Omaima Al Najjar, a Saudi woman, was “caught” driving a car by the police in Khobar city in the Eastern Region of Saudi. Read what ensued:

Omaima Al Najjar


After I was inspired by Manal Al Shirf campaign I asked my brother to teach me how to drive. Back then I was living in Riyadh city. Our teaching sessions have always started on Friday or Thursday mornings that’s when the streets are less busy. After making a good progress my brother started letting me drive to my hometown, the Eastern province, which is about 450 kms away. After we pass the check points we would swap the seats and I would sit behind the wheels and drive. I traveled to China but I came back to Saudi to visit my family 5 weeks ago and I wanted to continue learning.

Every time I drive my brother would sit next to me to give me instructions. I have been driving in the streets of Al Khobar for the last 5 weeks and I never had a problem. I even once…

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  1. So being a Shi’a is a death sentence in a country whose king and other religious and political officials go all over the world to promote religious tolerance and understanding among peoples of different faiths. The article—link below– is my response to a statement made by Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud Al-Faisal, blaming the Iraqis for religious discrimination against their Sunni Muslim minorities.
    I want to be clear, I am totally against all forms of gender, ethnic and religious discrimination by anyone, group or nations. Read on.

  2. BAHAR

    as long we have these kind of problems in the region, it will never be peace.
    we all should have more respect for each other!

    • Bahar,
      Why regionalize the pandemic disease. This travesty is distinctively, but not exclusively Saudi trade. Omaima Al Najjar first and foremost bad luck is her gender, she is a woman in a country that considers women inferior, therefore must be kept invisible.

      Her second and deadlier misfortune is her religious orientation; she is a Shia, “follower” of the son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed and his family. The Saudi/Wahhabi alliance has used sectarianism to invade, rule, discriminate and control from day one.

      Dangerously, most of the socially, politically, sexually and religiously oppressed Saudis, males and females, have succumbed to and embraced the autocratic and theocratic system’s sectarian bias against a large segment of Saudi society.

      The Eastern Province is Saudi Arabia’s bread basket, yet the region suffers from severe lack of development because most of its inhabitants are like Omaima, Muslims but not adherents to the state imposed religion.

      Saudis, regardless of region, gender, ethnic and religious orientation, should be focusing on the root causes of their country’s multitude of illnesses instead of preying on each other.

      • BAHAR

        even if it seems sometime, i have no clue about islam, i am shia follwer as you as, or at least i was born into this relgion!

      • Sectarian Discord is just another Symptom of a Society that has not learned the lesson of Civilization “… whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitution on accident and force. ”

        ~ Alexander Hamilton

  3. Los árabes se discriminan y se matan entre ellos ,q dicen los clérigos sobre
    esto?? Matar un musulmán otro musulmán se permite??

  4. roxanaaguilera

    Podera enviarme el artículo de la carta q la madre de F —- envió al rey para saber el paradero de su hijo¡????
    El artículo decía más o menos :cuando——– este feliz acuerdese de nosotros .
    Comenté con amigos carta de esa madre desesperada buscando a su hijo
    y me han pedido para q se la envie .

  5. frances

    Oddly, I left a lengthy reply yesterday which was posted. It is now no longer present. What happened? Frances in Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

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