Today we had a really bad sandstorm. In the morning you would have never guessed. I left the house at 7:30 and the sky was blue and clear. Later in the day, I was going to pick up my son after a lecture and I had to drive (be driven) right into it. I took a few photos. You can actually see it approaching on the horizon. A trip that normally takes 45 minutes took twice that long. Cars were hardly moving and sirens were wailing. Firetrucks, ambulances and police cars were following the storm. It probably was a really bad day for people with asthma.

sandstorm coming!

driving towards it

in the midst of it

you can only make out the outline of buildings overlooking the highway


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6 responses to “Sandstorm

  1. wow! that looks so cool! sure beats the one we had here in egypt!

  2. Rasputin

    It looked like a scene straight out of ‘The Mummy’ movie series. Well it was a good distraction from work for a whole host of people who were being peeping toms of a different kind 🙂

  3. abdullah

    It reached us here in Jubail ,but thanks to Allah today is a semi-clear day. I’m happy it is over so now we can go to the 12th annual Flower and Garden Festival ,or what is called by “Zuhoor” festival.

    I know it is natural but definitely NOT cool ,Umm Travis !.

  4. These photos are great! I especially like the first two showing the contrast between the approaching storm and the blue sky.

  5. yeesin

    1st time come here..
    sandstorm.. i really can’t imagine how is it..

  6. shafaath

    intresting i actually like your blogs im Sunni muslim nit wahabhi muslim u gta know us tooo . lol but go on write i enhoy ur tawts

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