A project I’m proud of!

The world’s shortest conference on Islam ever: Listen to 60 speakers in 60 seconds each as they predict “The Future of Islam In the Age of New Media”. Amir Ahmed, a digital media and marketing consultant, is the man behind the project. Click on the logo below to listen to the program and receive an MP3 version via Email. My contribution is the second one, right after Reza Aslan.


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19 responses to “A project I’m proud of!

  1. Kate

    Is it in Arabic!

  2. rubukat

    Excellent. Any for textual transcripts? Please.

  3. rubukat

    Excellent. Any hope for textual transcripts? Please.

  4. ملاحظات :
    – قالت ايمان ان الاعلام الجديد سيأخذ الاسلام من شيوخ قبليين ( تعني انهم يفكرون بعقلية القبيلة ) ويعادون المرأة. وهذا غير صحيح لان الاعلام الجديد سيتيح الفرصة للجميع ولن يأخذها من احد لأحد. وما يسمى بالمعاداة للمراة – اذا صح وجود شيء بهذا الاسم – سيجد منفذا الى الاعلام الجديد. كما ان الناس سيتبعون دائما العالم الاتقى والذي يتكلم بالدليل , وانتشار المد السلفي وسقوط الأزهر في مصر دليل على هذا.
    – وقالت ان الجيل الجديد المتعلم سيطرح اسلاما معتدلا ومسالما كما كان في عصره الذهبي. وهذا ايضا غير صحيح لسببين : أولهما هلامية معنى الاعتدال , فهو نسبي. فهل الاعتدال مثلا في التخلي عن الجهاد وتركه لأمريكا واسرائيل ؟! ام هو في فتح باب الاختلاط الذي هو باب الزنا والمراهقات الحوامل ؟
    والثاني أن أكبر من يوصفون بالتطرف في زماننا متعلمون تعليما جيدا .ابن لادن متعلم والظواهري طبيب ومحمد عطا مهندس بارع جدا وانور العولقي زعيم القاعدة في اليمن متعلم وامريكي و محمد المسعري بروفيسور في الفيزياء من جامعة المانية وهكذا …..
    ثم انه لا يوجد اسلام مسالم في ما يسمى العصر الذهبي . وهذه أيضا صفة هلامية وغامضة , فالاسلام فيه تشريع للحرب وتشريع للسلام والمسلمون طبقوهما.
    – يلاحظ ان ايمان تحاول تقليد لهجة الامريكيات المراهقات !
    – يلاحظ انها تقرأ من ورقة و تدربت كثيرا لدرجة انها تلعثمت وأكلت بعض الحروف .
    – لو كنت مكان ايمان لقلت :
    ان الاعلام الجديد سيتيح فرصة لآراء شرعية بأدلتها لم تكن مسموعة قبل ذلك بسبب تحالف بين السلطة وشيوخ رسميين أفقدهم كثيرا من مصداقيتهم. ومن هذه الآراء سيخرج الاسلام الصحيح والنقي . كما ان هذا الاعلام سيسمح بطرح آراء اسلامية في الامورالسياسية والاجتماعية كانت محجوبة عن الاعلام الرسمي المتاح – بسبب الضغوط الغربية – لفئة علمانية لا تمثل الا نفسها .

    – كما يلاحظ ان المتلون الدجال رضا اصلان انتهز الفرصة للتنفيس عن همومه الطائفية , وهو كان مستشارا لبوش في هذا المجال !

    • Sandy

      Care to translate into English please?

      • Aliyah

        This statement is actually a positive because she wants to understand. The work of history is always to translate what has not been translated then understand. It would be wonderful if people with translation skills could translate into different languages so that people can understand the work that went into this fascinating piece. 🙂

  5. These are some of America’s stinking disgraces.
    Look at the heinous chart on “Occupational Sex Segregation” and spit on those who use ” women’s right ” for interfering in and blackmailing other countries.

    • GTK

      True we do have our problems and need to keep working on them, of course we do allow our women the right to work, drive, live alone without permission of a father, brother or son, and of course we don’t allow old men to marry and have sex with 10 year old girls. Get out of the middle ages and join the 19th century, the 21st would be too much of a leap.

    • Charles

      It really hurts when a Saudi talks of American ‘stinking disgraces’. Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is a bastion of goodwill towards all. It is admirable the way they never bother to think about the link between a person’s religion and the location of where they were born. Their lack of empathy towards those who do the work that is ‘beneath a Saudi’ should be emulated by all of the world. It’s evident by all of the great innovations exported by Saudi Arabia over the last 100 years (oil, bigotry of all sorts, funding for terrorism and schools that promote hatred for non-muslims, and legendary hospitality). There are good and bad people in all countries, and as an American I am ashamed as well as proud of some of the things our nation has contributed to the world. Saudi Arabia has been blessed with unearned wealth like no other country on earth, and what exactly has that country contributed to the rest of the world? Increased food supplies for the poor? Investment in non-polluting energy for the benefit of all? Preservation of the world’s natural beauty, endangered plants and animals? Guess when it comes to stinking disgrace there is plenty to go around, and it’s not just in America.

