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My July article at Relativity Online

In the past decade, the Saudi government has been consistent in its approach to women’s participation in society and their availability of lifestyle choices. Conflict avoidance and postponement has been the answer to each and every request for more women rights. The Islamic perspective plays no role in these decisions and their more crucial implementation. In an Islamic state that prides itself on being the only country that truly rules according to Islamic Shariah, the lives of half of its citizens are exclusively run according to cultural and tribal traditions . . . and little else…to read more click here.


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Foiled Kidnapping


Last week a five year old girl and her mother got a lucky break when a Saudi man, Ali Al Shammari, was able to rescue the girl from an attempted kidnapping. It all happened when the widowed mother went to a charity center to get a Eid holiday give-out. She had taken her daughter along. After getting the packages, the mother stopped a taxi and helped the daughter into the back seat. She then turned around to get the bags from the sidewalk. As soon as she turned her back, the driver shut the door and sped off with the five year old still in the backseat. The mother ran after the taxi screaming “my daughter, my daughter, the taxi driver took my daughter!” This Saudi man was in his car nearby and heard her. He immediately raced after the taxi until he was able to corner it and get back the girl who was pleading with the driver to return her to her mother

Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh awarded the man an undisclosed cash reward for his heroic deed. And the newspaper took an interesting perspective on the whole story, writing that this is just another reason to nationalize all taxis, as if kidnapping and all things bad are only done by expatriates. I’m all for nationalizing every job but not for this reason


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