The Real Terrorists

This is on exhibit at one of the high schools here in Riyadh. I saw it and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture when no one was looking. It’s the Israeli and the American flag with a ban sign on them and surrounded with photos of Palestinian casualties. I thought it would really bring everything a lot closer to outsiders. The Palestinian cause is a cause that most Saudis hold very close to their hearts. And their side of the story is different from what most Westerners presume to be the truth.

In Western media, Israel is the most civilized and stable country in the Middle East. Its democratic and progressive nature is considered a model for the rest of the region. Everything would be perfect if only it weren’t for those pestering so called Palestinian terrorists, those barbarians who breed incessantly and brainwash their youth into carrying suicidal missions for a lost cause. While it is silently assented by all that Israel is the Jew’s compensation for having to go through the Holocaust, the “Promised Land” described in the Old Testament.  And helping the Jews is a way of continuing the Crusades and spreading the word of God to those Honor-killing Muslim savages.

The Saudi side is completely different. What most Saudis believe is that Israel is just an extension of the crucifixion. They tried to crucify Christ and now they have extended their torment to the people of his land. Everyone in Saudi Arabia knows at least one Palestinian refugee family whose father or grandfather had their houses taken by the Israeli government or were tricked into selling it. These people live and work with us and tell their story to anyone who’ll listen. Obviously, that makes it a lot more concrete than some sense of entitlement based on scripture. My own grandfather left his village here in Qaseem and fought and was injured in the first battles, some time between 1948 and 1952. Ever since then he had walked with a limp.

Also, it’s widely believed that Judgment day will not come until the Zionists are all thrown into the Mediterranean. As a result of what Israel has done to Palestinians, it’s even considered an insult to be called a Jew. And 9/11 was bound to happen. What do Americans expect when their Foreign Policy aids and abets the ethnic cleansing going on the Holy Lands? All those boohoos and memorials for a mere 3000 souls while Saudis of all ages are bombarded with photos and videos of murdered Palestinian children at the hands of the Israeli army on a daily basis on TV, newspapers and even at school as you can see above.

A more journalistic approach to the issue can be read here Link


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9 responses to “The Real Terrorists

  1. ammani

    Saudiwoman, I’ve had a foot in both worlds, and to me it seems neither side is getting the truth from their media. I scarcely recognized my country as it was depicted to me as an expatriate living in the Middle East. But I also scarcely recognize the Middle East as it is depicted to me on the nightly news. Somewhere between the two lies the truth.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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  4. Amarcord

    I think that media representation is dangerous both ways. I absolutely understand the refugees and I also understand that it s something like 60 years that this “conflict” is going on and petro$ as well as NGOs$ are being spent on/for both sides.
    I think that instead of writing: Israel Killer; Palestine: victim OR Israel: advanced society; Palestine: useless, everybody (media included) should simply start first of all looking at the forms of dialogue between young palestinians and young israelis and then, start doing something. Hate brings hate and any justification of why hate grows is a step back. What I see is that the world is wasting time TALKING instead of DOING. And “those who cannot do, must destroy”.

  5. Marbbe


    Please let me quote you:

    “And 9/11 was bound to happen. What do Americans expect when their Foreign Policy aids and abets the ethnic cleansing going on the Holy Lands? All those boohoos and memorials for a mere 3000 souls while Saudis of all ages are bombarded with photos and videos of murdered Palestinian children at the hands of the Israeli army on a daily basis on TV, newspapers and even at school as you can see above.”

    I would like to give you my opinion on what is wrong with this statement.

    Your statement proves you think the USA was bombed by terrorist as do many Americans and other nationalities.


    I love my country and I am loyal to it, but I am loyal to my religion which requires me to tell the truth as I know it and feel it.

    The USA was hit with 2 planes 1 each flying into the twin towers, the other 3 planes were not planes but missiles. It was not because of our forgien policies, good bad or indifferent.

    It was done by our own goverment to help destroy the USA and remake it into what the NWO wants. Things were not moving fast enough so the gov’t helped it along.

    The boogey man named? Muslims-Islam. Are they bad? Sure, bad, good, indifferent like all nations, races, religions.

    Muslims-Islam is worse because so little is actually known about them-it in the USA and we can use that (the powers that be thought). Sure they live in the USA, there are Mosque in the USA but the majority of Americans have never paid any attention to Muslims-Islam cause it never affected them.

    Now it has !

    Since the majority of Americans don’t have a clue about Muslims-Islam they are now the boogey man!

    Let me tell YOU about Muslims-Islam!

    This was in the 70’s

    “look at that poor nation (Afganistan) fighting Russia (our enemy). Let’s help them!”

    We gave them weapons to help them defeat the horrible Russians!

    (12 plus years later since they won’t run thier country the way we want —how dare they!)

    We use them for 9/11!

    Americans have been lead to worry about so much (tv really keeps Americans busy with the junk on it) that no one pays attention to our history!

    America became a great nation because we were a melting pot who came from all over to live a independant dream which was called “The American Dream” since all lived in America. We walked tall with a big stick which gave the message “Mess with us and it’s all over for you”. This was a great message, it allowed all to do well.

    Then, those that did better than others took that stick and started beating ppl with it, that is why we are so enslaved in taxes and baloney from our gov’t.

    But that isn’t enough for these greedy leaders, NO, they started beating countries then nations! The American people as a whole are not greedy. But the powers that run our country have gone amuck in greed. Now the rich leaders of the world are uniting and runnings things thier way.

    Some things to think about that Americans just don’t want to hear!

    “19 Saudi nationalist drove planes into things hence 9/11……..ok why not invade Saudi Arabia?…..because they are our friends and the King said Bin Lauden was in Afaghanistan……..come on ppl!!!! Demand he be turned over or bomb! See America Goveremt lies to their ppl and the ppl believe it!!

    We have the Greatest Military in the world lets send a sniper to take out that awful Hussien… lets tell the American ppl he has WMD and in vade so we can controll the oil…..ok….and they believe the gov’ts story

    The American people have never had to fight for something they lost…They do not know what it means to loose your freedom….now it is gone and they haven’t even realized it……

    They think voteing in Obama was a great idea….he is nothing (name calling has no bearing so don’t go their) but a politician who has taken us down a road the gov’t needed and used him.

    The title of your post is right.

    The Real Terrorist

    Unfortunately the REAL name is the AMERICAN GOVERMENT. 😦

  6. Marbbe

    Anyone wanting to learn the truth can google 9/11 truth.

    The thing that saddans me most is the lies and all the deaths.

    Our military does what they are told and other nationalities die. Our soldiers die. Too many.

    The people who stood up and said Iraq has WMD have since come out and said “no we were wrong and knew it”. Why haven’t they been tried for war crimes? Because America just won’t accept they did anything wrong. We are still in Iraq, Afghanistan with rumors of Iran (Heaven help us).

    I just feel if people would obey thier religious beliefs and leave everyone else alone we would all get along.

  7. Rufus

    People are people. Too much violence and too much horror. We need to find a way to get along

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!

  8. stupid saudis give you women , there freedom of driving ‘nd dea woman rights . Stop foolishness jelousy ???

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