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Palestinian Poet reunited with her Israeli-imprisoned daughter during a TV interview

This video shows a Palestinian poet who had given up her daughter for dead after the daughter was captured by the Israeli forces. The poet while being interviewed is asked to unsuspectingly watch a video of her daughter arrive at the UAE airport and then they had the daughter walk into the studio. The poet goes hysterical with happiness and surprise. It doesn’t really need any translation because most of it is unintelligible screaming. Imagine believing a loved one is dead and then seeing them. Very emotional.


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Somebody do something!

I came across this ad on offering a 2 year old girl for adoption. I called the local police station and they don’t answer and then I called the Ministry of Social Affairs and a man working in the orphanage department told me that he can’t do anything unless I send an official fax from my workplace! He won’t even take the link to read it for himself.

This is the link to the ad:

And just in case it gets taken down before you see it here’s a  copy:



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