Reema Abdullah is a role model for Saudi women athletes

The first school I went to in Riyadh was, of course, an all-girls school. I was very happy to see it had a swimming pool. It was drained and fenced up and, because it was autumn, I thought nothing more of it. But as the weather got warmer, it became obvious that the pool would not be used that year….to read on CLICK HERE.


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8 responses to “Reema Abdullah is a role model for Saudi women athletes

  1. I hope Ms. Abdullah carries the torch figuratively as well as literally!

  2. Raf Yazan

    i’m so happy for all saudi woman…. inshAllah u back winner!

  3. All the best for Reema Abdullah. What an inspiration! She should carry that torch proudly.

  4. hello from Barcelona. I hope saudi women can swim and drive as me, here, in Spain. Sport is good for the healt.
    I am a driving School instructor and I have a studentwoman who she is 62. When she was young, women in Spain, couldn’t drive and now this woman try to get the driving licence because her husband has parkinson and him can’t drive. All people must can swim and drive because it is necessary.

  5. Ali

    I don’t know how you can post this and in the same time talk abt Syria, total foolishness. I really hope that the last of her.

  6. Ali, it is terrible what is happening in Syria, but everyone needs to look forward to the future. And what could be a good thing such as contemplating on health and what to do /to become inspired to improve one’s health through fitness,etc. Becoming healthier isn’t hurting anyone. It’s the opposite: it benefits the person, his/her community in terms of mental health and personal mobility/indepdence to do things.

  7. Musaa

    good article but what she did for Saudi women i believe that the economic welfare is more important for citizen women than many freedom rights they call.
    I wish the best for all people

  8. ShafiK

    Bravo ! Keep it up

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