funny
      the only comment I have is that the “thinking” bit is not really restricted to women, i’ve come to feel that no one (men & women) should openly think nor express – simply NOT done.
      Same with voting .. an issus I hate to hear when western media presents issues about Saudi women “a country where women are not allowed to “vote”” hello? no one votes! when jounalism and media get this one straight – at least they should make the effort and stick “miniciplality” realted voting in the back to distinguish the issue from general voting in a democratic setting.

  22. Miltoncontact

    A balanced article on a difficult situation. What I was particularly interested to read was that there are voices within Saudi Arabia who are arguing the case for women driving too (Sheik Dr. Eissa Al Ghaith, a judge; Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al Ahmari; King Abdullah in a 2005 interview with Barbra Walters said that it was only a matter of time and that Saudi women have to be patient).

  23. It is absurd that women are not allowed to drive for purely unfounded reasons. I have a driving licence, yet whenever I want to go to work I have to take a taxi. I stopped hiring private drivers cos they all turned out to be jerks who are not even ashamed of making indecent proposals to married women.
    No one can imagine my distress when I see our car parked infront of our apartment, my husband is not in town to drive me to work, and the car key is on our bedside table. Yet, I have to hail a cab to work when I could simply drive myself.
    Oh Saudi! What is a car that you deny us the right to drive?

  24. Saudi_analyst

    First of all, I am not Saudi but have lived in Saudi Arabia for more than 15 years.

    Saudi Arabia belongs to Aal Saud. So, it would be Arabia of Aal Saud or Property of Aal Saud ; They are the ones who make or break the rules. The real inhabitants of the land have no say what so ever.

    The same standards are not applied to Waleed bin Talal ibn Abdul Aziz aal Saud who owns many hotels which serve Alcohol and has bars in the hotels ( which women work as prostitutes ) ; This is another story…..

    The issue of Women Driving in Saudi Arabia means you need an infrastructure. There is no infrastructure for it. We all know to what extend saudi men are perverts ; they go outside saudi arabia to just have sex. You also know about the secret mutah marriages which are called misyaar marriages . The society is corrupt, shrewd and lewd. People from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China are treated semi-humans. Maids from these countries are raped and where is the justice ?

    I mean do I need to write more, open your eyes, and look around. The Saudi Women are like pure hypocrites. They wear full hijab/jilbab while in their country but once they board the planes to western countries, everything is removed so that even the Western woman would shy away from the immodesty and indecency of these Saudi Women.

    Screwed up society , no one can help.

    No religion, no ethics, no values, no culture…. I mean look at corruption in the society, the mistreatment of drivers, maids, and workers !!!

    Maids take care and raise the children of the employer and they get raped & embarrassed by the family of the employer..Pull up any english newspaper and read, search human rights and know the truth….

    Injustice is rift and rampant in the Aal Saud Country and these retardeds focus on women driving while forgetting the core issue of lesbianism, sodomism, corruption ( bribery nepotism ), lying, deception , treachery etc etc…

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  26. Saudi_analyst

    yeah forgot to mention, what ever happened to the most evil thing USURY = RIBA ? which is like having intercourse ( sex ) with your mother ?

    1- Where are the politicians ie. rulers ?
    2- Where are the scholars ?
    3- Where is the public ?

    The point is simple and clear: The Land of Arabia is a property of Aal Saud, if you don’t like it, please leave and immigrate to other countries like Yemen ( if you are poor ) or you may try your luck with European countries.

    I feel sorry for these arabians. still they need 200 years or so to wake and realize that how useless they are to the society. trust in 10 to 15 years from now, no one will care for your oil or gold ; cuz the world is shifting to Green Energy like Wind, Solar ( CIGS ) , probably then saudis will have to work as maids or drivers in Indonesia, India or China. Those days are coming , hurry up saudi girls, learn chinese or indian language, cuz one day you will be there working.

    • Are u ok

      Are you ok “Saudi analyst” ?
      It seems that you worked as a driver in Saudi and get raped many times !!
      I am sorry for that but good to know that you have a hope to change the wealth of Saudis to stop raping sick like you!

      • Saudi_analyst

        no not really ” are you sick and not okay ” , it seems you are just another transexual living in saudi and earning few bucks selling your AIDS body.

        Have you ever read how saudi boys in school play with their teacher’s winnie ? read arabnews and see lesbianism in saudi girls college.

        I always wonder what’s lacking in Saudis = Properties or slaves of Aal Saud , the only thing which is lacking is BRAIN , that is why you have 7 million expat workforce to teaching you dumb saudis how relieve yourselves after using the toilet..

