Saudi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All across the media, the portrayal of Saudi women is always one of two facets; victimized and brainwashed or surprisingly educated and powerful. Here’s a third never before seen aspect. A bunch of Saudi girls acting just plain old silly for a laugh. These are photos that have been making the rounds in Saudi inboxes and I thought I would share them here with you. I don’t know the girls in the photos are but they are typical and could be any young ladies that I do know.  





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158 responses to “Saudi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. Fida

    heehee! utterly cute..they look like they’re having a blast goofing around. A far cry from the typical “stiff-upper-lip” fortress, if i may say so..

  2. But you’re not allowed to have fun. Haven’t you got the memo?

  3. You are correct in what you say about western stereotypes of Saudi women. It’s all about image, and what we associate with those images. When I move to the KSA, I will wear the Abaya when required. However, as a western woman, I will tell you…when I 1st started looking at them online…something about it made me feel like I was going to jail. And, I know it’s not like that, but that’s the feeling I got. Weird. I love seeing this…images that shatter stereotypes and the status quo.

  4. These photos are great. I love the first one with all their eyes crossed! I’m so glad to see that women and girls here can still have fun despite all the restrictions placed on them.

  5. Fotoon

    It’s not funny. these women are abused by culture and dominated by men. We should get your support and help for libration of women in Saudi Arabia not you jokes. PLEASE HELP FREE US.

    • mj

      I agree with you,i think this is the real role of Saudi women try to get their liberty, but doing so peacefully, and by demanding the authorities to help, not only for the face cover but more important issues for women like getting rid of Mohram, and working every where,and …………….

    • your totally right..i think they dont like this way of living,, covering their faces for the reason that saudi mens are maniac!!! im in saudi arabia now and i see all that happens

  6. Tariq Mahmood

    Although I am no fan of the Gulf Arabs as they are stupid and selfish brats, the argument that Saudi Women are victims of Male dominated society is without merit.

    The vast majority of men in Saudi Arabia are victims of this same society. Do we not see that Lebanon’s prosperity is fueled by sexually frustrated Saudi men
    (Osama bin Laden might have been one of these men too) who go to Lebanon to have sex with women. This stems from the fact that Saudi Men can not form any kind of relationship with women at all.

    Saudi Society stifles the very human need that many of us have, the need for companionship and intimacy from members of the other gender.

    Saudi society ends up warping the views of men by restricting the companionship aspect of relationships and allowing only empty intimacy with foreign women (to those who are rich enough to go abroad, which is not within reach of all Saudi Men).

    After years of denial of a basic human need the men in Saudi Arabia may be accepted into the Men’s circle of power and assigned a woman who both he and she have no history with or feelings for one another. Although in some of these relationships people may come together and form loving relationships, the present structure of Saudi Society is extremely unhealthy and is conductive of the 25% divorce rates we see.

    Saudi Society needs to be rehabilitated.

    • Who the hell do u think u r 2 pass judgment on Saudi society?

      Either make ur point with respect or shut-up. Nobody likes an ignorant stereotyping fool, fool.

      u claim men r frustrated & have no where 2 “express” their human intimacy needs.. well, that’s y there’s something called MARRIAGE. u know.. that little vow that says u will love ur spouse & either stay together with compassion or beak-up with kindness. u can do it as soon as u get a job. I did it @ 24.

      u talk about history with ur future spouse… u r right. they both need time to know each other and that is what ENGAGEMENT is for. which should last ~6mo.

      .. so next time b more respectful & don’t make assumptions. otherwise u risk looking like a total FOOL.

      • Tariq Mahmood


        You did this at 24!

        That is much too old for most of us, I am younger than that and find it extremely stupid for myself to not be married.

        Marriage should not be delayed, it should be done as soon as possible, preferably by age 17 or 18.

        A man should be empowered to support himself at an early age as well, 15 or 16!

        How many years did you have desire to find your bedside empty?

        Will you subject your own son’s to this fate?

        Insallah you will not!

      • Mark

        Thats why homosexuality is so rife in Muslim Arabic Countries.. it is widely practiced and with young boys, this is where a lot of male frustration is released…
        Covering women head to toe in black is sickening..

      • Amazonbaby

        You think you can truly know someone in only six months? And, let’s be truthful – everytime you see each other during that six month period, she is mostly concerned with how she looks and he is mostly concerned with how handsome and masterful he appears. Unless you spend time in normal life experiences together, and I’m not talking about sex, you can’t see how the other person normally reacts. And, it is very important to see how the other person responds when they are stressed out. Also, it’s important to spend time with the other person’s family so you can see how the father and mother treat each other. That will tell you so much about how your future spouse will treat you. And, let’s be honest. No relationship is out of the honeymoon stage for at least the first six months. So, the Saudi idea of “engagement” does not properly prepare you for marriage, nor does it allow you to actually get to know your future spouse. Be honest!

        What’s funny here is that your idea that the “Saudi” idea of engagement and that it allows you to get to know your future spouse well enough to marry is indicative of the entire problem being discussed here. You are a victim of your own culture negativity if you think you can get to know someone well enough to think you should marry them within six months. And, that is not spending time and experiences with them as is done in Western culture. And, once again, I am not talking about sex. Tell me…what exactly did you know about your wife in the six month engagement period that qualified you to fell that she was the correct person for your to marry? I am really curious. Since you didn’t pick her to begin with after seeing her being herself in social situations – what criteria did you use to determine that she was the correct wife for you in six months of maybe talking on the phone and maybe spending time with her with many other people around where neither she or you could really relax and totally be yourself with each other????

      • Saudi men R looser

        Correct me if i were wrong.Isnt most of saudi men likes 2 travels 2 forign countries,so they can have their sexuallaty,but when it comes 2 their wives or sis to have their fun the answer is always> “forbidden”.

        Dont makes me laugh

      • scout

        hahaha… 25 thumbs down. the other 10 are all you. 😉 so funny, you are just donkeys dude. you can’t even drive correctly, and specially, you are lazy, lame, stinky… hahahaha!

    • maria

      I hope you are able to one day stop living an entire life like a prisoner and be able to experience the fullness of life on your own terms. There is so much you miss out if you don’t.

      Although I am born in a completely free society, I am so grateful everyday when I can explore my society around me, talk with strangers and hear their views, travel wherever I want, and make decisions whenever I want to without anyone interfering. Its such a blessing. I don’t need to carry suspicions to others and they need no suspicions of me either. I need no negative thoughts, unless I chose to have them. I can feel and be happy from morning to evening.

      Looking at the world and how much oppression and misery there is in most nations, we have been so deeply blessed. I am grateful every day for being born in the west!

      I hope everyone can one day have the same options of freedom in their countries within the unique characteristics of their own culture, minus oppression and force on your individual persona.

      • maria

        By the way, I wasn’t referring to anything to do with physical relations in my reply. I was referring to life in general, and everyday events. I think people from oppressed countries are so obsessed with sex its not even normal…. They can’t function like normal people with each other in society. In the west the overwhelming majority of all sex crimes/rapes are committed by Muslim men. They are also the main and overwhelming clients to prostitutes, and homosexual clubs.

        Shows you it turns into extremes.

      • Tariq Mahmood


        Most sex crimes in the West committed by Muslim men?

        You have got to be kidding me. And prostitutes being most frequented by Muslim in men?

        Get your head out of the sand …

  7. maay-peggy msimbazy

    Hi I lived in Saudi Arabia some years back. I`m still facinated by the culture which forbids most things and yet everythings goes on….But people appears happy.

  8. may-peggy msimbazy

    Sorry a little mistake in my mail address.

    And if I may add that I don`t think arabic women are stupid! Strong thing to say. Surcumstances is different in countries and in what ever part of the world you are from!! It seam that the women are doing fine as long as they are free from all the negative comments from the western`s!

  9. lulu

    I’m sorry but I don’t see the fun here! All women can do is shop? or look silly while shopping or waiting in a parking lot? Show me women that can do sport, run, hike,eat out with their friends, or enjoy a healthy environment like person should. If all they’re allowed to do is be consumers who shop and wear pretty clothes while hiding behind walls then where is the fun?

    • sir_smoke_alot

      totally agree… i really want to see more outdoor activities, i want to see saudi girls in the Olympics.. i want to see all that stuff, but im glad that most of them that studies abroad are taking advantage and living it to the full, just the other day i was watching a women volleyball game at my mates uni in london, saw someone that looked middle eastern i mean to be honest i might have been wrong but she was a good player had to go talk to her, and was surprised to find out that shes saudi, had a bit of a chat, and when i found out that she had a scholership from uni for playin for the unis volleyball team i was happy to a saudi girl take advantage of the freedom she has , made me so happy and proud to to see that,

      a saudi athlete…

      • Mary

        We’d love to see Saudi women excel in Olymics, bring home metals, and show those stupid, sick, brainless Saudi men how good they are at something if they’re only given a chance.

        May Saudi Arabia be ruled by women one day, and may they clad the men in burkas and beat them all day long while they enjoy their freedom! Revenge is sweet!

    • abdullah

      yes we need to see saudi girls drunk and having sex and getting pregnant at 15 like the white girls and no idea who is the father or which one is it the tall one or the short one we need to see saudi girls travell the whole world like the white girls getting laid with strangers………etc do you really know who is your father ?ask your mum if she is the one ?

      • Shotpurple

        That is a racist thing to say. You have just made a comment about the behaviour of people of white skin colour, assuming that they all act the same way. They don’t. A miniscule proportion act in such a way; just as brown and black and yellow skinned girls get pregnant after sleeping around. And have you thought about who gets them pregnant and sleeps with them in the first place? Men. Men who are white, brown, black and yellow. Your view is ignorant and highly offensive.