  6. lark

    I think the point is that the voices interpreting Islam have become more various and folks like فهد التويجري cannot stop it, not matter how much it may rile their sensitivities. Get used to it, dude. The lid is off. If you can’t live with the world as it is – the problem is your own. The world is not going to change to cater to you.

    As for ‘interference’, Saudi has interfered all over the world by funding the most conservative mosques and schools. But it hasn’t been enough, has it? I don’t see Saudi leaders at the forefront of any of the movements for change in the Middle East. I guess money can’t buy you love. Or leadership. Or religious credibility, in the long run.

  7. Felipe

    20 pro-Palestinian protesters dead as Israeli troops fire along Syrian border
    BY Lukas I. Alpert

    Originally Published:Sunday, June 5th 2011, 10:13 AM
    Updated: Sunday, June 5th 2011, 3:08 PM

    Jack Guez/GettyDemonstrators evacuate a wounded protestor who was hit by Israeli forces fire while trying to cut through a line of barbed wire and head into the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights Sunday.
    Marco Longari/GettyAn Israeli border policeman falls on the ground setting off a tear gas canister while running after Palestinian demonstrators. Take our PollNo middle ground?
    Should Israel accept pre-1967 borders for a Palestinian state in order to bring about peace in the Middle East?

    Yes, that concession would be fair to the Palestinians.
    No, it’s a deal that would be unfair to the Israelis.
    Israel shouldn’t accept any Palestinian state regardless of the borders.
    Palestinians shouldn’t accept anything less than the entirety of Israel.

    Related NewsRomirowsky: UN refugee agency poisons the push for Mideast peace Editorial: Build a boycottDershowitz: Obama’s failing diplomacy in Middle Eastkrauthammer: Obama sells out Israel Bam’s Middle East plan worries BloombergEditorial: Bibi’s path to peaceIsraeli soldiers fired on pro-Palestinian protestors trying to storm the Syrian border into the Golan Heights Sunday, reportedly killing 20 and wounding dozens more.

    It was the second bloody border clash in less than a month, along a frontier that had remained quiet and tightly controlled for than 40 years.

    Israel blamed the confrontation on the Syrian government, accusing them of orchestrating the clash to deflect attention from a vicious crackdown on an uprising at home.

    “The Syrian government is trying to create a provocation,” said Israel’s chief military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai. “This border has been quiet for decades, but only now with all the unrest in Syrian towns is there an attempt to draw attention to the border.”

    Syria had yet to respond to the allegation that they allowed the protester to storm across the frontier, unchecked by Syrian authorities.Israel had mobilized thousands of troops at the border in the event of another violent protest.

    “Unfortunately, extremist forces around us are trying today to breach our borders and threaten our communities and our citizens,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We will not let them do that.”

    The protests began around 11 a.m. when dozens of young people were bused in. Throughout the day it swelled to more than 1,000 people.

    Despite stern warnings from the Israeli government, hundreds of demonstrators – a mix of Palestinians and Syrian supporters carrying flags and rocks – charged the border.

    As they approached, Israeli soldiers warned through megaphones that “anybody who gets close to the fence is endangering his life.”

    When the protestors cut through the fence and continued pushing through, Israeli troops fired warning shots before opening fire on the crowd.

    Syrian state-run television reported that 20 people had been killed and 325 wounded, 12 critically. Hospital officials confirmed the casualty count.

    “In the end, we are guarding our border,” said Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich. “I wish they had obeyed our verbal warnings, but they chose to clash with the soldiers.”

    The protests have been organized by Palestinian refugees who fled or were expelled during the Israeli war of independence in 1948. They and their descendants – who now number in the millions – have long demanded the “right of return” to their ancestors land.

    More than a dozen protesters were killed in a similar incursion on May 15.

    Israel has said that such a return would end the country as a Jewish state and argues the people should be resettled in a future Palestinian state alongside Israel.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/06/05/2011-06-05_6_propalestinian_protesters_dead_as_israeli_troops_fire_along_syrian_border.html#ixzz1OQo0ZWrU

  8. marcella wachtel

    First of all, “Stick to the point, Idiot” is really not very mature- name calling doesn’t make you right. America could not care less how you eat and talk, and very few of us care about your ‘culture’. What we want is for you to treat your citizens decently, we don’t want to interfere ‘monstrously’ in your backward country, but urge you to get into the 21st century and give equality to women, among other things. Being jealous of America is a passtime of the have-nots.

    • Mohammad

      you clearly dont know the history of your own country and its involvement in supporting dictators and bringing down democracies. the fact is your country is saudis biggest ally and suppresses all reformer in our country by protecting backward government and institution. please try to think about what you say and you dont have the moral high ground just because your american. so dont lecture us about decency comrade! its very easy to point at others crimes.but if you really wanna better the world, concentrate on your own mistakes.

  9. A lot of the women there are not wearing Hijab (which is wajid and agreed upon by all scholars) and also there are some non-Muslims there. These are the people you want deciding Islaam’s future? Surely it should be Muslims who decide Islaam’s future, not kafirun.

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