  27. Hafsa

    Manal is truly a hero for the women of Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, things will start changing for the better now.

    oh n i thought u guys might be interested in this. its a video of a mutawwa stopping a concert somewhere, i dont know where cuz i cant understand the arabic at the beginning of the video.

  28. Khaled

    Yeah, we need to make saudi arabia like Dubai, We need sluts, prostitutes, hookers, clubs and bars…. A good glass of vodka with russian girls in Riyadh would be the right way …..

    Imagine saudi topless women sitting in deserts like in France or UK…

    Saudi Women rise up for your freedom. there is nothing wrong with walking topless, when the parliaments of UK, Canada and many european countries have approved it, you should fight for your rights……

    Fight for your nightclubs, fight of rum,vodka, discotheques etc. etc..

    Fight for womanizers like Jamal Khashoggi and make him Interior Minister…

    March towards FREEDOM.

    • maryn


      I think you are being ridiculous. There can be decadence in all societies, regardless of whether their women have rights or not. I can totally understand the Saudi women wanting to be able to drive themselves, when they report that many drivers are abusive or ‘suggestive’ towards them because those drivers know the ladies have no option but to employ them. I cannot understand how any of you males can put your ladies in a situation where men NOT OF YOUR FAMILY can be in a position to humiliate them. It would be much better for your women to be self sufficient in their daily lives of caring for the family, than making them hostage to the men who transport them around.

    • fahad

      and o yeah you forgot, we need bellydance shows on thursday and friday nights in the makkah hilton opposite masjid al haraam. Rather than our youth and men travelling 2 shariah free zones such as cairo,duba,bahrain to drink,sleep, and gamble we can have them spend more money at home:)
      goooood for local economy LOOL

    • Sandy

      OMG! Get your mind out of the gutter. Why are so many of these men such perverts?

  29. Coolred38

    Khalid…yes…cause freedom equals being naked? Drinking, prostituting yourself? Is that all you assume freedom means? Let us not forget for a moment that all that happen in Saudi as well…

    Hypocrisy much?

  30. Saudi_analyst

    ابو محمد :

    you are example to Womanizer Abdul Mohsen Obaikan. Even though I might not agree with Eman al-Nafjaan who claims to be Tamimite ( from Bani Tameem ) but I see you have a bigger problem than her.

    Aal Saud loves Europe and United States of America…..Mr. Walid bin Talal ibn Abdul Aziz Aal Saud owns now what 4% or 5% of RIBAWI USURY INTEREST BANK called CITI BANK and this is public information which could be verified. Why no Dua against this person from Aal Saud ?

    Interest = Riba is like having intercourse with his own mother… which is not far for Walid ibn …………………….

    brush up yourself with history and knowledge before you expose yourself like a dumb govt agent.

  31. Saudi analyst-Saudi-Arabia may belong to Al Saud but they dont seem to be the ones who actually rule.
    That would be the religious sheikhs and Haia. They rule the minds of people and the country and thats why women still cant drive, Manal continues to be in prison and why people think its all just a consipracy and blame everything on the Shiia/Jews/USA..

    Eman your posts have better coverage on this issue than any other media outlet so I linked this post 🙂

    • Saudi_analyst

      @Laylah if you dont agree or like the Property of Aal Saud ( Saudi Arabia ) you are requested to leave the country ; You staying in the country you give your tacit approval of the law and legitimize the governmental institutions.

      I read browsed through your blog quickly, it is nothing but pseudo-intellectualism and nonse filled with misquotations, distortions and lies..

      Please leave the Property of Aal Saud if you don’t like , simple as that ,

  32. جزاك الله خير يا ابو محمد. الدعاء على امثالها واجب بلا شك لا سيما في قيام الليل ولن نقصر في ذلك .ما تقوم به هو موالاة للكفار وهذه من نواقض الاسلام والعياذ بالله.
    قال بعض العلماء : لو ان رجلا أعطى كافرا حبرا ليكتب به شيئا ضد المسلمين فان هذا الرجل يكفر كفرا أكبر لأنه ظاهرهم على المسلمين. فكيف بمن ينشىء مدونة بلغتهم لحشدهم على قضايا تخص المسلمين واطلاعهم عليها للتعليق والسخرية بالمسلمين….هذا من اعظم الموالاة.