      • Starscream

        It’s nit just the white girls that get pregnant at 15. It also western girls of other girls as well. Let’s not be racist here. But yeah, I’d hate to see Muslim girls as you as 11 getting pregnant or children not even knowing who their fathers are. That would prove socially disastrous.
        I know of people many, many people in the US whose child don’t know who their fathers are. And many women who have children that all have different fathers.

        A lot of people here would love to see Muslim countries face the same fate as many Western countries. But my the most high protect are Muslim brothers and sister as well as their children from such a fate.

  10. Tariq Mahmood

    Wahhabi Backward Mullah:

    What are you saying?

    First off Lulu hit the nail on the head here. Women in our community and countries don’t even go out hiking, running, or bicycling as it is viewed as “immodest.”

    Physical activity is perfectly wholesome and should be encouraged, nowhere does lulu say anything about las vegas.

    And lol at your comment to me ….

    I am not the one who thinks it is necessary to put a woman in a mobile tent as she may be too attractive for a man to control themselves.

    Our communities are depraved, from Morocco to Malaysia, Mullahs are sodomizing boys, the internet is used almost exclusively for pornography, and Muftis are issuing fatwas supporting hymenoplasty.

    Get your head out of the sand, people like you are own worse enemy.

    • Mohammed Abdulrahman


      I am surprised that you keep making comments about a community that you don’t belong to :). You stated earlier that”[a]lthough I am no fan of the Gulf Arabs as they are stupid and selfish brats”. So that obviously means you are not Saudi. You went on to say that Saudi men go to lebanon to meet women. Now, that is a generalization that is without merit. What is the percentage of Saudi men that do that? Then you respond to a comment made by a Saudi guy by saying that men should get married at 15!!! Let me just tell you that marriage is not just about fullfilling your sexual desires Tariq but what do you know !! your comments sound immature and you actually confirmed my observation by stating that you are much younger than 24. So I would say you are probably 16? ;p

      Last but not least, if you don’t like us, why are you still here?

      • Tariq Mahmood

        Mohammad AbdulRahaman,

        Apparently you are out of touch with reality.

        I have every right to pass judgement on Saudi Arabia even though I am not a Saudi, do you believe that you are above criticism?

        You find it odd that I say marriage should be acceptable at age 15 when in Saudi girls as young as 8 have been wed and bed?

        A 15 year old is perfectly capable of rendering 2000 hours of labor in the West or Saudi Arabia in an occupation that will reward him with enough purchasing power to have 500 square of feet of living space, a reliable car, and afford heating, food, and other expenses.

        Perhaps you should scroll up, nowhere do I say that marriage is exclusively about fulfilling sexual desire.

        Your country is a failed state that is proped up with oil wealth. Today 80% of engineers in Saudi Arabia are foreigners and the competency of the 20% who are Saudi’s is questionable.

        As far as the % of Saudi’s who go to lebanon, bahrain, or the UAE for sex is not relevant but we do know it is extremely high, 25% of Lebanon’s GDP is from tourism, this tourism has blessed with the 3 million Lebanese people with more automobiles than 40 million Syrian and Yemeni combined!

        All over the world a sexual revolution has occured, kids are having sex younger and younger, gone are the days of 30 year old virgins. Society needs to groom people to be self sufficient earlier, to restrain desires if possible, and to use safe and legitimate routes to fulfill those desires.

        Whatever fantasy land you live in has no relation to reality.

      • Amazonbaby


        Gulf Arabs and Saudi’s go everywhere in the world where there are women that they can legally and not legally have sex with. If they have to pay for it or not pay for it. Perhaps, you aren’t really aware of how these men go out of the country to have sex, drink alcohol and do drugs. Wake up to the reality and the big reputation Gulf Arabs and Saudi men have in the world for leaving home to have sex and party! Not just Lebanon……

  11. muslimah

    ok where is the fun in showing off your legs to the whole world? and why should you prove that you are like ‘everyone else’ behind this burka we are just as human as you, we can have a laugh to….blablabla….oh man why can’t you be proud of been Muslims and stop bending backward and forward for the kuffar? subhanaAllah we are embracing Islam in the west and we are so proud of been Muslims and everything that comes with it, when I go out I am looked at like a leperd, everysingle day is a fight for me, and look at you, your like born with a silver spoon in your mouth blessed with Islam from the beginning, AND WHAT DO YOU DO?????wallah makes me so angry, we are ajam and we understand Islam better than you! As ALLAH said in the Qu’ran if you don’t do the job (uphold your deen) he will replace you with better people, well wake up my dear sisters and brothers because you are been replaced right now and you are still slumbering over nonsense of this dunia….. and please sisters have some ‘aya don’t expose yourselves on the net that last picture is totally discusting you should be ashamed and think of your parents really, to see you like this would break their heart…….

    • um yusuf


    • Jennifer

      LOL, you are such a poser. You wanna be something your not, sorry even in Saudi culture they weren’t being gross. In no culture, including Muslim would they be gross.

      Girls enjoying themselves is everywhere, in every culture, girls play and be goofy sometimes more than guys! We play video games, climb trees and enjoy a good laugh!

      Let me guess, your one of those guys that secretly look at porn and oogle women in public and at home and then get mad at people on the internet for doing little things just so you feel better about yourself.

      Your not Muslim, you never will be. Don’t go on a site called saudiWOMEN if your just gonna talk bad about them….wait…you probably thought this was a porn site huh? You sick, sad American boy.

    • Marcus

      That is so insulting to many people…

    • mary


      If you find it so hard to live in the Western world why do you not move to a Muslim state where you would be happier? I am a Western woman, and would not be happy living in a strict Muslim society where my personal freedom is restricted, so I choose not to do that. And that is what personal freedom means – the power to choose and act for yourself, and morality is learning to make those choices good ones. Your words are so full of anger and frustration, you cannot be happy with your life right now.

      • Anirban Mukhopadhyay

        personal freedom is not the only way to be happy. please try to recognize other cultures apart from your western culture.

  12. um yusuf

    these girls are probibly not even saudi

  13. firefly

    I’ve spent around 4 months in Saudi Arabia .. and from those pictures I have admit that those Saudi girls look like … normal girls …
    I was so curious as to what goes on inside their minds … but looks like they’re pretty normal. I mean this is probably the ONLY place i’m seeing Saudi women speak their minds …
    (look I didn’t expect women on the roads to start telling me their thoughts, but i didn’t know they did speak their minds this way )

  14. Chiara

    I think these pictures are wonderful–creative, funny, and very well composed and choregraphed. They show that people can have fun and a sense of humour in almost any situation, and remind us that in Vaillant’s well-researched hierarchy of defense mechanisms (coping strategies) humour is #1 of the most positive ones. Humour is profoundly human, humanizing, and liberating, both psychologically and socially. Humour was a coping strategy for the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps, and the political prisoners of the Soviet gulags. Despite its negatives, the obligatory abaya does not reach those levels of oppression, so it is even more understandable to have abaya/burka humour.

    “All across the media, the portrayal of Saudi women is always one of two facets; victimized and brainwashed or surprisingly educated and powerful.”
    So true. The media loves binary contrasts– so easy to make drama to keep viewer/reader ie ad watcher/revenue builder interest, and ideological norms in place.
    What does it say about the media and its adherents that it is SURPRISING that Saudi women are educated and powerful, other than that the baseline image, the primary colour, is helpless brainwashed victim, and anything else is a splash of contrast colour? Ah, the white (wo)man’s burden of liberating oppressed brown women everywhere…

    “Here’s a third never before seen aspect. A bunch of Saudi girls acting just plain old silly for a laugh.”
    So true. MOST people are normal (by definition).

  15. Chiara

    PS in the last photo the girls are wearing beige/flesh coloured pants, their thighs and knees are on the floor with their LOWER leg bent up, exposing the LOWER calf. All awrah is covered, hardly a scandal except where “a glimpse of stocking is rather shocking” and like the song says HEAVEN knows.

  16. Hisham

    good pic hope to be involved with u

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    المملكة العربية السعودية

  18. shabazz

    I think the photos are a reality of what these girls feel. I am an American Muslim and I realize that my restrictions are my salvation. In the world there is always so much energy put into the lives and choices that others make, there are many other concerns to focused on rather than the life of women in other countries. We were blessed with much knowledge and apply it to our lives in a healthy manner. Although I may not agree with the lifestyle of those in America where it is acceptable to walk around half nude-it is also not my place to challenge their belief system. We all need to be more informed about world affairs and help ourselves be better people and inturn indirected influence those around us. remember the matter of free will has been granted to us and we ahould apply that blessing to our own minds. May Allah continue to bless and strenghten us all in our shortcomings.

  19. saudi girl

    Iam saudi i like abaea i hate to look to me men i proud i am asaudi girl

    • Asim

      i like Ur thinking .!! 🙂

    • Saudi men R looser


      I’m A saudi girl and i hate saudi men,their giving me the nausea.
      They know nothing but “cover ur hair Woman,dont look 2 any people,dont do that.
      They’re the biggest hypocrite in the earth.they dont want girls 2 succes and having jobs,they hate seeing us happy.ALL THEIR MATTERS IS HAVING PLEASURE BY MARRIENG MINORS AND TORTURES THEM.

    • dilshad

      i m a verry poor man awant some mony can you help email is

      • elena

        Your a useless man who can’t even look after your family while I’m sure you hold them trapped in their home! Looser! You should be clad in a burka.

  20. I agree with one of the commenters here! We’re not in a place to criticize others. Although I’ve met many non-Muslims out to “save” us, I realize that a person’s intentions for others may not be accepted or tolerated.

