God help Jeddah

Heavy rains in Jeddah the past couple of days have claimed 78 lives and still counting. Heavy rains led to flooding because of how the city is managed. Millions go into its infrastructure for digging sewers and putting in pipelines and paving roads but by the time the money finally trickles down to the purchase of material and hiring contractors, it doesn’t cover the costs anymore. For the past few years the people of Jeddah have been complaining and grumbling about it. This just might be a blessing in disguise with the Hajj spotlight on the area it might be enough of an embarrassment that something actually gets done. I propose that the king hand over the Jeddah municipality to ARAMCO as he did with KAUST when it became apparent that officials were skimming the budget.


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10 responses to “God help Jeddah

  1. Have u not heard about the houses at kaust? Did u know some roofs collapsed due to rain? Some female students were moved to Jeddah… So…

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  4. God save the kingdom, it seems it passes a hard time everywhere

  5. How horrible, so many deaths.

    Qusay, How can a roof collapse from rain?

  6. @Aafke: Heavy rains can do ANYTHING. A roof can collapse depending on the structure. If it’s the type of roof that slopes down both sides it’s a bit harder for the rain to destroy,but if it’s the straight type, then the accumulated liquid all gets gathered in one place, giving pressure on the surface and so the roof breaks down.

    I’ve been to Jeddah many years ago, and since I come from a country that gets hit by an average of 12 typhoons a year, Saudis must be thankful that it happened to them just once. This should also give them a chance to prepare themselves and their cities for similar incidents; they are so much luckier than us because they have the resources!

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  9. Off topic: I just wanted to let you know that I have started my own blog, Chez Chiara, and the posts I did previously are now there.

    http://www.chezchiara.com (you need to put in the www for now)

    I hope that you Eman, will read and comment on anything of interest to you. Also, all are welcome to do the same!

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