    • مسكين والله ترى تطلع عندي كل المعلومات فانا اعرف انك نفس الشخص ههههه الله يهديك ويكملك بعقلك

    • سؤال ايش معنى جأت علي أنا يا حول، ليش ما تروح تدعي على ارب نيوز وسعودي جزيت وبرامج الترجمة من العربية للانجليزية التي تستخدم وكمان ترى جريدة الرياض لها نسخة انجليزية فيها كل اخبار السعودية؟ أنا انقل الخبر ورأيي وان كان عندك إحساس ان اللي حاصل في السعودية غلط يستتر، اعمل على تغيره بدل من الحقد على الكتاب

      • لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله !
        تخيلوا لو ان أبا بكر الصديق قال للرسول : لماذا يا محمد ماتروح لأبوجهل وأبولهب والفرس والروم والصين وتفكنا من وجهك !!! والعياذ بالله !
        الانسان عليه ان يفرح بنيصحة الناصح ,لا أن يرفضها بزعم عدم شمولها لكل الناس. ثم من قال لك انني لا أنصح انا او غيري تلك الصحف الخبيثة ؟ وما اكثر الناصحين والمحتسبين وما على الرسول الا البلاغ.
        ونحن لا نكفر الناس, لأن اهل السنة يفرقون بين كفر الفعل وكفر الفاعل. فنحن نقول ان من استظهر بالكفار على المسلمين ولو بكلمة أو رأي, فضلا عن تحريضه اياهم ودعوتهم للتدخل كما فعلت انت هداك الله : نقول أن هذا العمل كفر اكبر أوضح من الشمس, لكننا لا نقول ان الفاعل كافر حتى ننصح له ونقيم عليه الحجة فان أبى فحسابه على الله , وهناك قضاء شرعي لهذه الامور.
        ولا يغرنك كثرة الضلال والكفار في هذا الزمان . فالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أخبر بانتشار الجهل بالشرع في آخر الزمان, وبان المؤمنين غرباء ولكنهم- ولله الحمد – ظاهرون تقوم بهم الحجة على الناس لانه لا حساب بدون حجة قائمة , واخبر أيضا ان الرجل في آخر الزمان يمسي مؤمنا ويبيت كافرا. وهكذا . الانسان عليه ان ينشغل بانقاذ نفسه من النار وينصح للمؤمنين ويحتسب بقدر ما يستطيع . اما وسائل الاعلام التي ذكرتيها فكثير منها فعلا يقوم بأعمال كفرية ولا يغير هذا من أصل الحكم شيئا. وجاء عن احد السلف انه قال (ليس الغريب بمن هلك كيف هلك ولكن الغريب بمن نجا كيف نجا !!)
        وهناك وسائل شرعية للتعبير وتفعيل الرأي. انا لا لأقول لك لا تطالبي بما تعتبيرنه حقوقا شرعية ولكن ليس الكفر شرطا لهذا ! ألزم ما على الانسان الحفاظ على عقيدته في الولاء والبراء التي بدونها لا تصح صلاة ولا صيام ولا شيء, ولا ينعقد زواج ولا يحل زوج والعياذ بالله. فالامر خطير والانسان -كما قال الشيخ عبدالله السعد – قد يسلب دينه وهو لا يشعر.
        طالبي بما تعتبرينه حقوقا لك من دون استدخال الكفار في الموضوع. اكتبي في مواقع عربية للعرب واقبلي النصيحة اذا تبين لك الخطا وهكذا.
        انت لم تكتبي بالانجليزية الا لانك تريدين اطلاع الكفار على ما تعتبرينه عورات للمسلمين وتريدين معونتهم ورأيهم , بل انك صرحت بطلب المعونة في احد تعليقاتك . وهذا من الكفر الاكبر والعياذ بالله. ودين الله ليس فيه مجاملات . واعتبريني جاهلا وغبيا واسألي سماحة المفتي أو أي عالم معتبر.
        وختاما اقول : ان باب التوبة مفتوح والله يفرح بالتوبة ويبدل السيئات حسنات. ومن دعا عليك سيجعل الله دعواته لك وليست عليك. فضل الله واسع .
        حافظي على عقيدتك وطالبي بما تشائين مما تعتبرينه حقوقا . هل تعلمين ان الاصرار على الكفر الاكبر يحبط العمل ولا تقبل معه عبادة ولا يحل لك زوجك !!! كيف يطيب لك العيش ؟ من أجل ماذا والحياة قصيرة والطرق الشرعية كثيرة جدا ؟ من أجل قيادة السيارة والمحرم !!!!!!!
        اتق الله في نفسك واولادك من دعوات المسلمين. الدنيا ما تسوى.

      • انما الاعمال بالنيات وانا نيتي صلاح البلد وقول الحق واترك حساب من يكفرني ويدعي على أطفال أبرياء بكل حقد وسواد قلب على الله سبحانه وتعالى

    • Revelation

      Fahad 7abeeby, inta sharaf mafee 3andak, go home man.