    These girls are having fun, so what? I’m glad they do. An abaya isn’t really restricting, my sister wears it with a niqab and she went bungee jumping last summer, with her niqabi friends doing the same being intrigued with the whole thing.

    Non-Muslims, we appreciate the concern, but please be reminded that we have a faith that’s considered as a way of life too. Please have the politeness not to lash out at our faith, as Muslims like me are polite enough not to question your beliefs.

    • Lorena

      I’m not a Muslim, I don’t want to save anybody and I don’t think that the problem is the abaya, but the chance of choose. Can these girls choose their future? Can they study what they want? Marry? Drive? Travel? If they can, that’s ok, but if they can’t and they wish, ( of course 🙂 I believe there is a problem of freedom. I respect your belief, but in my opinion human rights are more important than any religion or tradition.

  21. بنآت السعوديات
    هن الافضل
    لآنريد التحرر فنحنوو ملكآت
    متمسكين بشريعة ديننا الحنيف
    لالالالالالالالانريد التحرر

    • Omaima


    • Saudi men R looser

      لاوي يلوي راسك ..

      بطليك النفاق هذا.
      تعالي يوم عندي بالبيت عشان اوريك الكرف الصح ياحماره.انتي الظاهر تحبين تكونين عبده تحت رحمة الرجال.
      وبكره اذا سويتي غلط يقتلك ويقول للمحكمه قتلتها لاجل شرف العائله ويطلقون سراحه ولا كانه عمل ذنب.هنا الاحكام صارمه بس على البنات والولد يقدر يشتغل ويجيب له الف محامي ويفرجون عنه.اما اذا كانت بنت.قالوا خُلوة مع المحامي ويلوون راسها

      • elena

        You must have an extremely small penis. Its usually men who are incompetent, uneducated, and incapable to have an erection or with an unusually small penis who are afraid of women and that they will become smarter or better than them, so they forbid them in functioning like normal human beings and want to suppress their freedom.

        Hahahaha…. no wonder Arab men have such bad reputation amongst Russian prostitutes and are always laughed at!!! Now we know the reason.

  22. Tamador

    Such pictures just make me laugh.. how silly yet admirable!
    That’s the spirit ” We’re gonna try to make a difference towards a changed future, meanwhile, we’re gonna adjust and have fun!”

  23. Bilal Naveed

    Wow, nice blog! A real window into Saudi society, even for someone who’s lived here for a while. Pics are cute, the last one taken at the family waiting lounge at KKIA 🙂

  24. Aiman Radman

    i would like to say that Suadi women need the freedom to do what they need and what satisfy their intersts in every things and that is not good to them

    i hereby want to advice them to take care of themselves due to an availabilty of young tiggers in each where and if they need to have and take a romantic time to enhance their live they have to go abroad to see what is the world around them is doing and do the same

    i hereby also need to bring to their notice that we have heared that many women spend their vacations outside the kingdom to do what they are likely to do and this is not a proper time of intersting which in reality objected with our Islamic instrcutions


    Aiman Raman

    • Amazonbaby

      Well, Aiman,

      When Saudi men stop doing the same actions, then you might have the right to give advice to Saudi ladies. Until then, you are wrong to tell Saudi ladies that they are doing wrong outside of Saudia. It’s their only chance to breathe.

    • Marcus

      Aiman Raman,
      hi there…
      Your right.. many many many Saudi women do leave the Kingdom to explore themselves and to explore their sexuality. If a Saudi women wishes to enjoy herself free from restrictions and go dancing and meeting your men and having sex freely, her own decision to do so, then what has it got to do with anyone else?

      • elena

        Marcus, what a bunch of nonsense you spread! Saudi women don’t fool around with men on foreign trips. They explore their surroundings, go to tourist sites, see what people are up to, just normal innocent things.
        Why do you make up such nasty things and make stupid, narrow minded Saudi men imagine they do things they don’t?

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  26. Be happy its your wedding date for celebration

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  28. its about time you giggling saudi teenage girls do what you want to do just like any other normal teenage asian or western girls minus the abaya and the tarha cover…funny though but I salute you with the pics….a far cry from being just in the corner haggling together like poor cute puppies..enjoy your LIFE my sisters….dream and be what you want to be…..

  29. Danyal

    Great log where people can raise their concerns and share with everyone. Long Live Saudi Arabia, though i am not a Saudi but was born and brought up here. As my mother say i am more Saudi than my own nationality and i am not ashamed of that.Its just the media who have created the whole drama against Saudia.Keep it up !!!

  30. Ernest Saenz


    It’s nice to see them having fun. I’m sure if they were to read publications here in the West, they would be grateful for the intentions of the care that’s being watched over them. Females there are probably less apt to fall victims to the criminal element and the exploitations. It makes me wonder too though of the ways of other Islamic governments, their ways and their statistics. I like comparing and doing the “numbers”. Best wishes.

    • elena

      You must be nuts? If the true statistics came out, it would overwhelm any abuse statistics on the face of the planet, on par with Africa.

  31. BoredinRUH

    Dear Iman!

    Pls. remove the irrelvant comments here and the abusive and racist ones, how could you let any one post anything he/she wants without control ?

    Some comments are even against Feminism!

    • Amazonbaby

      Dear Bored,

      It’s called freedom of speech. Where everyone gets to express what they feel. Sometimes you may not agree with what others have to say. But everyone gets the right to express themselves. There is nothing written in this blog that is racist, abusive or irrevelant to the subject. It’s just that you aren’t used to “free speech”. Free speech means that you will read comments from people that don’t agree with everything that you feel. In fact, sometimes other’s comments will make you feel mad. That is normal when there is freedom of speech. Editing out comments that you don’t agree with is abusive, racist and irrelevant. Grow up! Stop trying to control other’s free speech.

      • Jennifer

        Sorry not everyone has the freedom of speech. Stop flaunting the fact that people can’t and you can. If someone is being racist it’s called racism and guess what? That is illegal in the U.S. and also the “freedom of speech” thing, people are only allowed to freedoms in the U.S. if they don’t infrenge on others freedoms…like oh let’s say religion and race? Those were both touched on in this Blog.

        Don’t use the freedom of speech thing unless you know what it means.

  32. مها نور إلهي

    I am so sorry to see these pictures! they are so ugly and a disgrace to any saudi woman!
    We do have fun…we do act goofy at times like all girls in the wordl, but this is not the way we do it…the world doesn’t have to know how we do it…why do we always have to give explanations and clarifications about our lives?
    No body questions whatever happens in the American prom parties, so why do some inquire about us?

    Eman..the pictures really look very silly..when we have fun, we know how to have it, and we DON’T wear the abaya when we want to have fun…
    Hijab is supposed to dignify a woman…those girls are just making fools of themselves and of hijab and Islam…I am not against having fun…but these pictures just show the opposite of what you are trying to convey…
    my dear you just added a third misleading image to the Saudi women…ugly and silly!

    come to Jeddah my dear, and you will understand the meaning of fun…

    • Amazonbaby

      LOL – you are one of the sheeple. These pictures are examples of creativity. You are brainwashed. No one asked questions about Western prom’s because no one is trying to hide what happens there. Your responses are one of a person that has lived in a very closed society where information is controlled and independent thinking is restricted and made to be wrong.

    • Marcus

      مها نور إلهي
      HI there… hope you are well…
      You say these pictures are a disgrace????? Wow.. Now there is a statement if any one has seen one…

      You state you have fun, you act goofy at times… Please let me know how and where? I am very interested to hear how free you are to have fun out in the open without having to be force-ably made to wear some back cloud??? Now that is sick and a sickness the male dominated society must get to grips with.. what are they and you scared of???
      The High School Prom is Highly visible, Whole communities get involved, the whole school, parents, Governors, Teachers, Pupils, event coordinators, Music, dancing, Photographic studio for pictures, and the Local Media to report it all.. What a fantastic experience and a thoroughly happy and joyful time for the kids…

      You say “the world does not have to know how we do it”… Yes it does… We all want to know.. we are inquisitive beings who wish to educate and learn… Closing your doors and closing yourself from the world is barbaric.. The censorship laws installed and the people live under under is sick.. And this picture proves the point…
      The girls make fun of the ridiculous restricting clothing and the suppression it clearly brings to the girls lives… They might not know it, but the pictures are very powerful to help all others who are Not of Saudi origin to understand the horrible life a woman lives and leads under a black cloak and cloud and the limits they have when wishing to have a little fun…

  33. Maha–I think the idea here was having fun with the image of the abaya, and how women wearing it are photographed as well as with Western misconceptions about women who wear the abaya, but choice or not. I find the photos more creative and humorous now than I did the first time I saw them, and in a fun way. One might even argue that this is a post-modernist reappropriation of “symbol of discrimination” through the post-modernist use in photography of satire. But only if one were an English lit major. 😉 🙂

  34. Enrica

    I am a bit surprise by some reactions for these photos… I don’t see any misuderstanding or misrespect of Islam in the way these girls are taking pictures. They are teenagers who want to enjoy taking pictures with a touch of “coquetry” typical to young girls. We all did this kind of funny pictures, why should that be shocking if done wearing an Abaya?

  35. مها نور إلهي

    My point of view on the pictures isn’t from a religious perspective…It’s just my personal point of view…fun for me is completely different…wearing the abaya means going out and representing yourself and your religion to the world…it’s just so silly for me…it’s like making love to your husband while you are in a coffin…
    fun for me means dancing, singing, performing on stage, telling jokes, playing and joking with my husband and kids, jumping on the trampoline…
    maybe my view of fun is different … it just doesn’t seem funny to me… but again…maybe they meant it to look silly..if so, they have surly succeeded..
    and it’s true..the photos may symbolize a lot of things…may send a lot of messages both negative and positive … for me…I see it sending a negative message; not about Islam but about these girls…
    I work and live with teenagers and i see all sorts of goofy things everyday…all is acceptable to me, but this is just so disgusting …. it’s like having girls in bikinis wearing nuns’ headscarf or like nuns trying to be sexy 🙂
    again it is my personal point of view…it’s not from a religious point of view at all because they are not doing anything forbidden…they’re just doing something very obscene to my taste .

