Put Your Money on #FreePalestine

Many Zionists like to think of themselves as modern day pioneers who have had the burden of taking over land and resources of those who are too “savage” to appreciate them. They claim they made “the desert bloom” conveniently ignoring the fact that the Arabs had built great civilizations with rich history on the land that Zionists now occupy. They consider it hypocritical of Americans to condemn how Israel was created when they themselves created a country on a land that already belonged to another. Their justification of since it happened in the past, it’s alright to repeat, is idiotic. This isn’t the seventeenth century and Palestinians are not Native Americans. I love how Gladwell writes that when two countries go to war, there is a 63.6% chance the weaker side will win if they use unconventional means. And if you read the book you’ll find that he goes on to give as his prime example how the Arabs overcame the Turks.
From Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath:

Suppose you were to total up all the wars over the past two hundred years that occurred between very large and very small countries. Let’s say that one side has to be at least ten times larger in population and armed might than the other. How often do you think the bigger side wins? Most of us, I think, would put that number at close to 100 percent. A tenfold difference is a lot. But the actual answer may surprise you. When the political scientist Ivan Arreguín-Toft did the calculation a few years ago, what he came up with was 71.5 percent. Just under a third of the time, the weaker country wins.
Arreguín-Toft then asked the question slightly differently. What happens in wars between the strong and the weak when the weak side does as David did and refuses to fight the way the bigger side wants to fight, using unconventional or guerrilla tactics? The answer: in those cases the weaker party’s winning percentage climbs from 28.5 percent to 63.6 percent. To put that in perspective, the United States’ population is ten times the size of Canada’s. If the two countries went to war and Canada chose to fight unconventionally, history would suggest that you ought to put your money on Canada.



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13 responses to “Put Your Money on #FreePalestine

  1. roxanaaguilera

    Israel esta asesinando a los Palestinos, Q horror !! , como se puede permitir esto ?? ,mientras se buscan culpados para los q provocaron la muerte de los pasajeros del avion de Malasia donde la mayoria eran europeos . Es q hay ciudadanos de primera y de segunda clase ??
    PAZ para PALESTINA .

    • No es algo nuevo, Roxana… de hecho para Israel ellos, los sionistas (no hay que confundir sionista con judío) son primerísima clase, y poco importa que por cada muerto suyo haya cien muertos palestinos. Para ellos se merecen tanto respeto como una raza o un pueblo inferior y decadente, que tan solo ha sido bueno para poner en riesgo el progreso y la prosperidad del “pueblo elegido”… uys…. a que me suena eso?

      Me suena a lo mismo que me suena la invasión del “Ghetto” de Gaza.

      Me suena a Varsovia, Cracovia, y tantos otros lugares.

      Acaso los judíos han olvidado que a los nazis no les funcionó?


      • It’s not something new, Roxana… in fact, for Israel, it’s them, zionists (not to confound zionist with jew) who are first class among first classes, and little matters that 100 Palestinians. die for every one of their killed sons. As Palestinians deserve as much respect as every inferior and decadent race and people, only good to put at risk the progress and prosperity of the “chosen people”…. uh, wait…. didn’t this sound familiar?

        It sounds same as it sounds the invasion and bombing of the Ghetto of Gaza.

        It sounds like Warsaw, like Krakow, and so many other places.

        Apparently Jews have forgotten that it didn’t work for Nazis?


  2. roxanaaguilera

    Hola ,Sanchez ,pinche en tu avatar y deja ver un blog contra el extremismo de cualquier lado , es tuyo ????

  3. roxanaaguilera

    Al fin la ONU se a pronunciado,:la directora de los Derechos Humanos dijo: ” Israel “podra ” estar incurriendo en CRIMENES DE GUERRA “…. Pero la prensa y TV han repasado estas palabras muy timidamente . Tambien el Secretario General Bam K.M fue valiente al posicionarse contra Israel en el propio territorio Israeli ,en la misma sala donde declaraba el PM Benjamin N . . Yo tambien hize mi solidaridad.contra el silencio de algunos jornales digitales .

  4. roxanaaguilera

    que hace la comunidad arabe ,Jordania ,Egipto para q Israel detenga la masacre contra los civiles PALESTINOS ??? estos paises con frontera con Israel acaso no pueden presionar Israel ,como ya a acontecido otras veces ??? Al final cuidan las espaldas a Israel bajo un tratado de Paz .por eso deben hacer uso de esta . Lo q NO SIGNIFICA aceptar Hamas .
    Q papel tiene Arabia Saudita ?

  5. Cynthia

    Why don’t you tell us how your enlightened arab countries threw out the Jews that were there for centuries?

    • This is a misconception, this land was given to israeli people in the past, but then when they refused to fight along side with moses, god banished them and then the holy land was up for grabs, its not about who owns this peace of land or we can debate until morning that nobody on this earth owns it, otherwise i’d like to see the receipt please?!, the question is why can’t we all live together side by side !!

    • I agree with Synthia.
      We in Europe do not intend to throw out our Muslims, though coexistence isn’t always easy.
      I only wonder when Arabs will have the same attitude to Israeli Jews.

  6. Seagull

    Several years before the Olympic Games in London I worked with the Gulf Institute to exclude countries which did not allow female athletes. I am something of an expert in these matters as I have sued the Olympics on no less than three occasions. See, Martin v IOC (9th Cir.) for denying women the right to run in the 10,000 meters. Sadly they added something you could hardly call female athletes in each of the three Muslim countries which prohibited women from competing. The Brazil Olympics are on the horizon. I have a good friend who is a big time judge in Brazil. we would love to get active on some Jane Does case again? It is rather ridiculous stand on the part of the mullahs as Mohammed was noted for foot racing his favorite wife, Aisha bint Abi Bakr. Kind of a slap in Mohammed’s face to deny women this right.

    More importantly I think most women outside of the world of Saudi Arabia are fed up with what is the on going horror of your nation’s treatment of women. I think with a little help you could easily organize never ending demonstrations in front of every Saudi government embassy, consulate in the world. There are a lot of women out here who would put their bodies on the line for you. I have been watching the misogynists hiding in the cloak of religion abuse women in your country under the rubric of for my seventy-five years. and would do what I can to help. But, you need a woman to stand up outside of Saudi Arabia and call for help with this. How about the young women who were arrested for driving a car?

  7. AAB

    Until all religion is destroyed from this earth, there will never be compromise. Religion itself is evil. What annoys me the most is how all religious followers are Hippocrates. Every single religion seems to have a salad bar concept to belief. Take what you want and leave the rest. You choose to follow passages in the scripture of your choice that are convenient to you. You are not a Jew, Christian, Muslim, etc if you do not follow your bible 100%. If you were to follow them properly, you would not be able to live life in the 21st century. Here in the US, the amish are probably the only group of people who stay true to their beliefs as written. How can a muslim say he will not eat pork, yet will not pray three times a day? Jews, aren’t you supposed to basically live like the stone age from Friday to saturday? Does god say its ok because we have advanced so much in the past 2000+ years? It is because today’s world does not have time for those things. Abolish ALL religion, destroy all religious ruins in the middle east and split the land of Israel between jews and arabs. Problem solved, nobody has to die.

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