Don’t you forget about me.

I’m busy with some off-line stuff but will be back soon.


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17 responses to “Don’t you forget about me.

  1. Its good to know you are well

  2. rob

    don’t worry, won’t forget about you. was worried something was up when i didn’t see any tweets i got worried. (not that i’m online all the time but i just don’t know what’s going on everywhere, like here in Sohar where i’m really keeping my head down). Anyhow you take care and keep on keeping on!

  3. تركي

    هلا بك,,
    انا اسمي تركي. مهندس اعمل في الرياض وعندي اهتمامات ثقافية وأدبية بالعربية والانجليزية تحديدا. يشرفني ان اتواصل معك للمحادثة ومناقشة بعض اهتماماتنا المشتركة خصوصا الادبية. وتبادل الكتب ربما !
    الايميل اعلاه هو الماسنجر الخاص للتواصل اذا رغبتي . وشكرا.

  4. hussain ahmad

    Hi, take your time, was wondering if they muzzled you for your views.
    Everything is slow in Saudi, so we have learnt to be patient.


  5. Erika

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  6. sara

    I hope to see you back soon Eman.

  7. Trevor

    Thanks for letting us know and I hope you are well. It has been very interesting getting a different perspective on SA. Come back soon.

  8. Ahmed Fouad

    Back to porridge sooooon.. 🙂

  9. Louise Marsh

    Stand your ground, take off the mask, make them see that there is a human behind it!!

  10. Louise Marsh

    I hope some one out there cares, how much help do you need?

  11. Salut! Ce zici de un link exchange cu ARFE.RO? Are PageRank 3 si aproape 2000 unici/zi. Contacteaza-ma te rog pe contact[at] daca te intereseaza. Mai multe detalii aici:

  12. mary

    Is anyone else beginning to get worried about Eman? I have followed her blog with admiration and interest for some time, and for her to ‘disappear for so long on-line is making me concerned for her. Any info out there?

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