    • Maha–I didn’t think you were speaking from religious perspective but thought you were questioning this as a form of having fun. In that sense, for me it is important to realize these are not photos of Saudi teens having fun, which might involve many other activities, but having fun with the idea of the abaya, and the typical abaya photographs which are very serious. They seem to prove you can have fun with and in an abaya and be respectful while having a sense of humour about yourself.

    • Amazonbaby

      Congratulations! You have fallen completely for the propaganda and are a perfect little sheeple. The programming is complete. The world is black and white for you isn’t it? You have been assimulated………..

      • Jennifer

        lol… assimilated, that’s funny..

        but, anyway Maha thanks for clearing things up so I and others from other countries could understand better what you meant. I really can understand how you may feel, I can see it being even border line disgraceful (I don’t BTW)..I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for being more understanding and helping us to better understand you.

  36. Marcus

    HI there.. I hope you are well..
    Yes, it does show some Saudi girls having a laugh in many different environments in their Abaya. Its a bit of harmless fun, I think it is great, it touches a never, it grates on people, it is making folk uncomfortable, the debate has raged.. and why? Because this nerve it strikes is male… This is a direct attack towards the male dominated society.. The pictures show how pathetic Saudi men are… To actually witness a Saudi woman state that she loves the Abaya because she does not want the men to look after her… Yes.. the men and the boys who cannot control themselves.. the sexually frustrated males of the region are very much alike.. and did you know, they even have laws which allows the male to have sex with his wife even if she does not agree? Even if she is cooking at the stove, the husband can take her and she cannot disagree, or she will be severely punished.. If a woman wears jeans, nice shoes, a gorgeous flowing blouse and her hair nicely cut and looking silky with a touch of make up and she gets raped, then it would be her own fault for dressing like this… Not the mans fault.. Oh no… She deserved it… look how she is dressed… Until the good beautiful women throw off their veils, then it will always be the way.. And this fight and right to freedom is on its way.. Good luck girls.. My love to you all..

    • Marcus–yes that information does sound familiar.

      Unfortunately most women are blamed for rape, and more sadly blame themselves. They wonder what they did, what they wore, where they were, what time of day, etc. This includes one of my patients who was highly sophisticated, and was attending a summer course at an Ivy League school. She went to the washroom at the end of a class, and left the building alone. Unfortunately she got the wrong exit and found herself in a courtyard with a highly sadistic and perverted rapist, who of course made sure she knew it was her fault because of her figure, and being there, at 4:30pm. She was rescued by a passerby. The rapist has never been caught.

      This is, however, highly unusual in any society, and in most men behave or limit themselves to cat calls.

      So yes, Saudi women need to make changes and so does the whole society, but this abaya fun is just that in my opinion.

      • Marcus

        Hi there. I hope you are well..
        Yes, there are going to be cases in all society.. And some will use the excuse of how the person is dressed.. How utterly sick… Glad you agree..
        It doesnt say much for them at all now does it?
        Yes the Abaya pics are fun.. with a twist.. a very serious twist.. that is the whole reason why they are funny.. It pokes fun at the Male dominated society.. It shows how pathetic the laws are.. It makes clowns out of the Male rulers who force their women to wear such vile awful clothing.. thats what message I get.. This is how I see these girls making the jokes.. Lets be serious.. These girls could not walk down the street all day, in and out of shops, getting taxi’s, or the bus, or a train, wearing these items? The girls would be arrested and flogged most probably.. So yes, it is funny, because it takes a risk against the horrible disgusting male dominating society which forces its females to dress like a dark black sack of rags.. How do these men actually see themselves to do this? Any man who forces a woman to cover like this seriously needs Mental Medical help…

  37. Marcus–I think you are over-reading these, including the risks taken in making the photos, and those that would be incurred by wearing a full abaya with a robe over it for example. However, Eman could probably speak to that better than I.

    Unfortunately not all ideas we disagree with spring from mental illness, at least not of the standard clinical variety. I do think abaya wearing has more to do with politics, power, and repression than with mental disorder, in other words, various cultures have imposed various dress codes on both genders, more often restrictively on women, and it is for Saudis to deal with this one, with support as they ask for it from outsiders–or not.

    • Marcus

      Chiara.. Hi there, I hope your well and enjoying a great day.
      Overstating, understating.. regardless…
      It is sick to force women of your people to wear a black cloak.. I find it disgusting and vile.. and any person who agrees with it is simply mentally disturbed.. Who in their right minds would want this?

      • Alexandra

        Marcus stated: [i]“It is sick to force women of your people to wear a black cloak.. I find it disgusting and vile.. and any person who agrees with it is simply mentally disturbed.. Who in their right minds would want this?”[/i]

        I couldn’t agree more. It takes both genders to keep this appalling state of affairs in place.

        I find it very disturbing that women permit such demeaning imprisonment and feel it necessary to “protect” themselves from aggressive advances by their men.

        I have asked these questions over and over again through the years:

        1) What is wrong with Muslim men that they need to imprison their women in shrouds?

        2) Why can’t Muslim men feel comfortable around normally dressed women without becoming sex crazed? In the rest of the world, especially in the west, if a man acts so rudely the women will typically tell him where to go. If he doesn’t stop, the police are called.

        3) Why don’t Muslim women demand equal rights? Why do they allow men to tell them what to wear? After all, the men can dress however they want. Many even wear comfortable infidel clothing. There is nothing in the Qur’an about veiling, the chador, abaya or burqa.

        Perhaps with the media and the net becoming more prevalent things will change? However, I am not betting on that. During the 70s the women of Kabul wore mini skirts. Today they must breathe their own CO2 in the prison of a burqa.

        One does wonder what would happen if Muslim males were forced to veil? 😉

  38. Marcus–thanks for your comment, being a shrink I shy away from tossing around accusations of mental illness. The range of normal is very wide, sometimes unpleasantly so. 🙂

    • Marcus

      It cannot be very mentally stable to force your own women folk to cover like a black cloud.. It truly is disturbed.. There is no other way to describe it other than sick, vile, hateful.. It is “Suppression” by the males to dominate over the females.. The Male in the case are frightened to death of women.. Literally scared of the power of the woman.. They fear women… How pathetic and so sad..
      This type of behaviour is mentally unstable and has no place in a civilised world and is destructive to the social harmony and fabrics to a loving, caring and peaceful society…
      It will not be until this simple issue is confronted and defeated that the Saudi women will be free.. To throw off the veil.. to let your hair flow free, to smile at people and to have the smile back at you… Purely because they are friendly.. Good day Sir/Madam… How are you today, all well and good I hope”.. To enjoy these simple freedoms…
      Facial expressions are vital and so important and anyone who forces a rule so sick and barbaric upon the women folk obviously dont consider them equals.. but lower class citizens, not worthy of opinion.. How ill to think this way..

      • Amazonbaby


        I love your mind. You get it! To completely understand why these women are covered and silenced you first need to research Islam and Arab culture in Arabia. From my research and personal experience within the culture, women have been legislated to be second class citizens with virtually no legal rights. From birth to death, a man is in control of their legal rights. And, under Sharia Law, everything is slanted for the man to win. And, women are basically lied to from birth until death about their abilities, needs and wants. Education of women has brought some changes. This isn’t the forum to go into detail, but I have been told many times by Saudi males that they basically lie to their mothers, sisters and wives because Saudi women can’t handle the truth, so they (males) can do what they want, or just to shut up or control the woman. I’m not agreeing with this but just reiterating what I have been told. Even if a Saudi women knows that she is being lied to what can she do. Cultural rules and expectations are in the way.

        I have a love/hate relationship with Arabian culture. There is so much I love. I have spent almost half of my life within Arab and Middle Eastern culture. But there is much I disagree with.

  39. Marcus

    Amazonbaby, hi there, hope your well and good.

    Just so you know.. I am English. I first moved to the Middle East as far back as 1978 as a young 14 year old.. My Father took work there and our whole family moved to Abu Dhabi. I was educated there. I grew up in the UAE.. I have stidued and still study the region, the culture, the customs, the food, the laws, the faith, the religion.. I am no expert, I do my study in my own way.. and I am happy with it..

    You are quite right (as I am sure you already know and so do most other readers and posters) when you say that women suppressed.. This comes directly from the so called faith and religion of Islam. Directly from Mohammed… If the laws and regulations are Islamic and fall under Sharia Law, then yes, women are second class citizens and have no real rights against the Male dominated society. Women are considered lower than the male in Islamic society and religion.
    It is interesting to see you state “from Birth”…. This is again quite correct. The marrying of your 9 year old girls into arranged marriages show us this.. The females life is laid out.. And again, this is religious customs, ways of Mohammed. Let us be clear, Mohammed (as we read within Islamic scripture) took fancy to Aisha when she was still crawling, she was a baby… Married at 6 years of age and a consummated marriage at 9 years of age and before her menstrual cycles.. These ways are passed on and down through the generations by the male dominated society… To be a Muslim one must follow in the way of Mohammed… correct? Then the root is found here…

  40. Jennifer


    I do agree with what your saying but there are quite a few women who like there clothing, it makes them feel dignified and graceful. Just because we believe and are tought differently than them doesn’t make there way wrong.