  33. Cooper

    Reply to Laylah :

    Your claim is that Saudi Arabia is ruled by religious people is not true at all. This is evident from the fact that government puppets or scholars are against the ideology of AlQaeda ;

    The ideology of AlQaeda is purify Saudi Arabia from the Western Filth. Also, the religious scholars have no say. For instance, the grand mufti Abd al-Aziz al-Shaykh has ruled that to double up the speeding tickets/fine is haram ( unlawful ) in Islam, yet the state ( Saudi Government ) doesn’t listen.

    It is all a show. The country is ruled by thugs and bandits stealing the wealth and riches of the country . MIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT

    The House of Saud has a policy which is actually destroying the local saudis by making them useless to the society and world.

  34. Saudi_analyst

    SaudiWoman said “”” انما الاعمال بالنيات وانا نيتي صلاح البلد وقول الحق واترك حساب من يكفرني ويدعي على أطفال أبرياء بكل حقد وسواد قلب على الله سبحانه وتعالى “””

    Well, I think Niyyah ( intention ) is not enough. Israel claims to have good intentions too, so does the US in its campaign against Islam & Muslims under the guise of AlQaeda.
    It is really strange how both Fahd al-Tuwajeri and SaudiWoman ( under the pseudonym of Eman Fahd Najfan ? ) are trying to justify their half baked arguments under the umbrella of islam !!

    Look at Fahd, who made a claim that SaudiWoman is follower of West, while in reality Fahd knows pretty well that the Saudi Umala ** not ulama ** but umala ( employees of the State ) issue fatwa which suits the whims and desires of their masters …

    Again, where is the Ban against ( Ban like Women Driving )

    1- Satellite channels owned by Saudis beaming semi naked women, indecency, immodesty and calling for fornication and adultery ?
    Who own MBC network ? Who owns Arabiya network ? Who owns LBC , Star Academy and other such channels ??

    2- Where is the ban against usury interest = RIBA …. we Banks owned by Saudis work in no different way than the Jewish Interest Based banks…. that is enslave the poor by giving them loans which they have to work rest of their lives to repay it back……….. Where are the Ulama or Umala ??

    3- Where is the ban against co-education in KAUST ?? how come one standards in one city and one standards in other cities ? those saudis teaching or learning at KAUST can see semi naked women but outside KAUST they cannot ? What kind of stupidity is it ?

    4- Diwan al-Madhalim is infact Diwan al-Dhalimeen since is it not based on shariah but on the whims & desires of some fools who thought man-made laws are better than the divine laws.

    5- More could be said, but do you have the brains and skills to comprehend what I am writing ?

  35. متى كانت النية الصالحة دليلا على صلاح العمل ؟
    الايمان قول باللسان واعتقاد بالقلب وعمل بالجوارح , وليس نية فقط وعملا على المزاج !! هذا دين المرجئة وليس دين اهل السنة . الانسان يستغرب هذا الجهل . سبحان الله.
    لكنك جهلك يجعلني أفرح , لكونك قد تكونين معذورة قبل الآن.

    وشكرا للمحلل السعودي (Saudi_analyst ). نحن نعرف كل ما ذكرته واكثر , وان كنت أختلف معك في بعض التفاصيل ولكن ما هو الحل في نظرك ؟ هل هو الخروج على الحاكم ؟. واجبنا هو النصيحة والاحتساب والصبر على ذلك. اما الخروج على الحكام فله فقه خاص وتفصيلي ليس هذا محل ذكره.

    • Saudi_analyst

      To فهد التويجري
      The solution is very simple. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel everytime. Knowledge is light and ignorance is misguidance.
      Study how Islam spread in the South Asia and Far East ? Study how islam spread in Europe ?? Read history you will get the solution…

      2. هل هو الخروج على الحاكم ؟
      okay, i am not qutbi or surori but I ask you and all your umala & ulama

      How did Aal Saud come into power ? Why are they not called Khawarij ? Al-Sharif or al-Rashid, did not give transfer power peacefully but we know of the brutal battles ?

      What about the rebellion against Ottoman Khilafah ?

      It is strange how you people put the tag of Khawarij on AlQaeda while forgetting that the real Khawarij are _________ ??

      So, if it is not okay to go against HAKIM then why was it go to against Al-Sharif in Makkah or Ottoman Khilafah ? answer this smarty….

      Like i said, the blogs run by saudi women which are linked by Nafjan are nothing but pseudo-intellectualism and hallow arguments….. but at the same time, the attacks by Umala are also nothing but smoke screen to justify oppression, and stupidity……

      Truth is really bitter….

