Saudi Arabia turns deaf ear to Olympic women

Last Friday Sheikh Al Fowzan, ironically a member of the Saudi human rights commission, stated that the thought that the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) might be implemented in Saudi Arabia makes him shiver in fear and worry. This was during the last day of a three-day conference that took place in Qaseem, a region north of Riyadh. The conference was entitled, ‘Women in the Prophet’s tradition and the modern woman: Saudi Arabia a model’, and had fifteen countries participating. The assembled company came to the conclusion that Saudi Arabia should withdraw from the CEDAW agreement that it signed in 2000 – a development probably due to the religious establishment’s feeling that the government might cave in to increasing international pressure to allow Saudi women to participate in the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. TO READ ON click here


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9 responses to “Saudi Arabia turns deaf ear to Olympic women

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  2. Glenn

    Excellent article defining an on-going tragedy.

  3. It seems that right now i can’t acces to the article, i will try later…..FYI Congratulation you are mentioned in a book just released here in ITaly (4 pages about your chat with the author). The title is The paradise at the women’s feet (il paradiso ai piedi delle done) by Francesca Cafferi

  4. ou’re a square navigating your way through a maze of squares with gravity physics and fun gameplay to boot.

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  6. Christa Pettit

    Women in the Prophet’s tradition and the modern woman


  7. Wells

    This article makes me wonder why it is only Saudi Arabia’s governments interpretation of the Islamic law that forbids women to participate in sports when so many other Arabic and Muslim countries have female athletes (so obviously religion is not preventing them)?

  8. Anti white trash nazi

    Prophets tradition states there is no good in the yellow pale people Rome and west of it. If it wasn’t wasn’t for children of “pretty woman” (whores) this world wored would be better place. Why done you take your entitled little prissy white trash ass back home?!

  9. Ahmersultan

    Yes not only in Saudia, in every country discrimination against Women is not acceptable. We should take stand against such activities and suppor the women. In near past i have read a lot of news regarding Descrimination of Women in Saudi Arabia. Now the all Nogos who are working for the rights of women become active and demand to changing some laws as well. borat birthday card

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