    I am a woman and I am a Christian in America and I find the American culture much more discusting.

    Women flaunt themselves around showing off everything, men can just oogle at them and have no consequences. Our TV’s and movies are plagued with sex and nudity. Our commercials are more perverse than most of us living here.

    And here in America the rape rates have gone waaay up, guess what else has? Sex in our media. Woman are no longer held to a high standard of keeping dressed, so naturally men aren’t held to the same standerds they used to be either. They can just do whatever there genetles tell them to do because women don’t care anymore and neither does America.

    Stop being so one sided.

    • Marcus

      Hi there.. hope you are well and good…
      And glad you agree..
      Of course, we find women who will love their clothing.. But there is choice in the matter for Muslim women… A massive difference… A Muslim woman cannot even leave the house without Male conditional permission never mind popping down the shops in a pear of Jeans and a nice feminine top… There is absolutely nothing graceful, pretty, beautiful or even attractive when I see women forced into this suppression.. It is sickness by a Male dominated society where the male considers sex above all other things… Sex is hugely important within Islam, Muslim faith and culture.. Otherwise why put so much importance to the issue when going to Paradise??

      There is no one sided issue here… And I do not feel I am being one sided.. far from it.. The issue that women in world can wear what they want and without fear is the issue.. If you hate America and its culture and it effects you, I suggest move.. and maybe move to Saudi.. You might actually enjoy it..

      • Jennifer

        Yes, I know we may think that everything about there culture is wrong, but that really gives you no right to come and talk bad to these women about there life just cause it’s different.

        The hardships they have to go threw everyday is awful, but them enjoying themselves even with all that is inspiring and I think all women could learn from them. Women have always been oppressed, it’s nothing new, it’s awful and sad. But we can endure!

        The reasons for them covering up is awful (to me) but that’s no reason to trash on it. It’s part of there religion and America also has another law, freedom of religion, that includes there clothes. I am American and therefore believe we need to be respectful of all faiths and practices.


  41. Marcus

    I do not think everything about “their” culture is wrong, far from it…
    And I totally agree with you, the pictures are inspiring… They show a repulsive, restrictive, suppressionary, segregative life style which women must live under and endure, as you put it..
    So these girls are showing how pathetic it all is, and how they would love to be free…
    Yes it is awful… It is a sick male dominated society, and I am not trashing anyone… Thats the truth.. and thats fact.. Otherwise why are we here debating the issue with such fervour. ?

    You mention respect… Yes, it would be fantastic for all women who are forced to live under such horrid regimes to have respect, but women within Islam dont have that… they are second class citizens, they do not have the same rights as men, this is Quranic and that cannot be altered… So before you start harping on at me, why dont you take a good look at Islam and the rights of women and then tell me where the respect is??

    Freedom of Religion… Yes, quite right.. However, there is absolutely nothing anywhere Islamic about face veils or full face coverings… This is literally a male rule implemented and acted out by repressive rulers to control the women… So let us all be very clear here…

    However, please, enlighten me, why DO YOU think the pics are inspiring?

    • Jennifer

      See now, we really do agree on so many levels.

      I find the pics inspiring simply for the same reasons you stated. And because it reminds me of what my people went threw because of the English when they took over our country and raped and murdered my ancesters, it helps me to really be more grateful for what I do have. I used to be beaten by my husband when we first got married and he was very oppressive and awful to me.

      These women show us that just because things are bad it doesn’t mean we have to look and act like things are bad.

      And this debate keeps going because we keep replying to each others posts lol ^_^

      You seem to be very smart and a genuinely good person, I think I could learn a thing or two from you.

      • ¨These women show us that just because things are bad it doesn’t mean we have to look and act like things are bad.¨

        Huh? Jennifer, I think you have put the cart before the horse there. I think the intention was to show precisely the opposite. The girls trying to have fun are showing the incongruity of the oppressive garb they are imprisoned in. It´s like African slaves trying to play soccer (or football if you prefer), while wearing manacles. I think you honestly missed the point.

        ¨Yes, I know we may think that everything about there culture is wrong, but that really gives you no right to come and talk bad to these women about there life just cause it’s different.¨

        I read all of Marcusś previous posts, and I cant for the life of me, see how he was criticizing the women in any way. On the contrary, he extended his empathy for them with warmth and sincerity.

        You seem to be taking some liberties, in projecting your optimism for the vestiges of joy in these girls lives that can´t be much. Their loyalty to this so called ´culture´ that they are victims of, is likely to be a fraction of what they declare given the risks of telling the truth. Try to imagine using the same point to defend a woman in the west, who keeps returning to an abusive partner. If I were her friend, I would not be inclined to focus on her codependency and sense of worthlessness as custom and cultural back ground. Encouraging her to find the bright side and seeing her relationship as a cultural asset, would be big mistake imho.

        For the women of Islam, they exist in it, by no other virtue, than the misfortune of having been born in it. If you were born and raised there, you would almost certainly be a victim too. Their male ´handlers´, are the sculptors and manipulators this culture of barbaric torment and slavery. They need advocates, not for their ´culture´ which is not theirs at all, but support for THEM, in spite of their cultural denigration. They need allies, of their freedom, to stand up, speak out, fight back, or escape.

        Culture is not an excuse for cruelty and oppression. I won´t even touch the religion card, however tempted I may be. I hope you understand my priorities at least, even if you don´t agree in every detail. Peace love & mung beans sister. 😉

      • Jennifer

        You know it’s quite sad how people like you “skepticus” show up in a blog and talk bad to people who have been here for awhile and have had several intelligent conversations with others here.

        I have been the woman that was abused by my husband and by staying with him and working with him and praying about it we now have the marriage I’ve always wanted.

        I was raised in the Mormon church where I was not allowed to wear pants or have friends that were boys. I was told that only men could talk to God and I was not allowed out of the house most of my life as a little girl unless my parents were within reaching distance.

        Here in Kelso we have alot of Saudi woman who look for work here, they walk down the streets of AMERICA still dressed in there “garb” because they chose too. I have spoke with these woman and woman from many other countries who enjoy there clothing.

        Like I’ve stated to others. Some of the woman like the clothing it is not in our place to say how they feel or what freedoms they should have. As an American I think we tend to be to LIBRAL on our laws and morals.

        It seems to me Sir, that you supposedly chose to pick on me for some reason. I am not the only one here that has told off people for saying how awful the Saudi Womans situation is. The simple fact of the matter is, you are not a female. Men have always gotten things better than woman, you have no idea what it is like and you never will. You can in no way tell woman how awful things are for them when you have no clue. I say it is an inspiration because it is.

        Woman have always made good come from bad, we are more powerful than we all to often know. Many things can happen and I am for the day when all woman from every country can be free from oppression forever. But until then we will make the best we can out of what we’re given.

        I went from being a stay at home mom that was beat by my husband so bad that I had a necklace of hand prints around my neck to the leader of my house hold with my husband being the one staying at home taking care of the kids. I know a thing or two about making good of a bad situation. Go find a “Saudi Man Blog” if you wanna call people out on the oppression of woman. I wish you the best and God bless.

  42. Marcus

    Hey Jennifer.. I hope I find you well..

    Could you please provide some evidence and links to the crimes you speak of acted out by the English? I would be very interested to educate myself..

    Although things are bad, girls have to resort to powerful images showing how oppressive the rule of law and the vacant respect for women in Saudi by all Males in the male dominant society.. These girls may think they are having a bit of fun.. I agree, thats exactly what they are doing.. having some fun.. poking fun at the vile suppression women endure under Islamic law and cultures..

    It will be women who ACTUALLY DO show how bad it is who will bring the changes necessary for the respect to be even acknowledged. It will take guts, it will take a lot of bravery, but the time is coming… the shackles, the black clouds/cloaks, the veils will soon be removed and we will honour the good women who fought for their true rights and freedoms… For only evil succeeds when good folk do nothing…

    It is blogs like this which expose the truths and the suppression meted out to women by men under Islamic Sharia Law..

    We will all learn from each other.

    • Jennifer

      I’m sorry Marcus I should have been more specific, England is still at war with it’s self. It’s something that is rarely talked about even though people are still dying, the Irish still want there land back, England stole Scotland and Ireland and never gave them back.

      There is also what England did to the Native Americans.

      I love my heritage and it just so happens almost all of the races that are in me were at some point or still are harassed by the English and murdered.

      I am mostly Scottish but I also have Irish, Native American and my Grandfathers family is Palestinian. I celebrate being Scottish the most because my family is mostly all Scottish. Me and my husband go to the Highland games every year and he dresses in a kilt along with my Father and little brother. My last name used to be Scott before I was married.

      My heart bleeds for my family that was raped, beaten and murdered for fighting to save there country. My family can be traced straight to soldiers that died at the hands of the English. If you do research on how England got so big you’d be shocked. As an American I also know that that is why we broke away from England the English reinstated laws that allowed them, as English soldiers, the right to rape new wives before they could lay with there husbands.

      • Marcus

        Then I am sorry, you need to read a huge amount more to understand the full history of the Islands..
        England was invaded and has never had its land back… to this day…
        Continuously over thousands of years the Islands were invaded and driven back. The real Britons actually fled to Wales.

  43. Jennifer

    Sorry Marcus I didn’t put any proof 😦

    Here, it’s not the best website for Scotland history…this is a very small portion, there is LOTS more. You have to look up what the Catholics did too to get the whole thing, because the Catholics (the ones I’m referring to) came from England.

    “When Alexander III fell to his death over a coastal cliff in Fife in 1286, there followed a dispute over the succession to the throne. There were no less than 13 claimants, but in the end it came down to a choice of two: Robert de Brus, lord of Annandale, and John Balliol, lord of Galloway. Edward I of England, as the greatest feudal lord in Britain, was asked to arbitrate. He chose Balliol, whom he thought he could manipulate more easily.

