Manal Al Sharif: A lesson in moral courage

Manal Al Sharif is a Saudi woman who was courageous enough to be a face for an underground women rights movement in Saudi. You see, in Saudi there are many women and men who oppose how women are treated in Saudi, but rarely do you find someone who’s willing to come out in public and state their opposition. You can’t blame them, though, since the consequences of such a stand touch upon every aspect of a person’s life. They could lose their livelihood and be harassed by co-workers, family, neighbours and even friends. READ ON


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10 responses to “Manal Al Sharif: A lesson in moral courage

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  3. K

    May more Saudi women have the courage to tell their personal stories, using the voices that God gave them. Saudi women are wise and they have so much to offer the world. Let them speak. Thank you for this post, and keep up the great work. You are certainly using your voice; bravo!

  4. al

    I like the comment by ‘Sara’

    Saudi arabia, human rights, women rights movement does not revolve around you nor Manal Al Shari, but maybe in your head it does.

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  6. lave

    I am an East African woman and my heart goes out to all Saudi women. I read the book Princess which exposed me to the condition of women in Saudi arabia. We pray for u daily one day justice will be served. Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

  7. You see, in Saudi there are many women and men who oppose how women are treated in Saudi,

  8. kanga

    You can read about a woman fighting for equality in Islam in the book ‘Mosaic Deceptions’ by Patrick Gooch – she gets beaten up for claiming the Koran is also on the side of equality while Sharia isn’t.

  9. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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