  36. Thinking about It Always leads to Ideals, Ideals always lead to Beliefs, Beliefs always lead to Politics, Polictics always comes back to Thinking about It Twice …. Could there ever be such a Thing as an Islamic Socialist Republic ?

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  39. Alberto

    i think that this situation is only a little boat in a ocean,this goverment is too much close for new experience,also a thing so stupid,how may to be to drive the car for a woman,
    I don’t know that is the scary,but the women in Saudi also can’t vote,can’t to go away by this country without a paper of a man.
    i believe that sometimes anyone confuse the religion with laws done by men for the women,and i that am a man when i see things of this type,i m sorry to be man,every man would must to remember that born by a woman and no that the right woman is only his mother or his wife bur everyone.
    In every place the woman before for have every liberty,they must fight to have same conditons as have the men,it isn’t easy to find the courage for win this thinking.
    it is difficult to be a woman in every part of the world in Saudi more.

  40. ما اكثر المرضى في السعودية

    فهد التويجري انت صاحي قاعد تدعي بس انتبه لا تجي دعوتك كالسهم الثاقب ولو دعوتك فيها خير رح ادعي على اسرائيل
    اسأل الله ان يشل أطرافك وأن يعمي بصرك وأن يبقر بطنك وأن يفجر رأسك وأن يري أطفالك فيك ما تكره وأن لا يريك يوم مسرة في حياتك ويقطع رزقك حتى تكره حياتك
    اللهم يا سامع الدعاء اجب دعائي فيمن ظلم عباد الله بالدعاء عليهم وأره الظلم في نفسه ويتم أطفاله يا مجيب

  41. lefranse

    There seems to be a lack of grace and decorum here by outsiders. Men are all the same all over the world and women are no different. Do not blame Saudi Arabia for the bad behavirours of the few. I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for many years. We know that most maids are at risk of abuse. That is true. However, Saudi Arabia is a beautiful land and has many, many wonderful and beautiful people. I will always consider Saudi Arabia with deep love in my heart. I want to wish the Saudi women well in the fight to earn the long overdue place in public society. Women should not be restricted to the kitchen. Women are human beings, after all. They are our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, wives, and friends.

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  43. Yahya Sulayman

    Yahya loves women such as Manal, so what?
    Kudos to Manal, a real woman.

  44. Yahya Sulayman

    Morons are not born. Morons are self-made. Congratulations, Saudi Analyst. Remove the Saudi from Saudi Analyst. You do not deserve it.
    Leave only your ugly cum laude freak. You belong in a monastery back in the Middle Ages. Your sarcastic comments do not add a thing to this forum.

  45. Saudi_analyst

    nice facade Yahya Sulayman unfortunately, Saudi Woman has put my comments on your sisters and mother on moderation, but kudos to your sisters and mother = more real women than Manal al-Sharif ; I love them more than Manal al-Sharieff ; but if you truly love Manal , you should stand up by asking your sisters or mothers to do the same , ie., drive the cars in Saudi Arabia then we shall really know who real women are.

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  48. Stacy Hackner

    Just linked from the NYT article. It is rare that US media show things like this. Manal and all the Saudi women drivers-to-be have my best wishes for your goals. Driving is a necessary skill and it should not be denied to women.

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    (videos) Brave Hero Saudi woman Manal Al-Sharif FREE!!!
    … but had to stop her campaign

    Women are treated to the word of Allah as a 2nd class citizens:
    (4:34), وَاضْرِبُوهُنَّ, waidriboohunna
    (2:282) A woman is worth one-half a man

  54. Being a very knowledgeable person doesn’t give you the permission to breach the regulations, no matter how that regulations are negatively impacting your personal lifestyle.

    Most of us disagree with a lot of other countries regulations. For example, Some people i know have their children taken because a police man claims that those children have been abused by their parents in a public place, while actually that didn’t happen exactly. But, In the end of the day, it was a kind of regulations and they have to follow it even if they are not totally convinced.

    I thought it’s better if Manal did something different, like recording a clip while she is driving in another country where woman are allowed to drive, just to show how much it’s easy to be if it’s in KSA.

    I totally support #women2drive , but i think breaking the rules is better to be the last option.

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  56. Javaid Ahmed Malik

    I’m afraid looking at the rash driving & rate of fatal accidents at Saudi roads, whether it will be safe for women to drive. Secondly, we must respect our Islamic values, where women when going out must be accompanied by male family member. Within the safe protection of family members, if a women drive, there should be no harm.

    • Sandy

      How are we safe as passengers? Sorry lame excuse for taking away your Mothers, Sisters, daughters, wives human rights. And no, we don’t need to be accompanied.

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