    Seeking to tighten his feudal grip on Scotland, Edward – known as the ‘Hammer of the Scots’ – treated the Scots king as his vassal rather than his equal. The humiliated Balliol finally turned against him and allied Scotland with France in 1295, thus beginning the enduring ‘Auld Alliance’ and ushering in the Wars of Independence.

    Edward’s response was bloody. In 1296 he invaded Scotland and Balliol was incarcerated in the Tower of London; in a final blow to Scots pride, Edward I removed the Stone of Destiny from Scone and took it back to London.

    Enter arguably Scotland’s most tragic hero, William Wallace. Bands of rebels were attacking the English occupiers and one such band, led by William Wallace, defeated the English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. Wallace was knighted and proclaimed Guardian of Scotland in 1298. However, he lost a major battle at Falkirk, resigned as guardian and went into hiding in Europe – on his return to Scotland, he was betrayed, caught and executed in 1305. This betrayal was largely put down to the fickle loyalties of the Scottish nobility who sided with Edward.

    After William Wallace was executed, Robert the Bruce, grandson of the lord of Annandale, saw his chance, defied Edward (whom he had previously aligned himself with), murdered his rival John Comyn and had himself crowned king of Scotland at Scone in 1306. Bruce mounted a campaign to drive the English out of Scotland but suffered repeated defeats. According to legend, while Bruce was on the run he was inspired to renew his efforts by a spider’s persistence in spinning its web. And the inspiration was not in vain – he went on to secure an illustrious victory over the English at Bannockburn. The exploits of this famous battle are enshrined in Scottish legend as one of the finest moments in the country’s young history.”


    Hope it helped a little, BTW, the Irish had and still have it worse.

  44. Jennifer

    Hey, what happened to that post I got E-mailed for? It was some guy talking dirty and stuff…I was gonna rely with very angryness lol

    • Hi Jennifer

      I don´t know why there is no link to reply showing up on the bottom of your last post. I certainly hope somebody is not restricting free-speech and censoring the right of reply. Never mind. I have found the space to reply here.

      ¨You know it’s quite sad how people like you “skepticus” show up in a blog and talk bad to people¨

      Woooooh Hang on! what do you mean by ¨talk bad¨. This seem to me like a very simplistic idea of constructive criticism. I offered you no offense whatsoever, so I am concerned if you should take offense where it is not intended. ¨Sad¨? Why should you be sad? I am sorry to hear this. Are you afraid of having your ideas questioned and challenged? I am not trying to hurt you, or prevent you from expressing yourself freely. I just don´t know what ¨talk bad¨ is supposed to mean.

      ¨I have been the woman that was abused by my husband and by staying with him and working with him and praying about it we now have the marriage I’ve always wanted.¨

      I am sorry to hear about the abusive situation. I don´t know how it is relevant to the comment I made about the photographs on this thread. I don´t know what to make of your outcome. I would never forgive a man who did that, if I were a woman, but thatś your business, I don´t even know why you considered it relevant to tell me.

      ¨I was raised in the Mormon church where I was not allowed to wear pants or have friends that were boys. I was told that only men could talk to God and I was not allowed out of the house most of my life as a little girl unless my parents were within reaching distance.¨

      Again. I am very sorry to hear this, but I don´t see this as relevant to my points of criticism.

      ¨Here in Kelso we have alot of Saudi woman who look for work here, they walk down the streets of AMERICA still dressed in there “garb” because they chose too. ¨

      Ok. Thatś relevant. I live in Australia, and I have never met an Australian girl who suddenly decided as something that just flew into her head, to start dressing up as mobile letterbox. I wonder why? We too have a Muslim community and of course those who convert by marriage or whatever. But I wonder why girls everywhere, anywhere don´t just start dressing up like this. Hey! I have nothing against men who like cross dressing, why don´t they decide to dress in this rather fetching outfit? It´s just an article of clothing Isn´t it? Why doesn´t anybody wear it?

      I don´t mean to be cynical Jennifer, but are you really
      being honest if you don´t at least acknowledge that it is an article of clothing that women wear because they are Muslim not because they have choice.

      More importantly, precisely what choice do they have in being Muslim? That is a sincere question BTW, as you would have much better Idea than I. But even here, I get the idea that the accepted faith (dogma) is not a matter of free choice but a matter of happenstance. It depends on where you were born and what culture you were raised in.

      To dress this way, is not a fit of whimsy that goes dancing about the globe as if a girl in Parramata (Sydney), regardless of religious persuasion, culture or ethnicity would suddenly decide that it might be a nice idea to randomly start wearing a mobile letterbox suit.

      ¨I have spoke with these woman and woman from many other countries who enjoy there clothing.¨

      Naturally these poor women are mostly born and bred (or at least converted / indoctrinated) into the Islamic faith and have assimilated the vulgar self depreciating values that teach her accept her place as a second grade citizen and to be ashamed of her body face and hair, to be a prude and also an object of a male convenience. You may see the lighter side, but women don´t just choose to dress this way for the pure fun of it.

      Of course these women will tell you that they are satisfied, happy even pleased with their clothes, in part because they don´t know any different, but generally because their dress fashion comes with their culture and more than anything their norms are the product of religion which, as you know is in every aspect of Muslim culture. Their satisfaction at being entombed in a black body bag, with a view port, is a subservient bow, to the whole social construct they are imprisoned in.

      ¨Like I’ve stated to others. Some of the woman like the clothing it is not in our place to say how they feel or what freedoms they should have. ¨

      Er Sorry, but you choose to abandon your own freedoms if you wish. As far as I and many other are concerned, ALL civil liberties and ALL human rights are universal. Let the most powerful and free protect those liberties for the least of us and let nobody be deprived of the universal values of human rights and civil liberties. I find it disturbing frankly that you speak of rights as if they were some kind of imposition. You can choose to abandon your rights. That in itself is your right (ironicly). But you can´t pretend to take the liberty to give up rights for others, as if rights were actually impositions. We don´t decide what rights others have, we strive to make them available, and then they decide for themselves. Good grief!!

      Pretending these woman have a right to wear this garb, is like pretending a dog has a right to have four legs. They dont have four legs because they know what it would be like to have two legs and two wings instead. Nor could they change it if they did know. But these women being oppressed by this completely unnecessary, barbaric imposition, would be a great deal happier by any reasonable standard without it.

      ¨As an American I think we tend to be to LIBRAL on our laws and morals.¨

      Well I don´t see morals and laws as things to be measured on such a simplistic scale as conservative / liberal and I don´t agree with your religious views which obviously underpin this simplistic view point.

      ¨It seems to me Sir, that you supposedly chose to pick on me for some reason. ¨

      ¨Pick on¨ you? I am NOT picking on you, I am offering constructive criticism for your ideas. Furthermore I am being honest. That information you may chose to do whatever you wish, but my own beliefs and values are exactly as I have expressed them. Do you never expect to hear ideas contrary to your own. Do you wish to never have pointed out a different view to even consider the possibility of self evaluation? Do you just expect everybody to agree with you? Well it wouldn´t matter it it were you, the pope or tinkerbell, if the ideas are worthy of criticism then, they deserve my considered input. Perhaps you should learn not to take things so personally, including your own bias and beliefs. I am grateful to hear others speak their mind and that is how we learn.

      ¨The simple fact of the matter is, you are not a female.¨

      That is Irrelevant, to know how it feels to be oppressed and devalued, you do not have to be a female.

      ¨Men have always gotten things better than woman, you have no idea what it is like and you never will.¨

      I beg your f***ing pardon? Who the hell do you think you are, to pretend to know what my life is like or how much I have suffered for what and by whom? You know sweet FA about me, and you have no right what so ever to impose your shallow minded prejudice upon my circumstance. This is blatant arrogance and vulgar, sexist PIFFLE You can have your belligerent presumptuous views about any nonsense you like, but dont push you misinformed ignorant prejudice into my personal life thanks. There is NO WAY to tell if a person – man or woman, has suffered or enjoyed more in life than you, and to pretend so is a vulgar prejudice.

      ¨You can in no way tell woman how awful things are for them when you have no clue. ¨

      Again! You are pushing your arrogant sexist prejudice on to others. I don´t appreciate it. I can tell a woman is very likely to be having a comparatively good time, if she is sitting under a tree eating an ice-cream and reading a book. If however she is being dragged into a brier by a pack of rabid wolves, or being mauled by a bear, then I can safely guess that she is having a far less enjoyable time. The same goes for a man. The general principals of what people enjoy or dislike are quite similar regardless of race, creed or sex.

      It is fairly obvious that most girls outside of Islam, DO NOT consider the idea of wearing this barbaric instrument of torture and oppression, a pleasant idea, because the do not choose to do so. for VERY obvious reasons Most people MEN OR WOMAN would NOT enjoy living in a life of such demeaning and oppressive barbarity. Your vulgar abomination of sexist prejudice has no relevance to this topic of conversation. And as a man I can say safely that I am a much better advocate of womens rights and freedoms than you could ever hope to be.

      You have every right to give up what you obviously don´t deserve and by all means, feel free wear one of these hideous outfits yourself. If you think they are so wonderful for the women who are compelled to wear them, why dont you wear one yourself? If you are free to do so, or not to do so and any other woman is free to do so, or not to do so, then what the hell is your problem HUH? If they wore them of their own free will then nobody would need to complain.

      ¨I say it is an inspiration because it is.¨

      Great logic. Then, I say it isn´t because it isn´t. I also say you are a bigot because you are.

