Today I was quoted in this article in the Saudi Gazette. I completely agree with the whole article As you can see at the beginning, there are many women in Saudi Arabia who sanction the status quo, just like the anonymous IT undergrad. Outsiders would be amazed at how many women here do not welcome change. Although I have yet to come across any studies on the matter, I think there a lot more women than men objecting to equality and freedom. I have my own theory on why but I’ll leave that for another post. I even remember a few years back reading an article in Arab News Newspaper written by Raid Qusti in which he wrote that he’s contemplating quitting writing for women’s rights since women themselves are against his ideas.
Well anyway the article was a great piece and a step in the right direction in moving the dialogue along. My only objection is the writer put quotation marks on what she attributes to me when actually it’s more of a paraphrase. The interview was conducted on the phone and I assumed that she was taping it but apparently she wasn’t. I don’t disagree with what’s written. It has the gist of what I was saying but it’s definitely not my words, especially the hullaballoo part. I can’t get my tongue around that last one. This is the quote:
 “Yes, the segregation of men and women is holding us back, wherein we do not have courses like engineering and journalism, simply because of unavailability of women’s faculty,” she said.
“Otherwise, this is no real reason for women not to go out, get an education and make careers. It is all in the head, and of course, the notion of people opposing this plays an important part in the hullaballoo created.”

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  1. sabah

    I read your comments and I have to agree with you in many aspects. Yes, I did use what we call it ‘journalistic license or literary license’ but will make sure that you review what I have written in future.
    The hullaballoo part is a tad oh- so- my- my but I i could not resist myself from using that word. It contains- what I feel- is a sort of magic and it fits the story perfectly.
    Anyways about change and women resisting it- I believe change for the better is good not for the worse. What did women in the West bring about by pushing for more independence or freedom- as they call it? It made them caricatures, dolls and mannequins for the men to ogle at. I mean yes- education, career and eveything asscociated with a civilised society are their calling but it made them go out on the street losing their respect. Again I am not generalising but stating the obvious facts that appear via the media.

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