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The Real Terrorists

This is on exhibit at one of the high schools here in Riyadh. I saw it and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture when no one was looking. It’s the Israeli and the American flag with a ban sign on them and surrounded with photos of Palestinian casualties. I thought it would really bring everything a lot closer to outsiders. The Palestinian cause is a cause that most Saudis hold very close to their hearts. And their side of the story is different from what most Westerners presume to be the truth.

In Western media, Israel is the most civilized and stable country in the Middle East. Its democratic and progressive nature is considered a model for the rest of the region. Everything would be perfect if only it weren’t for those pestering so called Palestinian terrorists, those barbarians who breed incessantly and brainwash their youth into carrying suicidal missions for a lost cause. While it is silently assented by all that Israel is the Jew’s compensation for having to go through the Holocaust, the “Promised Land” described in the Old Testament.  And helping the Jews is a way of continuing the Crusades and spreading the word of God to those Honor-killing Muslim savages.

The Saudi side is completely different. What most Saudis believe is that Israel is just an extension of the crucifixion. They tried to crucify Christ and now they have extended their torment to the people of his land. Everyone in Saudi Arabia knows at least one Palestinian refugee family whose father or grandfather had their houses taken by the Israeli government or were tricked into selling it. These people live and work with us and tell their story to anyone who’ll listen. Obviously, that makes it a lot more concrete than some sense of entitlement based on scripture. My own grandfather left his village here in Qaseem and fought and was injured in the first battles, some time between 1948 and 1952. Ever since then he had walked with a limp.

Also, it’s widely believed that Judgment day will not come until the Zionists are all thrown into the Mediterranean. As a result of what Israel has done to Palestinians, it’s even considered an insult to be called a Jew. And 9/11 was bound to happen. What do Americans expect when their Foreign Policy aids and abets the ethnic cleansing going on the Holy Lands? All those boohoos and memorials for a mere 3000 souls while Saudis of all ages are bombarded with photos and videos of murdered Palestinian children at the hands of the Israeli army on a daily basis on TV, newspapers and even at school as you can see above.

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