      ¨I wish you the best and God bless.¨

      Thanks, but I consider the blessings of your violent misogynistic, petty, jealous, capricious barbarian god of hatred and pure evil, to be a curse and an insult to every decent human value I hold dear. In future if you don´t wish to hear you vulgar, dogmatic, sexist bigotry, criticized, then I suggest you don´t speak. The world will be a better place for it.

      Good Day.

  45. This is a disgrace. Those women deserve so much better, even if they dont know it. Trying to guess if they have pretty smiling faces is heartbreaking. The shrouds of shame, stigma and oppression, only serve to amplify how pathetic and hobbled they look, trying to express some joy. Itś like somebody trying to sing a beautiful song while being strangled. Frankly I would prefer to see some Islamic holly men forced to wear this oppressive garb. Then it would be doing a great job of hiding something ugly and shameful, instead of beautiful women, who deserve to know how fun actually feels.


    Interesting discussion points raised by skepticus. Blaming jennifer of almost everything he/she is doing.

    I have spoken to and befriended many Muslim women who chose to wear what they wear because it is a matter of choice. It is always a matter of choice. True we are born with a certain religion and in certain custom(s) but then we chose to remain there. I do not know what your religion is, if at all you have one, but you re not Muslim for sure and definitely not a christian. Chrisitanity clearly forbids women from, one, cross dressing and two, remaining modest. That is why the nuns are dressed like they are and not like the way ordinary “free to expose” beings do on the beaches and on the streets.

    Violent misogynistic, petty, jealous, capricious barbarian god of hatred and pure evil, to be a curse and an insult to every decent human value. Well, if you live in australia and you are an australian, then perhaps you can better explain the reason why aussies are fighting in Iraq and afghanistan? Knowing fully well that the largest processions ever held in aussie land were against the war and that the whole saga was based on lies? Perhaps you are a living picture of the god you decide for Jennifer.

    And while we’re at it, is it true every australian can trace his roots back to a criminal or a whore?

  47. Marcus

    Holy sinner…
    Your mouth is gutter… But quite happy to debate with you.. Your Aussie snipe was actually so clear you intention to try to get some sort of reaction, only succeeding in embarrassing yourself…

    Further more, considering your obvious high intellect, why is I find you actually believing in some G*d.. wow… ya just couldnt write this stuff 😉


    On the aussie snipe, go take a lesson in history Marcus. I do not see any other point of debate that you feel happy about. Just in case, if you are a christian, go take a lesson in christianity as well. I know what I am saying 🙂

  49. Marcus

    Holy Sinner…
    maybe you should take more time and read my posts… Its you quite obviously with so much intelligence and education who believes in G*d…
    Love is the key…
    By the way, I first moved to Australia when I was 9 months old.. my two Brothers were born there… so please take a good lesson in facts… 😉


    Marcus, you replied having no notion where it is going. You are on a different tangent there. So much for so much intelligence and education. Cheers.

  51. Muslima

    What a crazy arguement.

    I’m Muslim, a hijabi who’s proud of her religion and I don’t mind a woman voluntarily wearing a face veil or abaya. I think that Saudi Arabia’s laws are pretty stupid, but I LOVED the photos! They’re just so crazy funny! I know cute religious girls in the U.S.A. who dress very modestly but have fun anyway, and the photos reminded me of them and made me smile. Thank you!

  52. Saudi girls are very polite

  53. It’s nice to see new posts! 🙂 lol

  54. Anal dork

    Just don’t give up. The old rightious farts who think they rule the world are NOT correct. Let’s gently put them aside until we don’t have to believe what they intend.

  55. shashank

    Last pic borders porn. But its ok. Not a big deal to arab women. lol. Its fun 😉

  56. muslim in the west

    SubhanAllah / Firstly despite where your from you should be proud of your country and its people (Not necessarily the government). arabs should not feel they need to suck up to the west saying ‘loook loook we are just like you loook shuuf shuuf look just like you’ please! Westerners are not superior or deserving of any greater respect than any one else.

    Saudis be proud you are not inferior to any westerner!

    if women want to display their pride in wearing the niqab then let them be and if they are forced to do so then blame them who force them. Why attack a whole nation and religion. Should we call all americans and their government wife beaters, since they have a startling nuber of domestic abuse records. Should we call every single american a terrorist since there government has invaded more countries than any other nation in the world.

    As for the countless ‘westerners’ posting comments why do you feel your way of life is superior to everyone else? The west hasnt displayed this attitude only towards muslims or arabs but to every nation since the beginning of History.

    The western world has being the cause of invasions, killings, occupation and Empires built through blood money whether its the arabs, africans, red indians or the aboriginal people. Its disgusting that history has taught us nothing!

    If you really care about women being subjugated by men then start at home first before you point the finger. If you really care about the oppression of women then help them do not criticise and abuse them because in that case what make you any different.

    Lastly we must accept that there are women in the Muslim and Arab world who, to your surprise, are happy and proud of their life choices so allow them their right to be happy. There is no united state of individual happiness we all have our own ideal of happiness and should have the right to express it and not conform to the ideals forced on us by any nation whether west, east or otherwise.

    Peace out

  57. QM

    I think it’s great that you have this blog up, Eman.

    I’m an Indian who was brought up in Saudi Arabia and so I have very fond memories of the place. Looking back, I still have vivid memories of the days when I began wearing a burqa, and I am in a position to say a few things myself.

    First, I think that no religion and no faith is better than another and the source of most of the world’s biggest problems is because people have this misplaced notion that their way is the only way. Rid yourself of this view and the world will be a new place.

    Also, I believe that our choices are a big part of how we live our lives. I wore a burqa not because I enjoyed it, but because I didn’t have a choice. Later, when I grew up, I almost wished I could wear one in crowded places to aviod men leching and feeling me up (not the most orthodox reasoning, but most Asian women will get my drift). But I’ve always respected that just as much as I hated it, another woman might love it. We have to respect people’s choices. Nobody but the wearer of a burqa can decide if it is oppressive or not.

    I am happy to be a voice for all the women who feel that the burqa is a source of oppression. Just as I am happy to stand by the women for whom it is the biggest sign of their faith, the very backbone of their beliefs. I am happy to do both because my say doesn’t count unless I am the one wearing the burqa.

    The West has a misplaced notion of being the freedom-giver of all the world’s oppressed. Just as Islamic nations have a misplaced notion that only tradition without innovation and change will carry them into the future. What we need is the best of both worlds. Nobody is above anyone else, however different the view on the other side may be.

    And now because I’ve drifted very far from the topic of this post, can I just redeem myself by saying that those are very fun pictures and the girls look happy. That’s the bottomline in my book and from those pictures, I don’t really think they would care what any of us thinks of them 🙂

  58. Jayne

    This is astounding. I Google gender apartheid and it leads me to this very informative blog. I read countless complaints about the West and how Saudi affairs are none of our business, the thing that surprises me most is the amount of Arabic men making those statements. Firstly, this blog is written primarily in English so it was the author’s intent that the West read it and be made aware of the plight of women in her country; she would have written in Arabic if she didn’t want us on board. Secondly, why are so many Arabic men reading her blog? What did they Google? Obviously they were curious about women in general and they turned to the internet to educate themselves. Wouldn’t it be better to stop all your gender separation policies, interact with real women and learn a thing or two, it’s better than sitting in that dingy corner with your laptop and Kleenex; it’s more honest too. Saudi women everywhere, may you have as much fun as your beautiful hearts can handle…… Lots of love from a good natured infidel…lol

  59. Sandra

    Wow! Quite a lot of discussion. I thought that the pics were funny, sweet, and let the girls poke some light-hearted fun. Deeper things weren’t really part of the whole scheme. That being said, I do wish that all women could just enjoy their own lives as members of the human race. God gave you a birthday suit, and if that is all you want to wear….well, I am not the one that is freezing. If the full Islamic dress is your thing-go for it. I am just so sick of being dictated to from all stripes of society, as a woman. Fashion comes in and out, it changes constantly. Some women (and men) follow it-forgive me!- religiously, and others could care less. In the end, clothing is just that. It cannot say how “good” your religious beliefs are or aren’t,: anymore than it tells how “good” a cook you are, if you respect your parents, or what type of books that you read. The notion, that BECAUSE we are women, we should not drive, have sex outside of marriage, run a business, run a marathon, or anything else is disgusting. The idea that women should have restrictions placed on their lives because they are women is insane. Period.
    So, to all my sisters, let’s get down to the business of being the wonderful women we are.
    PS-I wonder what would happen if all Saudi Women decided to leave the country and start living free on their own island? How would Saudi Men like being “selected, judged, and deemed worthy”, before they too could move to the island???

  60. Mo

    The pictures look innocent to my western male eye. I think that when you control women like they are children ( which is the case in Saudi Arabia) then anything they do outside the restricted rules you have given them is seen as gross disobedience or in Saudi`s case the old drumbeat of being unislamic.

    Also free societies are ALWAYS better than non free ones?show me any example and why of this not being so in history if you disagree?

    The double standards of saudi men and women would be hilarious if they didnt destroy so many lives.

    Interesting pics.

    Peace from friendly British infidel

  61. half Syrian and Somali brother

    Sayings of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
    “The rights of women are sacred. See that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them.”

    “God enjoins you to treat women well, for they are your mothers, daughters, aunts.”

    “Shall I not point out to you the best of virtues It is your doing good to your daughter when she is returned to you having been divorced by her husband.”

    “Whoever doeth good to girls, it will be a curtain to him from hell-fire.”

    “Women are the twin halves of men.”

    “A Muslim must not hate his wife and if he be displeased with one bad quality in her, then let him be pleased with another that is good.”

    “Admonish your wives with kindness.”

    Saudi men from my experience have very little regard for the rights of their equals and their noble female equals and counterparts. how a man can say its bad to touch the skin of a woman that’s not muhrim and then have a lingerie shop and measure the breasts of the woman. they are invading the privacy of the woman making her feel embarrassed they have a double standard for everything they’re selfish . Saudi men are not ignorant they know how women were treated during the time of our noble blessed prophet muhammad (pbuh) aisha travelled on a horse her self she was teaching the sahabah about the deen she was so respected and so honoured by the Muslim community including the men. Saudi men think the women are their sexual objects and that she should obey him they claim that is what Islam teaches.but sister learn about the deen and you will know the highest rate of conversion to Islam is by the so called liberated white European woman, when i have asked why Islam she said Islam is true liberation for women.

    may Allah forgive me but the main hatred i have is for the people who have the smallest knowledge of Islam and think they know everything. Islam liberated women before and female orientated feminism or liberation attempts. look at the women during the time of the prophet they were given rights equal to that of mens. these Saudi men if they really knew about the Quran and Sunnah would know what they are doing is wrong and against Islam. saudi arabia is still a tribalist society and i can relate to this being somali and Syrian of origin so we hold on to our cultural roots and customs. but remember that it was the same tribal custom which forced the burying of newborn girls, however Islam eradicated this evil and ignorant act. however slowly people are going back to their old ways of tribal pride and forgetting about the Islamic unity which has made the relationship between a Muslim and Muslim stronger than any other bond.

    so all in all, what I wish for is not the liberation of Saudi women because it was Islam that has liberated the muslimah, but I wish for these crooked full of pride arrogant tribal leaders to find the real Islam.

    sister there are plenty of Muslim men outside of Saudi Arabia who have a clear perception of Islam and know about the rights of their women. my maternal side is somali and mashallah if you see how women are treated you will be suprised, they’re all treated like queens they are involved in politics we have had female scientist and pilots mashallah and also many female activists one of whom has one noble peace prize. she has worked to try an end an issue which is common amongst many Arabs including Somali people and Egyptians and it is common in north Saudi Arabia. this practice is not an Islamic practice not did the prophet or quran tell us to practice it. it was a tradition held by the nations before us the Jews and ancient egyptians. and now mashallah this woman has made a lot of progress promoting her fresh ideas.

    • julina

      thank you jazakAllah khoir @Syrian Somali, for pointing out that there is that what Islam actually teaches and then there is the bending of the rules for oppression and power. i am revert but i wouldn’t really ever want to live in KSA ^as a member of Saudi society^

      ..with understanding and sincerity, Islam is beautiful – (yes, especially for the ladies out there) but if you have been subjected to years of oppressing and lopsided rights/responsibilities then we get this… and there is a lot of Struggling to be done to bring forward Islam, like what you speak of, the battlefield though, is in the mind.

      a thousand thank yous for pointing out, that not all Islam is the Saudi Interpretation and Methodology.. next step, what to do about it brother?

  62. Evita

    Its nice to see blogs and personal views from a saudi woman who lives inside the kingdom instead of it coming from an outsider who’s not from ksa and didnt grow up in the culture and environment.Girls do want to have fun however different it may be and nothing can stop it no matter who u are and where you’re from.Here is my personal prayer for you girls living in the kingdom,May God give you the courage to change the things that u can and the serenity to accept the things you cannot and the wisdom to know the difference….God bless!

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  64. ArabELF


  65. Marc Chamberlain

    I see the host enforces censorship on their blog…. very saudi. 😉

  66. We are Saudi women have only one request if you did thank you, a non-interference Bashanna us and we see ourselves Hakma Ola right and we are happy our society because we see it filled right and we Nkerhecm Anriedkm intervene Us Do you understand

  67. Yes, we do not want your intervention just want to consider the problems motherfuckin around you to enter you to us we Nkerhecm so you are our enemies, not your income in our society we are satisfied with it and happy too and always thank God that we are in Saudi Arabia you cast out your children in the age of 18 do not know anything about them, but we will not chase them, but We reserve the gems such as their non-intervention, please and thank us

  68. Please do not interfere with Saudi Arabia and we are very Nkerhecm Anriedkm intervene Bashanna Ahtamo Bashankm you please

  69. Your income and you girls are not the Saudis Taatnaakecon Bamorna private Hama is not literature, if you did not Taatalmo literature

  70. saudiawomen

    you like a children
    this is not your problem, you are not from saudia arabia. please don’t talk about saudia arabia, because you are not in seem level of saudia. you just wanna get sex and eat. you think life just like these.

  71. Anirban Mukhopadhyay

    Western culture seems to have least respect for plurality.

    • bigstick

      You must be kidding. How many religions are openly practiced or allowed in Saudi. What about coptic christians in Egypt. How about Iran, how are they treated there. Sudan, Somolia, Tunisia, Syria, Pakistan,Afghanstan, etc. So tell me, who has the most respect for plurality. Name a country.

  72. Alright , i am not a saudi or even an arab, but i am a muslim and proud. i just like to say that the westerners are trying to expose musim ladies all over the a muslim .its my must right to stop something which is a FITNAH , its a hadith by prophet that ” there are 3 levels of faith in a muslim. number 1 is if there is any Fitnah (mischief) against islam you should go and stop it by hand.number 2 if you cant make an action . then you should speak up against the fitnah. number 3 is, even if you cannot raise you’re voice , well atleast feel pain in your heart for that fitnah. and yet all this do not work out , then that person is not a MOMIN-bukhari and muslim.

    well i think saudi arabia is perfectly balanced . no need 4 women to drive or ban abaya. if anyone got problem from this islamic law , then i will fight against other words. i think women is more beautiful and attractive in makes the other person soo curious about the beauty of the girl in abaya. when that abaya comes out the value of womens beauty is reduced.

    but theres 1 negative issue with saudi society . i think they should allow the saudi women to make their choice in marriage.its also in ISLAM.the women should be allowed to marry a man of her choice.

  73. Anirban Mukhopadhyay

    I am hindu. I am from India. Tolerence is very important in India. I have some suggestions. If western culture is superior, the move towards plurality should come from them first.

  74. sarah ali

    We have put us in an embarrassing position and Trkia these fun of us .. Saudi woman I feel the absolute freedom of wearing the veil when I came out of my house so as not to Thasrna eyes, because the Lord commanded us to do so and we stick to our religion, go to any place in the world .. With me and my husband or my brother .. Facilitate or even my Enzeta. The man is in charge of me, I do not I take only the responsibility of my children .. He is responsible for maintenance and our treatment we

  75. sarah ali

    Must be the guy who you are has to spend on your accent, even the richest of it .. Your own money Your is deposited Woman The Vinvgaha is the same for you and also often attend our special drivers Akhaddmonna our men, they go where they want us, and what is ahead in the car until we Tmaatma like kings.
    Do not think that our freedoms restricted, but thankfully we are better off than others

    • Anirban Mukhopadhyay

      It was good to listen from sarah ali. Indeed freedom has many facets in it. Freedom have different meanings in different cultures. No single statement can grasp the whole concept of freedom.

  76. My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This publish truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  77. kn

    the last picture is weird…even if bunch of men did that pose(showing legs) it’s still disgusting

  78. Pentacle

    Restrictions on human rights and violations of freedom of speech are still large issues in KSA. Womens rights is just another to add to the list. You think about all the middle eastern countrys that are able to cope just fine without all of the oppression that you see on a daily basis in KSA. How come your king has a huge bug up his ass and has to take it out on the entire country? sad sad world. i hope you soon get to taste the freedom that many others are able to.

  79. Rafh

    They are not Saudi girl,
    they are foreigners, like pakistani, indian, Philippines, bangladesh.
    Saudi girls cannot go out without brothers or parents are with them.

  80. Pardis

    Are they having fun? How can anyone tell?
    Those black robes do make them look ridiculous.
    They’re dehumanised, faceless spectres.
    Like black cartoon ghosts. A tacky Scooby Doo villain.
    How about a nice Shalwaar Kameeze?

    • Anirban Mukhopadhyay

      Can you compare one Kg of rice with two minutes? No, as, they are qualitatively different. Likewise, the popular concept of having fun and woman-attire in saudi are qualitatively different. So, they can hardly be matched!

  81. The post itself is very interesting and beautiful.

    However, the comments are mostly very rude. If your culture and its ways are good, it cannot match the rules of the Quran. The writer of your rules is human. Quran comes from Allah -The Most High.

    You need to change your mindset to understand the Quran. But, the Muslims who post here very rudely to target Saudi society or Muslims in veil hardly read the Quran.

    Do not waste your time if you’re a Muslim. Turn the pages of the Quran and follow its commandments and rules. That is the real way of life in this world. If you’re following other than that – Hell will you reside. That is for sure.

    I am not a Saudi but a Muslim reading the Quran and following it. Do not neglect the Quran. If you are a believer, you will heed to this. If you’re not then to you it’s your way to us it’s our way.

    Follow the Quran= Heaven is your destination

  82. Naveed ulhaq


  83. andy

    Even they cover there face they look so pretty

  84. Mustakim

    I m leaving in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the past 10 years. It is true that finding girls to have fun is very difficult. If you get caught even talking to girls will put you in a jail. But it is not impossible to get the girls for fun because i know a few group who is providing fun services inside a compound where everything is safe and secure since no other people are allowed inside the compound until gate pass is not issued by them. I have recently joining the group by paying 1500 riyal as their advance fee for one year membership fee.. i m proudly the happiest person and having a great time with the girls .. you guy may approach as well here email id is

  85. I am ROCKY
    I am escorts Male and gigolo men
    Only for women with have fun

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